The Rockin’ Sock Club®
our knitters are notorious…
our yarn is tightly twisted…
our stitches are true and…
our Socks seriously Rock!

Join us as we joyfully leap into 2016,
our 11th year of Rockin’ the Sock with a few of our favorite things!


It can be hard to follow something grand like a 10th Anniversary. A milestone like that can often feel like the end of something. Here in the land of Blue Moon we feel like it’s a marker of time, all kinds of knits and color and a really solid place to leap into something a little different and exciting for the next 10 years. After all, we have always been about expanding our horizons. So that is exactly what we are going to do - expand!

As I was contemplating our general inspiration for the year and what kind of sock knitting adventures we could take together and how I could make them happen affordably for all of us, I turned on one of my favorite movies, The Sound of Music for a little genius . So I am sitting there drinking tea and knitting all cozy by the fire, relaxed and content. As soon as Maria bursts into song with ~ Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ~ I knew. I knew with a gleeful abandon, that had me jumping off the chair to sing with her, what our theme for the start of this second decade of our little sock knitting club just had to be.

Our Favorite Things! Just a few… of our favorite things!

After all, knitting, and most especially sock knitting is a favorite something we all hold in common. So much so, that we are over the moon notorious with it. And…of course, Socks that Rock and color follows right on knitting’s heels as other favorite things we share. It just makes sense that we would have all kinds of other favorite things in common and what fun it will be to explore this together. So, in a time when the world around us is brimming with turmoil and unease, we are choosing to stand in the light of what we love, and what we love to do. We are going to spend the year celebrating the everyday magic of knitting, life’s abundance in color, pattern – how well they all work together – and how we connect with it all and each other. And who knows, maybe all that light and love that we are stitching will spread out into the world at large. Knit magic is a powerful thing.

Below we are sharing three of our inspiration boards as a small taste of the year to come – this will give you a hint of what’s to come (in the form of some of our favorite things) and inspire you to explore your favorite things!

A sampling of what's to come in this year's club!

In order to make a little room in our sock packages, our budget, and what we can do creatively with yarn and color, we’ve decided that this year is the one to make the move to PDF only! Hear that sound? That would be the sound of happy singing trees. Did you know that trees sing? What this means is that this year, in at least 2 of our shipments, you will get more than the one skein of yarn. You might get 2, or even 3, and they might be in different colors. I know… I am so very excited about this change and the creative freedom it gives us all and I think you will, too.

It also means that we can add some cool swag-type items into this sock knitting fun of ours. What this will look like is that three of the shipments this year will include some fun swag. Every shipment will contain the yarn, an emergency sock yarn skein and the Floops stitch markers in special hues! At some point during the year there will also be buttons and a bumper sticker.

As always, we will expand all of our knit and color horizons, hopefully making our own steps lighter and more joyful in the process. We started as the first and grew to be the largest sock knitting club of our kind, and 11 years later we are still going strong thanks to you, our lovely and most loyal and Notorious Sock Knitters!

I do hope you’ll join us again as we trip the light and colorful fantastic that is sure to be our 11th year of the Rockin’ Sock Club!

What are your favorite things?

Each Kit that is delivered to your door every other month includes:

  • At least one 405 yd skein of Socks that Rock® lightweight or mediumweight yarn in a unique and exclusive club colorway. We are keeping with our 10th year color exclusivity which means the RSC colorways will never be available to the general sock knitting public. (Working from shaded solids all the way through the spectrum to multicolorways.)
  • 2 patterns developed by designers of our choice for theme, color, form and function. We promise one will be a sock, the other—who knows? The patterns will not be available to the general public for a full year after you receive it.
  • depravedDyer’s Notes explaining each shipment’s inspiration and design.
  • PDFs only this year.
  • Notorious Sock Knitter mini-skeins.
  • Stitch markers from our FLOOPS friends, a few buttons, and a RSC bumper sticker.
  • Three different fun swag surprises.
  • A blog & forum for sharing and support.
  • A 20% off coupon.
  • Upgraded Priority shipping for all Domestic packages.
  • A community of Notorious Sock Knitters just like yourself. (Priceless!)

PDF only:

Domestic - $285.00
Canadian - $300.00
International - $325.00

2016 RSC memberships and gift certificates are now closed.
Check back in late November for 2017's info and gift certificates!