The Rockin’ Sock Club®
... where sock knitting dreams are made, because we know...
you can't take sock knitting too far – just far enough!

We hope you'll join us in 2014 as we celebrate our
9th year of knitting our socks off!
There will be no heel left unturned.
We mean it.


If we were cats this would be it for us, our ninth life. Lucky for us we are not. We are Notorious Sock Knitters, who know that a stitch in time does in fact save nine (at least)!  We are dressed to the nines in our Socks that Rock that we knit with our very own two hands, which feeds our brains, as well as our soles, and keeps us as regular passengers on that fluffy as lambswool cloud nine.

We are taking a cue from the magical number 9, and flinging the creative windows wide open, letting in all kinds of designers, themes, colorways, patterns and possibilities. The Rockin' Sock Club has always been about stretching our knit boundaries, color horizons and ourselves and this year is no different. Instead of a list of designers for the year we're giving you a small taste of what's to come your way in the form of our  "call for design"  mood boards.

We are only limited by our own imaginations and I don't know about you but my imagination knows no bounds!

I do hope you'll join us. Nine whole years...

A sampling of what's to come in this year's club!

Each Kit that is delivered to your door every other month includes:

  • 405 yd skein of Socks that Rock® lightweight or mediumweight yarn in a unique club colorway. (Working from shaded solids all the way through the spectrum to multicolorways.)
  • 2 patterns developed by designers of our choice for theme, color, form and function. We promise one will be a sock, the other—who knows? Both the patterns and colorways will not be available to the general public for a full year after you receive it.
  • depravedDyer’s Notes explaining each shipment’s inspiration.
  • PDF only option or PDF + Print options. 
  • Notorious Sock Knitter mini skeins.
  • A blog & forum for sharing and support.
  • A 15% off coupon good until December 1, 2014.
  • A community of Notorious Sock Knitters just like your self. (Priceless!)

PDF only:
Domestic - $260.00
Canadian - $270.00
International - $315.00

PDF/Print Package:
Domestic - $290.00
Canadian - $300.00

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