The Rockin' Sock Club® Where...
our knitters are notorious…
our yarn is tightly twisted…
our stitches are true and…
our Socks seriously Rock!

Rockin’ Sock Club 2018
The Magical Mystery Tour – Lucky Number 13!

Roll up… roll up… for the Mystery Tour

Roll up... roll up for the Sock Mystery Tour

It’s an invitation

To make a reservation

Roll up… Our Magical Sock Mystery Tour

Is waiting to take you away

Waiting to take you away

Roll up… We’ve got everything you need

Roll up…. for the Mystery Tour

Satisfaction guaranteed

Roll up…. for the Mystery Tour

Our Magical sock Knitting Mystery Tour is hoping to take you away…

take you away!!

(Song written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney of The Beatles)

We hope you’ll join us on our Magical Sock Knitting Mystery Tour in this, our 13th year of expanding our sock knitting and color boundaries!! Pretty awesome magic in and of itself! We’re going to dust off our capes, polish our knit wands, cast our notorious circle wide and dis-spell the myth of 13 of being anything other than lucky.

We’ll explore the depths of dungeons and dragons, float through the veil of the Mists of Avalon, board a magical train into the houses of Hogwarts and step through a secret door in the back of a wardrobe into a winter wonderland filled will all kinds of wonder and adventure! Divining stitches that are worthy of the notorious sock knitting witches and wizards we are!!

Color charms and potions ~ Ancient knit runes ~ Stitch transfiguration

In a time and place where the world around us is brimming with turmoil and unease, we are choosing to stand in the light of what we love, and what we love to do. We are going to spend the year embracing the magical mystery tour that is a knit life! A knit life full of the abundance in color, pattern, how well they all work together – and how we connect with it all and each other. In the end casting our knit circle of light out into the world at large. Magic is a powerful thing!

As always, we will expand all of our knit and color horizons, hopefully making our own steps lighter and more joyful in the process. We started as the first and grew to be the largest sock knitting club of our kind, and 13 lucky years later we are still going strong thanks to you, our lovely and most loyal Notorious Sock Knitters!!!

Each Kit is delivered to your door every other month and includes:

• At least one 405 yd skein of Socks that Rock® lightweight or mediumweight yarn in a unique and exclusive club colorway. We are keeping with our 10th year color exclusivity which means the RSC colorways will never be available to the general sock knitting public. (Working from shaded solids all the way through the spectrum to multicolorways and speckles too!)
• 1 PDF sock pattern per shipment (6 total) curated with designers of our choice for theme, color, form and function. The patterns will not be exclusive as they have been in years past.
• 2 PDF surprise accessory patterns (2 total) shipped twice sometime during the during the year also curated with designers of our choice for theme, color, form and function. These patterns will also not be exclusive as they have been in years past.
• depravedDyer’s Notes explaining each shipment’s inspiration and design.
• Notorious Sock Knitter mini-skeins.
• Stitch markers (a set of 6 from A Needle Runs Through It, designed just for us, and spread out over the year), a super cute and notorious enamel pin, and of course a RSC bumper sticker.
A blog & forum for sharing and support.
A 20% off coupon.
• Priority shipping for all Domestic packages.
A community of Notorious Sock Knitters just like yourself. (Priceless!)

Please note that the swag and such are evenly dispersed throughout the year.

PDF only:
Domestic - $276.00
Canadian - $295.00
International - $320.00

2018 gift certificates and memberships are now closed!
Check back this fall for RSC 2019!