The Rockin’ Sock Club®
... where sock knitting dreams are made, because we know...
you can't take sock knitting too far – just far enough!

10 years and most definitely counting.
Join us as we celebrate our 10th year of Rockin’ the Sock!


It’s our 10th year anniversary! So exciting! It seems like only yesterday we started this little venture of ours, hoping we would get a few members and ending up with so many wonderful knitters as part of our Notorious Sock Knitter family! We have been truly blessed by each and every one of you.

10 years is definitely a milestone worth celebrating! We are starting with a continuation of our design mood boards and call for designs. It was so successful and so much fun last year, we are going to do them again this year. I can’t wait to see who and what this year brings. Who knows (I do) there might even be a few of our long time designer friends in the mix!

We will also be taking a stroll down memory lane in the dyer’s notes and on the blog. The bumper sticker and buttons coming your way in your kits will have a nostalgic flair! While we are tripping down memory lane we are going to revisit some of our more popular graphics from the club and camp as t-shirts, mugs and such on Cafe Press. I’ve always wanted to do this, and what better time than celebrating 10 years of sock knitting. Also... one of our 6 colorways will be our official 10th Anniversary colorway, and all six of the colorways are exclusive to this year's sock club. Yes, this means they'll only be available for this year's Sock Club members – and yes, this means forever!

As a super duper extra special bonus, we are having 10th Anniversary project bags made just for us! We’ve teamed up with Portland’s own, super-talented, Rebecca Pearcy of Queen Bee Creations, for an exclusively designed project bag. Since we have shipping weight restrictions, and we want to keep club costs reasonable for all of our budgets, we are adding the bag (with a few surprises) as its own separate 10th Anniversary Edition, instead of as part of one of the shipments. You can choose a regular RSC membership, or one that includes the 10th Anniversary edition as part of the deal. The bag and the few extras will ship out separately at the end of summer since it will take awhile to make so very many bags.

I do hope you’ll join us as we trip the light and colorful fantastic that is our 10th year of the Rockin’ Sock Club! As always, we will expand all of our knit and color horizons, while making sock knitting history. We started as the first and grew to be the largest sock knitting club of our kind, and 10 years later we are still going strong thanks to you, our lovely and most loyal and Notorious Sock Knitters!

A sampling of what's to come in this year's club!

Each Kit that is delivered to your door every other month includes:

  • 405 yd skein of Socks that Rock® lightweight or mediumweight yarn in a unique and exclusive club colorway. Because it is our 10th year, this year's colorways will never be available to the general sock knitting public. (Working from shaded solids all the way through the spectrum to multicolorways.)
  • 2 patterns developed by designers of our choice for theme, color, form and function. We promise one will be a sock, the other—who knows? The patterns will not be available to the general public for a full year after you receive it.
  • depravedDyer’s Notes explaining each shipment’s inspiration and design.
  • PDF only option or PDF + Print options. 
  • Notorious Sock Knitter mini-skeins.
  • Stitch markers, buttons, and an NSK bumper sticker.
  • A blog & forum for sharing and support.
  • A 15% off coupon
  • A community of Notorious Sock Knitters just like yourself. (Priceless!)

PDF only:

Domestic - $264.00
10th Anniversary Edition - $319.00
Canadian - $274.00
10th Anniversary Edition - $329.00
International - $319.00
10th Anniversary Edition - $369.00

PDF/Print Package:
Domestic - $297.00
10th Anniversary Edition - $352.00
Canadian - $310.00
10th Anniversary Edition - $365.00

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