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Shipping Update

Hello everyone...

 Because of being extrmemly short handed (this is an understatement ) we are shipping in bits and pieces in order to make all the clubs, online orders and stores happy. There have been days when it has been just me here dyeing and doing all the other things I do or trying to at least. So I have totally dropped the ball on commicating all of this which is not the best and I am very sorry for that.

We have shipped about helf of these and are working on getting the other half. We have a pretty large glitch in the shipping software for the International and Canadian orders that should be fixed this week. If not we will take these out of the system to ship. I can not wait until the new webiste is done!!!

Anyway I appreicate your patience and that we are here yet again is beyond frustrating which I am sure you feel also. 

I hate when things are beyond my control.

I think we need another contest.

Stay tuned!!

Thank you for your exteme patience with all of this!!!

PS: The new dyer showed up this week and is taking to training well so yay!!! She has a passion for what we do tha t is great to be around!

Have a great weekend!!


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Shipping this week

hey all...

We started shipping of Friday and will continue this week. We are beyond short handed and have been for about a month now. We are down to one dyer besides me and last week it was just me because Crystal was out sick. I will tell you it has been a very very long time since I was the lone production dyer here.


I have hired another dyer who will be here in another week. So that is where we are. I want to take a moment to sing the praises of the very small Blue Moon team who are seriously stepping up to the plate.

Thank you for your patience.

One foot in front of the other.

Just call me one step ata time Tina!

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best laid plans (or the story of my life?)

Hello dear ones,

 Okay ,so this is the second time I have written this post beause I walked way without saving it and the cat jumped on the keyboard and know what happened.

First of all HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY 

I know for some us us this is a hard day. I miss my mom and gran today quite a bit and this year am soo missing my very far away daughters. My youngest graduated from college yesterday and I could not be there with her in PA. So this weekend has been especially tough.

My heart is with you. Take care of yourselves!!!

Okay so I assume you have noticed that you do not have your yarn. I have been short handed this week and I just can't dye this all myself!!

Also...we had a first. I spaced out the mini-skeins. Yup there is a first time for everyhting. It got me thinking about our minis. we have been doing these for 14 years for the whole club. Because of that I have given these skeins a lot of thought. So I thought maybe after 14 years we should have a...


Yes! So here is how I see this. I want us to be seriously creative. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE SKEIN if you will. 

Pretty much anything goes. There might be bonus points if it was sock related  or...has somehitng to do with this years theme!!!! Other than those creative thoughts it can be anything you can dream of. It can be an art piece or useful or wearable.

Let's make sure we have plenty of time so JULY 15th.

We'll need pictures. So we can vote. We'll start a thread on the RAV group but also I would LOVE it if we could post these to instagram. tag us at @bluemoonfiberarts and use #RSCMINICONTEST

There will be 2 winners. I have lovely project bags and stitch markers!!

I was thinking about this kind of contest becuase I was sharing about our sock camp homework to someone recently.It was so great to remember the ABSOLUTE wonder of those projects. So great. I was always so moved and impressed by what you all created. So much talent!!!

I can't wait to see what you come up with. Sooooo excited.

Okay I have to get an email out to you all and then head to my sons house to get puppy snuggles.

Before I go though We have heard from a few of our Canadian NSKS that they have not gotten their first shipment. If you have not yet gotten yours please do let us know. We did ship them and they show as shipped but they have not arrived. Oh ...USPS.

Okay lovelies have a wonderful day!!

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Ground Control to Major Tom....


We were  planning on shipping this Friday. However, we've had a BFL Sport yarn lot issue that has thrown a bit of a wrench into the works of just about everything here.
You can read ALL about it and the importance of YARN LOTS on the Blue Moon blog. 
We will ship out early next week. In the mean time your PDF'S will be up on the here either this evening or tomorrow morning.
I am adding in some information I want to share with you to the dyer's notes.
As you can see our colorway theme is Space Oddities!!
Thank you Mr. Bowie.
If you were to create a Space Oddity colorway what would that look like?
If you want to guess colors on this one until I get the pdf's up and you see them that would be fun. I love this one. It makes my heart happy.
Our pattern theme is a little more cosmic (if possible). Make yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and check out the video nugget from Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson that I sent you in the email this am. Make notes on this one there will be a fun test (contest!!)
If you are having issues logging in please do let us know and I will get you a new password.
Okay off inspect lots of yarn!
Have a great May Day!!
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It's all in the name!

Hmm...maybe not all! Naming is important though. I have watched for years as knitters by yarn based not ony on color, but also on the colorways name. I think it's the combination actually which is why we are here.

So...I am going to tell you that we were leaning toward Crab Nebula because just the idea of a crab star cluster just makes me happy. But then I sa this pop up in instagram and was like damn that won't work.

Yeah not so much. So sorry Joanie.

I totally will at some point now make a Crab Neblua colorway though.

All of these names are wonderful so this was seriously difficult but after much deliberation and a glass of wine the name of this long awaited colorway is.... ( drum roll please)


I mean how can one resist starting our voyage with a tribute to Priness Leia? I know I can't. Well unless she was a crab nebula. lol

Thank you DebJ for the name! It's a good one.

Our two randomly drawn winners for the project bags are:


Denise Stockstill

If you both could email us with your addresses we will get these bags out to you.

Thank you ALL for playing. I so LOVED watching these names coming in.


Okay if anyone has a address change now is the time ot get them to us.

Thank you!!

Okay I have other things to tell you but I think I will do another posr and a newsletter tomorrow.

We are finally building a new website both for Blue Moon and the club and I want your input.

Have a great evening


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Hello everyone,

I hope we are all having a good beginning to our weekends; I know I am! Karen is here for the weekend and we are going to plan all the colorful wonderful things.Smile

Okay so unless you are International or Canadian then you should have your yarn. The Portland USPS hub is having some issues, evidently, so your packages might have gone on a little walkabout before arriving in your mailbox. We have noticed this with other non-sock club related packages as well.

If you read the Dyer's Notes and saw the tags you know that this colorway is nameless right now. Colorways do not like to be nameless for long (who does, really?). So it's time to NAME THAT COLORWAY.

Which means your first mission of the year ('should you choose to accept it') is to name this stellar colorway. Do you love it? I really do!!

If you have an idea for what we should call it, then please respond in the comments here for us all to see. Then Team Blue Moon will choose our favorite!

After we choose we will also randomly pick two of you who took the time to play along to win one of these lovely bags with cool stitch markers that our talented designer Laura made for you!!! Isn't she awesome!!!

Let's see -- you have until April 20th to submit your name idea. Any story or thoughts you have to go along with it would also be good! Then by the 25th we will choose the name and the two winners!

Sounds good and fun?! I think so. I am excited to see what you come up with. You all are some of the most creative people I know, so I do have high expectations!!

Have a great weekend my friends.

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hello all...

After today all of the RSC 2018 will have shipped. This was supposed to all happen on Friday but we got a lot of snow yet again and Team Blue Moon had to leave while they could get out.

I am so flipping over this and I know there are other palces that are worse off but I am going to whime about it anyway.

We are turning right around and startinf shipping out the RSC 2019. I will be putting up the pdf's this week. I was going to do it this weekend but I want them closer to when the yarn goes out. Also I am learnign how to put them up myself so I do not have to rely on someone else time frame!!

When all of these have shipped out I am going to take a very long nap!!

Thank you so very much for your patience!!

oh and please do open your skein of NARNIA and look at it. There's so much color in it that you cannot see upon one quick glance. It's a bit like finding a doorway to a agicla realm in a wardrobe. You are not going to see it until you open it!

Have a great Tuesday!!


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We are shipping our 2018 last yarn shipment.

Slowly and surely we have started this porcess. 

At this point, like a lot of the country we also have some severe winterness to contend with.

I have a picture of the yarn drying in the barn I was going to post but was not sure about spoilers at this pont. I forgot how much I loved this colorway. One of my favorites I think.

Anyway this is where we are a tthis point and I wanted to let you know.

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe. If you are headed to Madrona this week safe travels!

Oh and any thoughts on fun and games for this year??? I asked earleir but have not heard from anyone. Maybe I'll go old school.

Okay off to stack wood and shovel snow.


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Sock Yarn is here!!

Sock that Rock is back in the dye barn!!!

We are dyeing and making miniskeins and tagging and all the htings we need to doe before we can ship. We will start shipping on Monday!

There's lots and lots of catch up so we'bbe shipping in bits and pieces for the next week or so.

I can't tell you how good it feels to have it back.

Maybe now I will sleep eh?

I will send out a newsletter this weekend but wanted to get this up today!!!


Have a good weekend!!!


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Once upon a time, there was a knitter. Now, she was definitely not the best knitter by any stretch of the imagination. However, what she lacked in technical ability and patience, she made up for in passion and joy.
    One crisp fall day, while browsing the shelves and stacks of a super cute, tiny used bookstore in Corvalis, Oregon, she stumbled upon a book that changed her knit life. The book was The Knitting Anarchist by Anna Zilboorg. I am sure you have guessed that this knitter is yours truly. At the time, I was a newbie knitter and really did not know much about Anna Zilboorg, Barbara Walker or Elizabeth Zimmerman our knit goddesses!
I paid for my book and took it home. I made a cup of tea curled up in my favorite chair and read it from cover to cover. I was moved and thrilled and so many other things but to be honest, she had me at anarchist. 
    I am a left-handed person whose mother, aunts and grandmothers who could knit and crochet told me that I could not knit. I believed them. It took me years get over that and take a knitting class. Anna’s words made me feel empowered and okay about myself as a knitter, a creative person and, quite honestly, a human being. After I finished reading Knitting Anarchist for about the third time, I decided had to get my hands on anything else that this magnificent human being had written.
I was possessed - not obsessed, mind you... just slightly possessed. It might be a fine line, but I think it’s an important one.
    Okay, so now we’re going to fast forward through having my youngest child, quite a few stitches, starting a very small dye business, a sock club and… right up to planning Sock Summit 2009 (which, by the way, is 10 years old this year).
    Imagine that you get to (have to) call your knit idol (the aforementioned knitting anarchist herself, Anna Zilboorg) and ask her to come to a sock knitting conference in Portland, Oregon. I was nervous as hell and super excited all in the same breath. It was one of those defining moments in my life - one I treasure and will never, ever forget.  When she answered the phone, I almost hung up. I’m proud to say I did not, and we had such a wonderful chat. After I convinced her that people would want to see her and hear what she had to say (I kid you not), she told me she would love to come. I do not mind telling you, I almost peed my pants! So much happy dancing!!!
    Imagine my delight and surprise when as we were planning her trip here and her classes and we became such friends.  During one of our chats, she asked about the sock club and one thing lead to another, and before I knew it, she was going to design a pair of socks for the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Yeah, I kind a lost it. I was so very excited. The color-work and Turkish sock queen was going to design socks for my sock club. Be still my sock knit loving heart.
I sent her the yarn she requested and then I watched the mail for weeks waiting for that sock sample she was sending me. It finally arrived however, once I had the package in my hands, I suddenly had butterflies and felt really nervous. It had not once occurred to me before that moment what I would do if I did not like them. I shrugged that thought right away as soon as I had it. Of course, I would like them. How could I not? I loved every thing Anna did. I would love them. So I made a cup of tea and I sat down at my desk and opened the package.
    Sigh… Oh my, even now just typing this I feel the dread. I pulled them out and unfolded them and had a good long look and was stunned and a little bewildered. Those first few minutes I just sat there in a bit of a fog. And then you know what I did? I cried.  And I am not ashamed to admit it.  I cried long and hard. I cried because I was sad I did not like them, and I really really did not like them. But mostly I cried because I knew I had to call my knit heroine and dear friend Anna and tell her that I did not like the socks she designed for my sock club. Yeah…just take a minute and feel my pain for it was great! Before I called her, though, I called everyone I knew, freaking out and asking them what I should do. I was trying to see if there was any way out of this and there just wasn’t. Yeah, not my best moment.


    So my, dear NSKS, I put on my very big-big girl pants and called Anna. Now, if you have never met Anna Zilboorg, you need to know that she is seriously brilliant (like teaching at MIT brilliant), and she does not suffer fools, she has a wicked sense of humor.  She knew right away something was up. I told her the socks came and that was all I could get out before I had to to take a long fortifying breathe so I could tell her the rest. She beat me to it though. I’m pretty sure  it was the pause!
    Anyway, she says to me very matter of factly, “Oh, you don’t like them.” Again I say nothing. Then she chuckles and says, “Oh, my goodness, this must be killing you. You poor thing.” And then she just laughs and tells me it’s just knitting and knitting socks  for goodness sakes so I should get over my bad self. This was actually a theme in our relationship for quite a few years. There were quite a few things that I did not like or think would work for the sock club but the biggest thing for me was the very large bobbles. Yup, bobbles and when I told her it was mostly the bobbles she had another good chuckle and then asked me what the hell my problem with bobbles was. It was a topic of debate for quite a few years early on in our friendship and one we still laugh about.
    A few years later Anna had a health issue that required treatments. She told me that while she was in treatment she wanted to knit me a sweater. I know… be still my heart. And, yes, still a fan girl. She told me to send her my favorite yarn in a color I loved. So I sent her BFL Sport in Tumbleweed and then forgot about the sweater. I was more worried about from friend. Months and months, later she emails telling me that she has sent me a package, but I cannot open it until we are on the phone together. “Hmm… what is she up to?” I thought. I was suspicious.
    So, the package arrives as they are wont to do, and I give her a call. She was so excited that I could feel her vibrating over the phone and hear it in her voice, like a little kid. I open the box and slowly pulled out the most beautiful sweater just absolutely stunning and it was covered (and I mean covered) in tiny little bobbles. I lost it!! I laughed until I cried. And she’s like….gotcha!  And that is my friend Anna! I am telling you this story because I love it, her and you guys. Also, I found these bobble socks when I was cleaning out the sock samples from our massive storage pod clean-out. Anyone want to knit some bobble socks!! You know…they are as bad as I remember. hahaha


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