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We are shipping our 2018 last yarn shipment.

Slowly and surely we have started this porcess. 

At this point, like a lot of the country we also have some severe winterness to contend with.

I have a picture of the yarn drying in the barn I was going to post but was not sure about spoilers at this pont. I forgot how much I loved this colorway. One of my favorites I think.

Anyway this is where we are a tthis point and I wanted to let you know.

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe. If you are headed to Madrona this week safe travels!

Oh and any thoughts on fun and games for this year??? I asked earleir but have not heard from anyone. Maybe I'll go old school.

Okay off to stack wood and shovel snow.


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Sock Yarn is here!!

Sock that Rock is back in the dye barn!!!

We are dyeing and making miniskeins and tagging and all the htings we need to doe before we can ship. We will start shipping on Monday!

There's lots and lots of catch up so we'bbe shipping in bits and pieces for the next week or so.

I can't tell you how good it feels to have it back.

Maybe now I will sleep eh?

I will send out a newsletter this weekend but wanted to get this up today!!!


Have a good weekend!!!


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Once upon a time, there was a knitter. Now, she was definitely not the best knitter by any stretch of the imagination. However, what she lacked in technical ability and patience, she made up for in passion and joy.
    One crisp fall day, while browsing the shelves and stacks of a super cute, tiny used bookstore in Corvalis, Oregon, she stumbled upon a book that changed her knit life. The book was The Knitting Anarchist by Anna Zilboorg. I am sure you have guessed that this knitter is yours truly. At the time, I was a newbie knitter and really did not know much about Anna Zilboorg, Barbara Walker or Elizabeth Zimmerman our knit goddesses!
I paid for my book and took it home. I made a cup of tea curled up in my favorite chair and read it from cover to cover. I was moved and thrilled and so many other things but to be honest, she had me at anarchist. 
    I am a left-handed person whose mother, aunts and grandmothers who could knit and crochet told me that I could not knit. I believed them. It took me years get over that and take a knitting class. Anna’s words made me feel empowered and okay about myself as a knitter, a creative person and, quite honestly, a human being. After I finished reading Knitting Anarchist for about the third time, I decided had to get my hands on anything else that this magnificent human being had written.
I was possessed - not obsessed, mind you... just slightly possessed. It might be a fine line, but I think it’s an important one.
    Okay, so now we’re going to fast forward through having my youngest child, quite a few stitches, starting a very small dye business, a sock club and… right up to planning Sock Summit 2009 (which, by the way, is 10 years old this year).
    Imagine that you get to (have to) call your knit idol (the aforementioned knitting anarchist herself, Anna Zilboorg) and ask her to come to a sock knitting conference in Portland, Oregon. I was nervous as hell and super excited all in the same breath. It was one of those defining moments in my life - one I treasure and will never, ever forget.  When she answered the phone, I almost hung up. I’m proud to say I did not, and we had such a wonderful chat. After I convinced her that people would want to see her and hear what she had to say (I kid you not), she told me she would love to come. I do not mind telling you, I almost peed my pants! So much happy dancing!!!
    Imagine my delight and surprise when as we were planning her trip here and her classes and we became such friends.  During one of our chats, she asked about the sock club and one thing lead to another, and before I knew it, she was going to design a pair of socks for the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Yeah, I kind a lost it. I was so very excited. The color-work and Turkish sock queen was going to design socks for my sock club. Be still my sock knit loving heart.
I sent her the yarn she requested and then I watched the mail for weeks waiting for that sock sample she was sending me. It finally arrived however, once I had the package in my hands, I suddenly had butterflies and felt really nervous. It had not once occurred to me before that moment what I would do if I did not like them. I shrugged that thought right away as soon as I had it. Of course, I would like them. How could I not? I loved every thing Anna did. I would love them. So I made a cup of tea and I sat down at my desk and opened the package.
    Sigh… Oh my, even now just typing this I feel the dread. I pulled them out and unfolded them and had a good long look and was stunned and a little bewildered. Those first few minutes I just sat there in a bit of a fog. And then you know what I did? I cried.  And I am not ashamed to admit it.  I cried long and hard. I cried because I was sad I did not like them, and I really really did not like them. But mostly I cried because I knew I had to call my knit heroine and dear friend Anna and tell her that I did not like the socks she designed for my sock club. Yeah…just take a minute and feel my pain for it was great! Before I called her, though, I called everyone I knew, freaking out and asking them what I should do. I was trying to see if there was any way out of this and there just wasn’t. Yeah, not my best moment.


    So my, dear NSKS, I put on my very big-big girl pants and called Anna. Now, if you have never met Anna Zilboorg, you need to know that she is seriously brilliant (like teaching at MIT brilliant), and she does not suffer fools, she has a wicked sense of humor.  She knew right away something was up. I told her the socks came and that was all I could get out before I had to to take a long fortifying breathe so I could tell her the rest. She beat me to it though. I’m pretty sure  it was the pause!
    Anyway, she says to me very matter of factly, “Oh, you don’t like them.” Again I say nothing. Then she chuckles and says, “Oh, my goodness, this must be killing you. You poor thing.” And then she just laughs and tells me it’s just knitting and knitting socks  for goodness sakes so I should get over my bad self. This was actually a theme in our relationship for quite a few years. There were quite a few things that I did not like or think would work for the sock club but the biggest thing for me was the very large bobbles. Yup, bobbles and when I told her it was mostly the bobbles she had another good chuckle and then asked me what the hell my problem with bobbles was. It was a topic of debate for quite a few years early on in our friendship and one we still laugh about.
    A few years later Anna had a health issue that required treatments. She told me that while she was in treatment she wanted to knit me a sweater. I know… be still my heart. And, yes, still a fan girl. She told me to send her my favorite yarn in a color I loved. So I sent her BFL Sport in Tumbleweed and then forgot about the sweater. I was more worried about from friend. Months and months, later she emails telling me that she has sent me a package, but I cannot open it until we are on the phone together. “Hmm… what is she up to?” I thought. I was suspicious.
    So, the package arrives as they are wont to do, and I give her a call. She was so excited that I could feel her vibrating over the phone and hear it in her voice, like a little kid. I open the box and slowly pulled out the most beautiful sweater just absolutely stunning and it was covered (and I mean covered) in tiny little bobbles. I lost it!! I laughed until I cried. And she’s like….gotcha!  And that is my friend Anna! I am telling you this story because I love it, her and you guys. Also, I found these bobble socks when I was cleaning out the sock samples from our massive storage pod clean-out. Anyone want to knit some bobble socks!! You know…they are as bad as I remember. hahaha


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Hello NSK’s

 Hopefully this is the very last update I will need to send you about all of this!!
 Since it is January 13th and the yarn is not here yet (although supposedly it is on its way) and we still have to dye it and all...
I am going to call this and say that the last shipment of 2018 will ship at the end of this month.
 … which posed a challenge for the first shipment of the 2019 club. So for those of you who are signed up for 2019, our shipment schedule will be be:
                 February ~ April ~ June ~ August ~ October ~ December

 I am making this call based on the amount of dyeing we have to do with all the clubs and orders affected. Also, I have spent a lot of my time dealing with this yarn fiasco and have not been able to give next years' Club the attention I ususally do and want it to have. This shift in start date for 2019 will let us do that!
 As I have said before, I wish we were not ending 2018 this way; but I do not have a lot of control here except to do what I know to do when presented with challenges: to do whatever I can to make the best of it.  I’ll admit that I let this situation get me down for a bit, but I am certainly not going to let mill issues and errors get the best of me or Blue Moon or our Sock Club!

 Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts with me and for your great patience!

Please do email me if you have anything you'd like to share:

   Thank you so very much for being my dear Notorious Sock Knitters!! I will be posting a whole bunch of fun thisgs what we wait for the last shipment of the year to ship. In cleaning out thepods I have found a lot of our history and some seriously fun things which gave me ideas for a little more sock club fun for all of us!!


Communication, Customer Service and Social Media

At the moment I am your lead in customer service (with Kalia as backup in shipping).
I am answering emails as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours unless they come in on the weekend. (Which a lot do, since most us all work during the week.) I do work through the weekend, but sometimes I won’t finish answering a weekend’s worth of e-mails until the beginning of the week.
I update the Blue Moon blog every weekend. I have not been doing the same for this blog but do plan on changing that this year.

Also once a week (usually on Fridays), I send out an e-mail newsletter through Constant Contact. The newsletter goes out to all our mailing lists every week; however, because these are bulk emails, it is possible that your firewalls see them as spam and aren’t letting them through on your end. It happens.

What I do see (by looking at the analytics on the back end here) is that while there are bounce-backs, a lot of people don’t click to open and read the newsletter. And hey – I understand why. As fiber-loving, creating people, we are inundated with email newsletters all the time. But if you’re looking for information about yarn status and general news about what’s going on over here, I am reaching out with this information in several ways ~ it’s in all those places for you to see, in addition to my being here on email.

We know a lot of you are on social media in all sorts of places these days; and thank you for sharing your love of Blue Moon there! But we need to remind you that Social Media is not someplace we can or will do customer service. There are just too many places to keep track of, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Ravelry. Some large companies employ one or more people just to monitor their social media feeds! And even then, the folks who work on all that would likely refer customer service questions back to the people who are next to the yarn, or on the computers with the orders, to answer specific questions.

For customer service questions and issues (order status, color questions, yarn updates), please communicate with us directly via e-mail. In an e-mail conversation, we can address your order questions and concerns directly and personally (in a way social media threads can’t support).

If you ever e-mail us and don’t get a reply in a day or two, please check to see that our replies aren’t getting filtered out or caught in your firewalls. When in doubt, try sending your e-mail again from another address (gmail addresses almost always get through!). We are doing our best to get you the information you want right away.


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14 years of sock knitting...

So... I think of you guys a lot, especially at the moment with all this yarn waiting and drama. This week though you were with me every single day.

We have 2 large (20 foot) storage pods. Impressive aren't they? I bought them the year we were planning the first sock summit. I bought one and then like 6 monthst later it was full that we decided to get another. It was necessary and so very helpful to have that storage space.

We have not really needed that space since then but you know how you just get used to the way things are. don't have to think about what to do with things or where to put them if you have 2 giant sotrage pods in your front yard. So... .

I am on a cleaning out mission this year. I am a firm believer of making space for the new. Also...these pods are right in front of part of the wetland and I would to be able to enjoy that visual again. 

Some of the things in those pods are all of the grids we used for both of sock summit events so we are also moving those out. I mean really who needs 80 grid walls and the hooks that go with them? We do not!

Also there is back stock of RSC Dyer's Notes and patterns that we can longer use or sell so we built a fire and are burning some and then recycling the rest. I thought this would be super sad and for a moment it was. But then as I stood there feeding papers with my words about color yarn and sock knitting into the fires and then watching dissapear into the flames it felt seriously magical.

It was like we were freeing all of that knit infomation and energy from it's musty boxes and pod into world. And maybe because of all of the yarn drama this year it was also a bit cathartic. I also got to revisit all these years. It's a lot and someimes I forget what the Rockin' Sock Club has been and done and hopefully is still doing.

Also in the pods are bins and I mean big 3 rubbermaid bins of socks, most of which are sock club socks. So..I am trying to figure out what to do with these. There many pairs but we also have many single socks. So if you have any ideas.

Look at this pile and this is not even half of them.

Look at what we have done!! Maybe I should post pics of them pair by pair to see if we can guess the who what where and when og each pair.

Hmmm...mulling that one over.

So that was part of my week and weekend too and probably next week too.

It's interesting because I started the week thinking I was going to announce that I was thinking after all of the yarn issues and a changing industry that this year might be the last one for our little sock knitting part of the knit universe. I thought I should just let you know it was something I was considering. I'll admit that these issues we've had this year have left me feeling a little beaten down which makes one take a good long look at things.

Sifting through the socks and dyer's notes and pattern and other parts of the club that we've collected has been quite uplifting. And also made feel very proud of what we've accomplished as a sock knitting entity and community.

So my dear NSKs thank you for all of this! I am truly honered and blessed that all of this wonder has been a part of my life and that is because of you!

And if you need some grid wall just let me know. oh I also found 12 boxes of notebooks with the Sock Summit logo on them. hmmm... .  Who knows what we will find next.

okay I just wanted to share this with you all.


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Happy Holiday!

Hello all.

First I hope we everyone has a happy, peaceful and loving holiday. To those of us who find this time of the year hard for whatever reason my thoughts and love are with you!

Yes...we are still waiting on our shipment of sock yarn. At this point all clubs and orders are waiting for this shipment. Yes...this is stressful. Reminds me of the time I had to cancel two shows (Stitches and Madrona) becuase our yarn did not show as promised.

We have had some pretty intense supplier and mill issues this year for sure and I know we are not the only ones. I am finding it hard not to feel disheartened to end the year this way. If it was in my power to change this please know that I would.We will also not let this get the better of us. I am working on a way to make sure we are not in this position again, with our beloved sock that rock.

I hope to have firm dates after Christmas and will fill you in.

Thank you for hanging in there with me and for the kind and supportive email and phone messages.

You truly are the best.

Have a lovey holiday!

Thank you.

PS: I will also be sending an email out. Please make sure that sockclub@bluemonfiberarts is in your contacts list and or address book. Also those of you that have aol or use and edu email address chances are we will either get spammed out or not get through the firewall. Yes, we have tested this!

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Last shipment of 2018...


Hey guys,

 Just putting a quick note here before heading to dye pots. I will be sending out an email later today.

We will have the patterns and dyer's notes and such and email with all of that going out either tomorrow or Monday and will start shipping out at the end of next week.

I am sure everyone is busy with holiday knitting or your way more organized than I am and you are done. Does that really happen? I do know one knitter who is done with her holiday knitting and has been since ( ready for it? ) August.

If only...

To all of you that are still emailing me with ideas for our space theme for next year please keep them coming!!! Oh my goodness I am just loving them!

okay I already lit the pots so I am off and running.

Be well!! Have a lovely weekend dear ones.

oh look what Laura has done with the House socks colorways! A pattern for each one sure to come soo! She's a sock designing and knitting beast!


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Hello my lovelies!

I want to thank you all so very much for all of your theme ideas for our 2019 RSC!! So many great ideas and this one really spoke to this moon obsessed dyer and to Team Blue Moon!! 

As you can see we are live!

We are going to launch ourselves into 2019 and then right out into universe where we will knit among the stars.

You can read al about it on the homepage!

The patterns this year will be put here along with the dyer's notes.It seems the timing thing on the RAV codes did not work for a whole lot of us.

Also first officer and I are going to add a new section to the dyer's note on color and sock and dye techniques in relationship to sock knitting and sock patterns. We will also be discussing a whole lot more about color in realtionship to cultural constructs and personal perception.

If you have any questions do let me know. We mande a small price increase because of the yarn price increase we just were hit with. We were also just informed that there will be dye price increase that will be coming our way in 2019. (A 35% price increase in dye since it comes frome China.) I know!!

After you read a little of what we have planned with our theme and you want to share some of your favorite science fiction books or movies and or parts of the cosmos I would be thrilled!

I am going to do my very very best to be more interactive this year. We are so going to boldy go where no sock knitter has been before!!


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Happy Halloween my dear sock knitting ghouls!

Are ya all ready for the trick or treaters! I love seeing all the little ones all dressed up! I can't wait!

So I am in the process of planning 2019 RSC and am mulling around some themes. I was going to list them here and have you weigh in. But then I thought it would be better to just hear you ideas without me swaying things at all.

 So what are we looking for?

A theme that is inclusive. One that we can work colors and patterns into without to much of  a reach.

I would liek this year to be fun, interesting and uplifting if possible.

And since I am asking are there any desingers you'd like to see. I have my list for the year but am open to suggestions.

Thanks for your input!!

Later this week all of the patterns will be up here on the RSC site for those of you that missed downloading them. Well not Novembers. lol

This week was a good week! All of the yarn I ordered showed up on th day it was supposed to all at once and not over a week and in boxes that were not open.Yay!!!!

It's a yarn miracle!

Alright I have onemore job to do before I can hit the bed.

Sweet dreams!

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All packages have shipped!!

Hey all...

All of the packages have left Bue Moon! We had to stagger this shipment becuase of a very under staffed PO. I have learned from past experience if we overwhelm them then our packages get lost.

I have pictures to post but our sorting witches but will wait a few days until everyone has their packages.

We will be putting our house hues on the regular part of the webiste. The should be up on Thursday.

Hazel said there were those of you looking to purchase all of them. I don't blame you. I would too.I love them soooo much. And I love the names just as much.

I am going make the 15% coupon code good for awhile longer and good for another use ( in case you have already used the code this year) which will make that purchase easier to make and also says thank you from us to you for being you! I made it good for 3 uses total!!

If you can't wait until Thursday to order then you can special order them by ordering  it in the Snowflake colorway and then in the comments section of you order let us know the colorways you really want!

So who has noticed that we hada bit of a house elf incident???



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