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We're shipping!!

July pdf's are up!!

We are shipping today and tomorrow. So don't worry if you didn't recieve a notice today. We're in process!  

If you have any trouble with the accessing your pdf's please so ask us for help. 

This video is not really a hint but it is quite wonderful. It's the Starland Vocal Band whom I worked with a bit in one of my former selves when I was in my 20's. In this performance they are standing probably in Georgetown. Behind them you can see the C&O canal.

Ahh..the 70's. Gotta love the hair!

I hope everyone is enjoying thier summer!

Stay tuned cause when I think everyone has gotten their yan it's time to name our skein.



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Hint at the very last moment

It's a good one though!


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Baby Sister is finally here!

After how many years of promising a spinnng club we are here!!

Brand spanking new Rockin' Whorl Club.

Seriously excited!

PS: Thank you NSK's!! Seriously!!Smile

PPS: It won't let me link so check out the homepage of the BMFA site.



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thank you!

Hello! I do like James Taylor 'Up on the Roof'. Sometimes a song is played at just the right moment. My new sock parcel arrived today in NZ. What a gorgeous colourway. Thank you! And as we approach the depths of winter, I can only think of you who are enjoying summer. Be warm naturally, instead of lugging wood to light a fire!
Happy knitting - it is a lovely winter thing to do (but I don't bother the season, any time is good)

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... and we're live for May!

On the very last day of May we've put the pdf's up. Phew!  (Isn't there a last day of May poem?) hmmm.... 

Remember, to access your pdf's, you have to login first using your sock club log in username and passwrod. This is not the one for the Blue Moon website. They are two different systems.

We are doing the shipping on Monday. Sorry for the delay we hit a slight snag that delayed our process a few days. In the mean time if you want to look at what is coming your way they are right there for your viewing and downloading pleasure. 

If you like to be surprised and do not want to see anything until you have your yarn in your hands,then easy peasy, you can wait and not peak, until you get your yarn. I know... that's the hard part. 

I hope you all have a lovely late spring weekend. 

PS: If you need anything (sock club wise) please do ask us:



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May Hint

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A challenge

Good Morning NSK's!

I am sure most of you are aware of the Tour de Sock but just in case you are not I thought I would give it a shout out here. I think it's such crazy cool fun we are one of their sponsors this year. It's a competition!  And... there are teams! And... it benefits Doctors without Borders. What more could a sock knitter want, right?

There are challenges and points and I have seen at least one of these socks and it's going to all kinds of fun!

The last day for sign ups is May 29th. So if you feel the need to test your mad sock knitting skills and like a good fun race this might be for you.

I am sure it is! After all you are Notorious Sock Knitters. I've been testing and chalenging your sock knitting expertise for years now. 

Who better to knit the Tour de Sock than a NSK?! Smile






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I love this

And thought you might also!

Help Cables of Wrath

Does anyone have some left over cables of wrath yarn from the November 2012 sock club yarn. I have a lovely scarf that needs a few metres of yarn to complete. I would be happy to buy it and pay the postage. Thanks for looking. Diane (Penticton BC Canada)

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I'm an Idiot Tuesday...

 I posted this in the comments here: I wanted to actually post a note, to make sure no one fell through the cracks.

I made a reply to a comment error telling everyone that they Won!!  I am sorry this is not true. Most of you have guessed that there was some kind of error and have been understanding, kind and ammused. Thannks for that!

So... basically, if you were notitfed this morning that you were a winner for the March HOPE contest and you in fact did not enter that contest then I am sorry you did not win anything.


Walking away from the computer now!







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