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Cast On Again!

It's cast on day number 2.  My first sock flew off the needles and I'm looking forward to starting sock 2 today.  Join in on the knitting fun if you haven't already! 

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KAL (Non)Rules

Hey all,  

The KAL guidelines are pretty loose, but here's the general plan.  I'm going to cast on on the 10th of the month following the shipment.  Cast on date number two, for my second sock and for people who didn't have their yarn or want to jump in later, is the 20th of the month.  Those dates are only hard-and-fast for me.  The end date for the KAL is exactly one month after the second cast on date, so the 20th of the following month.  You can cast on any time between receiving your yarn (if the yarn is too delectable and you simply can't wait!) and the end date of the 20th of the following month.  The only rule we would like to people to follow is to post a picture of your finished object on the blog before the end date of the 20th.  So, for example, the first month worked as follows: 

End of January:  Kits shipped. 

February 10th: Cast on date #1

February 20th: Cast on date #2

March 20th: KAL ends and pictures are posted.

Please let me know if you have any other questions and happy knitting!



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For Shame!!!

I only have two rows knit but at least two and a half paragraphs of the challenge written and omg, it is gonna be so hipster. Maybe. I don't know but I am having fun. Now to the knitting. I swear that I will get some bit into the cuff tonight.

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So, I haven't actually posted before, but here goes: I do need various other idioms, I guess five or so? I have three right now and I am going to truly try to keep up on here with everybody else. It shall be easier now because there is a shiny new computer in my lap and it still smells like the apple tree it was grown from. I'll be casting on in a few minutes.

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Cast On!

Hey all, 

I cast on this evening.  Did you?  

I'm already in mad love with these socks.  Mine are knitting up in stripes and I'm quite pleased with the pops of pink.  While I'm not a big fan of wearing pink (I love knitting, spinning, and dying all colors), my mother is and I think she'll enjoy wearing these socks as much as I enjoy knitting them.  I intend on giving my Paua socks as a Mother's Day gift.  Do you have any intentions for your finished socks?

Happy Knitting!

Waiting in calgary

I too am waiting for my kit this month so I will not be able to cast on tomorrow. Our snow must have scared of the postal staff.

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Paua Socks

It's that time again all you amazing sock knitters.  Tomorrow, April 10th,  is our KAL cast on day.  Who's casting on these lovely spring socks with me?

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Water Avenue Cowl Errata

Sorry NSK's!

On page 3 of the pattern, in the River Section, at the end of Row 10, it should be p2, not sl 2 wyib.


 On page 3 in the River section, row 11 of instructions reads to repeat rows 1 and 2, while working through the River instructions. It should read repeat rows 9 and 10.

We have changed the pattern pdf to reflect this.

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  Our graphic person fixed the Paua pattern so now it will print correctly.

   Sorry about that!  Also we have made this January and March patterns ( and will do so for the rest of the year) not secured so they are easy to mark when knitting so you can keep your place. I am sorry I did not realize making them secire limited you. 

 Happy Knitting !!


With all the snow we have been having....happy feet sounds like it is something we all need this year....anxiously waiting for my next kit.

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