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I love this

And thought you might also!

Help Cables of Wrath

Does anyone have some left over cables of wrath yarn from the November 2012 sock club yarn. I have a lovely scarf that needs a few metres of yarn to complete. I would be happy to buy it and pay the postage. Thanks for looking. Diane (Penticton BC Canada)

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I'm an Idiot Tuesday...

 I posted this in the comments here: I wanted to actually post a note, to make sure no one fell through the cracks.

I made a reply to a comment error telling everyone that they Won!!  I am sorry this is not true. Most of you have guessed that there was some kind of error and have been understanding, kind and ammused. Thannks for that!

So... basically, if you were notitfed this morning that you were a winner for the March HOPE contest and you in fact did not enter that contest then I am sorry you did not win anything.


Walking away from the computer now!







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A story...

The following showed up in my inbox a few weeks ago. (Sorry, it took me a bit to get it so it would fit here.)

Patty said I could share it with you, which is awesome, since I know, you'll love it as much as I do.The inspiration part has to be my favorite part.

It is beyond charming. I am very honored by such an artist.  Thank you Patty for sharing your oh, so talented and clever son Brennon, with us!

I think Brennon might need his own colorway and maybe a pair of socks knit out of it!


Hi Tina,

My son was illustrating  a story for his younger brother as his brother was narrating it to him.  Hmmm I thought why not do ours. So I told him a short story and he drew it.  My only input was showing him the Ravelry sight and the rest was all him!

Hope you enjoy it.  I am sending you the hard copy but he insisted I send it to you ASAP,  So here I am at work where I can use the scanner to send it.  Please let me know what you think so I can let him know.


PS. my son is 10 yrs old


Technical Help----

I just joined two weeks ago. The first yarn arrived. Gorgeous.
My dilemma. Gauge: 31sts to 4 inches.
I am currently knitting on 000. And my gauge is 26st. to 4 inches. My shoe size is 9. Could not even knit the smaller sock as that gauge is 28 stitches to 4 inches.

The newest yarn has an even more tiny gauge of 34sts to 4 inches.

Any ideas. I am a loose knitter, but never have I had to go down 3 needle sizes and still not meet the gauge.

Anyone else in love with the yarn but can't knit small enough, or am I the only one?


Thanks for any help. Knitting on toothpicks?

Deb Sofia

Love March's color

This is such a lovely color! Will additional skeins be available to purchase at some point?

Help with Cast on March

The only type of provisional cast on I have done is with a crochet chain. I don't think that is the correct way to start the March socks. I checked You Tube and found another way.i am assuming I use the non crochet method. Does the color of the waste yarn matters--since later it says to knit 2 together.

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It's that time again

It's the last week of March and you know what that means? All the PDFs are up and ready for perusal and downloading.  Team Blue Moon shipped all the Canadian ( countdown begins Hazel) and International packages on Monday. The domestic ones will be out by end of day Thursday! 

Theres a little guessing game on the backs of the tags this go around. First knitter to get their package, guess the correct missing word and respond here gets a yarny prize.

As always if you have questions or issues please let us know! 

Happy knitting!!


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March Hint #1

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address changes please

If you have any address changes that you need our help with before we ship next week please do email them to Paula.



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