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September packages are in flight...

On this very last day of September, all of the sock club packages have left the dye barn and are onto the next stop on thier journey, the lovely Scappoose post office (that we're hoping stays open).  After our small town P.O. some get on planes, some on trains, some on trucks and well... probably some are going to hit all three modes of transportation. Hazel's will most probably be by boat.

This is that moment where I feel relief and terror all in the same breath.While you are stalking the your postal carriers, I stalk you here online. Just waiting for that first package to arrive.

It's exciting.

I'd like to say a special thank you to Paula she busted a move on this one!

Thank you Paula Jo!

Waiting... waiting and still waiting.


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September Hint #4

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September Hint #3


Day of mist: day of tarnish

with hands unserviceable, I wait for the milk van

the one-eared cat laps its gray paw

and the coal fire burns

outside, the little hedge leaves are become quite yellow a milk-film blurs the empty bottles on the windowsill

no glory descends

two water drops poise on the arched green stem of my neighbor's rose bush

o bent bow of thorns

the cat unsheathes its claws the world turns

today today I will not disenchant my twelve black-gowned examiners or bunch my fist in the wind's sneer.

Sylvia Plath

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September #2

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September Hint #1

I think this woman needs no introduction what so ever. Take it away Elvira!

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Errata: Unisex Slip pattern


The directions as written for the Unisex Slip pattern will not produce the mirror image.

At the bottom of page 3, the Second Sock directions should read as follows: K15, place next 30 (32, 34, 36) stitches on hold for instep. Turn and work heel flap over remaining 30 (32, 34, 36) stitches.
This will re-center the patterned panel, producing the mirror image on the second sock.

We're sorry for any inconvenience,
The BMFA team

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Errata: Blunnie sock

Please note:

For the small sock, you should CO 56 stitches, not 60.

Thank you, Suzanne!

We apologize for the error.

ETA: another errata was spotted:

Round 8 (after the cuff) for the small/medium sizes should read:

Round 8: [K2, p2] 4 (5) times, k1, p4, k1, p2, [k2, p2] 5 (6) times, k1, p4, k1, p2, k2, p2.

Thank you, Colleen!

8/18/11 ETA: Thank you to Colleen reporting another typo re: size small:

Colleen found the following: After following the written rows for turning the heel, the instructions say to repeat the last two rows 3 times for the small, and I only needed to repeat the last two rows 2 times to get the correct stitch count. Everything worked fine after just doing the two repeats though.

Thank you, again, Colleen!


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Is it there yet?

Anyone received their sock club package.

They are not here anymore.

So we are hoping that they are with you.

This sock club package limbo where they aren't here and not with you is extremely disconcerting.

Pins and needles... .


ps  The thoughts and stories you lovely knitters are sending in have me sitting at my desk last thing before bed reading and weeping. So lovely, every last one of you!!

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July Hint #3

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NSK'S at Sock Summit

  In the past few months as we prep, plan and brainstorm and meet all these crazy Sock
Summit deadlines, you guys keep popping into my thoughts. At first, I thought it was because  thought I might be missing you, but you’re right here so I let that one go.     It wasn’t until recently when I had to write up some Blue Moon history for a business appraisal that it finally hit me all the way down to my Kitchener’ed toes what was going on.

 I know,I've said it before and probably will again, but I keep realizing it over and over, there would not really be a Sock Summit without you guys and the Rockin’ Sock Club? It’s true.

Seriously, for me, all of this sock knitting madness starting with the Sock Club and just kept increasing knitter by knitter, diabolical idea by creative design until well... look around you.
 Debbi, aka cockeyed, and I were chatting about this recently. (Sense of timed skewed by sleep deprivation, could have been months ago.) We chatted over bleu cheese encrusted tater tots and a lovely Chardonnay and we hatched ourselves a plan. How about we have a Sock Club booth at Sock Summit? I know... right? Brilliant! (It’s the tots—they’re serious brain food ).

We thought, hey, we could have it right next to the Blue Moon booth and put all the socks and patterns in it from the past 6 years. We could load it with all of the leftover swag and show everyone who does not know about the club (I swear these knitters do exist).

We could, and here’s my favourite part, to ask you, our NSK’s, to email us at ( or comment here with your favourite sock club moments. Any kind of momoment or memory or inspiration at all. Like stalking the postal carrier or a colourway or design or designer or swag or contest or the bank fiasco or dyer’s notes moments or your experience knitting or the Socks That Rawk group on Rav… any little thing your knitterly heart wants to share. we want to hear it.  You can even get creative, the skies the limit.

We’ll print them up and cover the booth with them. Sock knitter wallpaper, if you will.
We also decided that the other wall will be a blank canvas and we’ll supply Sharpies so you can sign it or draw a picture.
We’re pretty excited by this idea and hope you are too. Even if you can’t come to Sock
Summit, you can be there in Notorious Sock Knitter fashion and spirit.

I realize this does not give us all a lot of time but hey we're knitters and we rock the tight spot.

I love this idea for many reasons, especially the time capsule element—putting all that sock magic in one space is pretty exciting.

However, I think what makes my knitter’s heart sing it's happy song is that it will feel like everyone of you is there with us.

I promise we'll take lots and lots of picutes to post here of our little sock club museum project.

So excited!


Don't you just love David Byrne's Don't fence me in?



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