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March hint

I think of these more as teasers then hints. 

I couldn't resist this one. I was going to post the the Happy Feet video as the polar ( get it!) opposite of our theme becuase it's still cold and white some places but this one tickled my funny bone and when you get your yarn and dyer's notes you'll see how apt it is!!

Here's the link:

We will be shipping on Monday the 31st!

Have a great weekend!

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Amelie's shawl photo

Jan shawl pattern. Finished on Mar 1. I love it!

Tai Pan Shawl

My Tai Pan shawl (Paper Lanterns). Wanted to save Lucky Number Seven for the socks, so I used Scottish Highlands. It was a complete coincidence that I happened to be listening the James Clavell's Tai Pan while knitting this. Since it's a blend of Chinese and Scottish influences, Tai Pan shawl it became. :-)

My Lantern Luck Socks!

Here's me wearing my socks while my dog acts bewildered in the background. Loved the pattern and the yarn!

Lantern Luck socks

Love them!

Lucky feet, pretty socks

Lucky feet, pretty socks

Posting Socks

I posted a picture of my socks, but I don't see them. In fact, when I check the blog on my iPad, I don't see pictures of any of the finished products. I am not sure if I posted correctly!

Lantern Luck Socks

I started the Shawlette but ordered another skein of yarn and worked on the socks. I didn't think I would finish by March 20, but I stayed very focused this week. Friday is a dress down day at school, so I will wear my new socks. Unfortunately, it is still cold in northeastern PA. This picture does not reflect the great colors in the sock. Now I will continue to work on the Shawlette.

Staci's Lucky Lantern Socks

I finished these quite a while ago and have posted them other places but just now figured out how to post them here. 'Looking forward to the next installment of RSC loveliness!

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