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Foot Survey

Here is Kate Atherly's Foot Survey that I mentioned in the Dyer's Notes. Kate is kind enough to share this research she did on foot sizing and socks.

I have (hopefully, keep fingers crossed) added it here as an attachment. I'm pressing save to see if it works and telling you this cause you're going to see it anyway. Finger crossed!

It's how we roll in technically challenged land.

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Last sock club package of the year has shipped!



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Colorway Winners

  Ok after much deliberation. ( Sorry!!)


Our winners are:






Yay!! Let's here it got a What hue are you winners.  Now I have to get to work making these colorways. I'm excited!!



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November Hint #1

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Eight years and counting!

      I’ve been thinking a lot about the building of things. The step by step working from nothing except a concept, inspiration and necessity to it’s physical manifestation whether its an apartment complex, community garden, computer, an operating system of any kind, a team, a family, a symphony, a story, a beautiful meal, an event, knit wear, a club or a hand knit sock.

      I’ve been musing on this because of the Sock Club and all that has come from that one idea eight years ago. So very much!

      Think about it for a minute. Let’s start with the seed, the oh so humble  sock. There's the designs themselves, art for the foot, if you will. Stitches combined in so many different ways to make a veritable wonderland of sock designs. Then let’s move to the hundreds and hundreds of pairs (Knitterly benefit of the doubt on pairs here) of socks we knit from those designs. Amazing. Right? You really want to blow your mind think of it in terms of stitches or heel or toes. Crazy!! Wouldn’t it be great to get a toe and heel count on this?
     Let’s move on to the education? Everything we learned knitting all those socks. We acquired new skills and knowledge that empowered us to move forward in our knitting and just might have made us feel better about ourselves in general.
    We built a community. Some of us went on to design our own socks, some of us took up dyeing, making the world a more colorful place with dye-stuffs and wool, and some built our very own clubs. Community, very important in my book this one. We built a community that was so strong that it gave birth to a yearly Sock Camp and onto a Sock Summit.  We built all of this stitch by stitch, sock by sock. We also grew, we moved with most of the tides of change.
    We are about to do that part again.  We are going to play catch up on this one though.
    As some of you know from the question I posed a couple of weeks ago we’re going to add in a pdf option to the club. After crunching the numbers several times and much thought to the implementation of how all of this would go down in our system  and on the production end of things we’ve come up with something we hope works for the most of us.  I say the most of us because one of the very first lessons the sock club taught me is that I can’t please absolutely everyone all the time. It was a very hard lesson for a people pleaser like me to learn.
    We are offering a PDF (download and printable) only version of the club for Domestic, Canadian and International members. The pricing stays as it was last year on all of these. Taking the printing out balances the ever rising cost on everything else, including our time in putting all of this together.
We are also offering a PDF/ PRINT hard copy combo pack version for Domestic and Canadian members.   The pricing on the PDF/ PRINT is more than the PDF one.  We have kept it as low as we can.  The reason we decided not to offer the PDF/Print combo for International customers is the cost for both us and you.
We are taking this step because in my opinion it’s over due  It has always been one of my goals to make our club as accessible as possible. So we’re working with that goal in mind.
    I want to thank everyone who weighed in on this your input was very helpful. It would be absolutely easier for us on the production end of things to just change to PDF’s across the board but we are a community and it is important to listen and weigh all the options for everyone and choose what works best for the most.

    I’m excited.  Just a wee bit of restructuring here that’s all, turning heels.

    On the creative side of things, I looked at which designers I wanted to invite to work with this year,  what general theme I would like to work within, based on who they are, who we are and where we might want to go, and I came right back around to... building.  So here we are knit all the way around full back to architecture.
The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Architecture as:

“The art and technique of designing and building, as distinguished from the skills associated with construction. The practice of architecture is employed to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements, and thus it serves both utilitarian and aesthetic ends. Although these two ends may be distinguished, they cannot be separated, and the relative weight given to each can vary widely. Because every society—whether highly developed or less so, settled or nomadic—has a spatial relationship to the natural world and to other societies, the structures they produce reveal much about their environment (including climate and weather), history, ceremonies, and artistic sensibility, as well as many aspects of daily life.
The characteristics that distinguish a work of architecture from other man-made structures are (1) the suitability of the work to use by human beings in general and the adaptability of it to particular human activities, (2) the stability and permanence of the work’s construction, and (3) the communication of experience and ideas through its form. All these conditions must be met in architecture. The second is a constant, while the first and third vary in relative importance according to the social function of buildings. If the function is chiefly utilitarian, as in a factory, communication is of less importance. If the function is chiefly expressive, as in a monumental tomb, utility is a minor concern. In some buildings, such as churches and city halls, utility and communication may be of equal importance.”

     Sound familiar?   Read through it again. It’s better the second time around.  Sounds exactly like what we do as knitters and especially as sock knitters. Years ago Cat Bordhi used sock architecture to describe the new ways she was knitting a sock. It was and still is the perfect description for Cat’s out of the box new sock knitting construction. It’s also good for sock knitting in general and knitting as a whole.
    2013 is the year of knit architectures for our little club. We’re going to do some exploring (Remember we’re all about stretching our boundaries in relation to knitting and color.) and delve into specific building architectures as they relate to knit design. We can go from simple brick by brick work to I don't know maybe a Golden Gate Bridge type of sock. So many possibilites. 

       I can’t wait to see what our designers come up with. We’ll most certainly throw in some history and story for good measure, connection and just plain fun.
       I do believe that’s all the news from the Rockin’ Sock Club’s Notorious Sock     Knitter-land, where the wool is as tightly plied as the knitters are twisted!

      As always if you have any concerns or questions we want to hear from you. is always the best way to get us!




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Print versus PDF


Dearest NSK's,

              I've been wanting to change over to downloadable pdf's instead of the print patterns and dyer's notes for awhile now. There have been several obstacles that no longer exist. So I am seriously considering this for the 2013 sock club. 

    It would help in keeping the cost down which gets harder and harder to do every year. And... it would give us (me) more options in shipping yarn-wise which we are starting to run into the more creative we get.

We use recycled papers and such for everyhting print wise but it still is better for the enviorment.

So my dear ones what's you opinion on this? After all it's your club as much as it is mine.

knit on,



Thanks for your feedback!! My programmer and I are looking at what it would mean to offer both.  Laura is correct , it is a whole lot more work on the managing end of things.

I just wanted you to know I really appreciate all of the feedback and am taking it all under consideration.





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We need a tie breaker

So... unless I can't count and that's a real possibility we have a tie. A tie between 5 knitters.  Holy Moly NSK's!

What's a dyer to do?  I am open to suggestions here.


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Hue are you 10 finalists for voting.

Okay that was really, really hard. I want you to know I was so inspired and touched that I wish I had the time to make a hue for one and all.  But... as I said earlier, that way lies madness, and I've been trying to steer clear of the crazy train as of late.

To all of you that entered...THANK YOU!! You had us rolling of the floor one minute and in tears the next.

 There is no rhyme or reason in the way these are listed so don't read anything into the 1 thru 10 of it. 

1. cookknitwine

2. Katharine 

3. Kirsten L

4. Laura H

5. Contessa

6. twhinkle

7. Jon

8. Lindy ( Loo HUE) 

9. Roxanne  ( Cause she said I couldn't!)

10. Karyn

Ok my dearest NSK's  it's now in your hands and good luck to ya! It's hard.

Pick your top three, numbered accordingly. We'll then tally them all up and announce the three winners. Please only submit one entry. You can choose your top three just only choose them once.

You have until October 29th.


PS: Next time we are going to let you pick the ten and then we'll pick the finals!  It might take me a bit but I do learn.Wink

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What hue are you contest?

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that this is a bit harder than anticipated. The choosing. It's always hard for me. If I could I'd let everybody win all the time but that way lies madness and bankruptcy so... .

We are trying to reach some consensus and some of us are really opinionated. (Heather)  And some of us just want our way ( me) since I do have to make the colourway and well.. you see how this goes. I'm so glad the barn is not wired in any way.

Give us the weekend to settle all this and on Monday we'll nurse our wounds and egos and have your 10 to choose from.

Have a good one!



Oh and check out the Trick or Treat bags. Crazy amounts of fun.





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Hint one and only. Maybe...

About a month ago my computer decided to flip the #$%^ out and has taken a very strong (and I think personal) disliking to youtube and facebook. It's little wheel just keeps going around and around. Don't ask because I am clueless in these matters. Seriously clueless.  I am taking it to the computer Doctor (my son) this weekend.

So this clue for this month is especially awesome which you will see why when you get your packages. I love it so much. It just cracks me up every time I watch it.

I am trying something new so if the video does not post please click on link below and hopefully your computer will take you to the youtubes.

Also this game/contest of ours is so inspiring.When I need a little boost I come and read these color stories of yours. I wish I could make all of these colours for you. I am honored that you are sharing them with me!

By the way...half of the packages left today and the other half will leave tomorrow! Please do let us know if you did not get a shipping notification.





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