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Checking in...

Hello my lovely NSK's

Just checking in to make sure everyone was abloe to get their patterns. I know some have had trouble becuase of the browser issues.

What we have found especially using Firefox is the links are not active. You can make then so by save the pdf with the link in it onto whatever device you are using and then the links works!!!   Not to hard at all.

I am thrilled that so many of you are in love with this colorway!! Yay!!

I am too. We have put it up so you can purchase more.

Oh and before I forget a reminder that your 20% coupon code expires on July 15th!!

The code in in the January Dyer's Notes at the end!

Hope everyone is have a good weekend!

Happy knitting!!


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May shipment

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry for the delay in posting this. I took time off and well you know how it goes. Walk back in the door and there are so many things that need your attention right now!.

We are shipping!! We will finish shipping on Monday. I had to send 2 people home sick on Thursday so... .

The pattern page pdf's are up!  The Pips and Purls one had a link issue that we aee in the process of fixing right now!

Dyer's Notes will be up on Monday. I have some finishing touches  and few things I want to add in.

I feel like it is time for a contest and or game so look for that in the next week!!

Any ideas are more than welcome.

I think you are going to LOVE this shipment. I think it might be my favorite of the year this year but we will see.

Maybe we can do a vote at the end of the year for favs. That might be fun!!

oh and thank you for all of the birthday wishes!!  You are all so very sweet. I am so lucky to have such a community!

okay off to make sure that corrected pdf gets up.

Have a great weekend.

Oh...almost forgot. Please keep in mind that the codes on your patterns expire and then they are not available anymore. The March one is due to expire soon so please if you have not redeemed it please do!!!


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Shipping and such march madness!

Hello my lovelies!

     How has your Spring been so far? It's finally warming up here so I am pretty thrilled. Maybe we will all stay healtheir now for awhile with some sunshine.

okay so we are in the process of shipping. We sent out half today and will send the rest on Monday. The local PO asked that we hold off on the rest since they are still short handed. I thought they'd added staff but not. So...I will plan for this the next shipment.

The pattern page with all of the pattern info is up as is the Inspiration Board. The dyer's notes will be up by Monday. I just plain ran out of time.

I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this one. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have creating it all.

oh there is a liitle somhitng extra in your package. Hold onto to it. All will become clear in time. A little knit mystery or mischief or maybe a little of both!

Happy Bunny Day!

Have a great weekend!

PS: Almost for got! After this shipment we are closing down signups so if you have been waititng for the very last moment we are there!




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September Shipment Update

We are all set to start shipping tomorrow, Friday the 14th. Oy so... late! However as of this moment 11:20 pm we have no power becuase of the big ol storm that has hit here.

I don't mind telling you my friends it is a wee bit scary up here. So very windy.

Anyway I just wanted to give you a heads up on what is going on here. It's been quite a few weeks. Some wicked plague hit here and seriously there were a few days where it was just 3 of us. Everytime the phone rang in the mornign I thought," oh no another oen is down!".

I did not get it which I an extremely greatful for. Okay I should go to bed although this wind makes it hard to sleep.

So anyone have thoughts on the themes for next year? I heard from a few of you via email.

I'm pretty excited.

Oh I need to remember to post a picture here of the Sparkle yarn hanging in the barn. Oh my so magical. I promise it is worth your patient and generous waiting!

okay off to bed for this dyer!




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September Shipping Delay

Helly My Lovely NSKs,

I don't know how it is already the end of September but, it most certainly is. This summer just flew by! I love fall, so I'm pretty happy about October being just around the bend. The leaves are already turning here!!

I'm sending you this email to let you know that we're going to be about a week later than our end of the month shipping date. Seems to be a theme this year.

We're sending you more yarn this time. We might even be sending you two skeins in two different colorways and maybe a different base along with our beloved STR.

I know...

Twice the yarn means twice everything production-wise and we are a little short handed, so it is just taking longer.

Instead of becoming stress monsters about it, I told Team Blue Moon that our Sock Club members are the loveliest knitters and will not mind waiting another week for their yarn.

We will post the patterns and Dyer's Notes on Monday October 3rd and ship your yarn out the following week.

Thank you for your patience!!!

Your depravedDyer

P.S. I have a bunch of questions for you in the Dyer's Notes, so be sure to read them.

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July (now August) shipping update

Good morning!!!

I just wanted to let you know that we shipped over 3/4's of the packages out yesterday and the rest will go tomorrow.

All Canadian and International packages have left the barn. Since they take a wee bit longer we always try to get those out first.

I was thinking that maybe we could all post pictures of our favorite places on instagram.

What do you think of that idea?

It's always nice to have a visual.  We can use the hashtags  #RSC #favoriteplace #bluemoonfiberarts  that way we will all be sure to see them.

I want to give a shout out to team Blue Moon for rocking this out of the park once the yarn waltzed in the door.

There are a lot of you so we usually spread out the dyeing a bit or I stick one person on it if I feel that the colorway needs that. Luckily since this is a Tipsy the dyeing goes quickly but still I walked to the barn at the end of last week to see where we were and prepared to be working all weekend and boom!!  They were done with the first batch and then it was just matter of waiting until the second one is done drying.

So thank you Brandy, Kalia, Sarah, Maggie, Becky Jess, Debra and Paula!!!

I am doing a little color research and am hoping you can help me out. All I need is to know is what your favorite color is and then also what color you wear the most.

Speaking of color anyone know what all the scummy Blue Moon colors are?

The ones with scum actually in the colorway name.

First three people to lsit them here in the comments section win a scummy skein of yarn!

This is most probaly another one of those contests that I think is hard and you all are going to get it right away.

Contest end on Friday the 19th.

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Favorite Place

Good morning NSK's!!!

It is a lovely coolish morning here in the hills of Scappoose. As soon and the sun creeps over the hillside I am sure it will warm up quite nicely.

As we all wait for our yarn I thought we could talk about our favorite places. I have share with you what mine is and the why and how's of it all. I would like to know what yours is.

Are you an ocean person like me or do you love the hustle and bustle of a certain city, or maybe the mountains?

I love hearing what others see and feel about a place. Then I get to see and feels things from another perspective.

okay I am off to the barn to dye gradient kits.

Have a wonderful day!!

I cannot believe it is already August. Where has this summer gone?




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I'm late, I'm late for...

A very important date.
No time to say hello, good-bye,
I'm late, I'm late, I'm late
I'm late and when I wave,
I lose the time I save.
My fuzzy ears and whiskers
Took me too much time to shave.
I run and then I hop, hop, hop,
I wish that I could fly.
There's danger if I dare to
Stop and here's a reason why:
I'm over-due, I'm in a rabbit stew.
Can't even say good-bye,

Hello, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.      

Thank you White Rabbit I could not have said it better! 

Hello my dear NSK's,

  Your patterns and dyer's notes are up and we will be starting to ship tomorrow. We had to wait on the printer for a day. We were going to ship today but no matter how much hopping we did we could nto make it happen.

I hope you have as much fun knitting these as we did creating them! 

I am assuming by now everyone has gotten their yarn from last time and seen their tags.

While we are patiently waititng for this months yarn let us play yarn-tag-match-up.

 First question is what is on the back of your tags?

There are 14  draconic names or types of dragons on the back of the Dragon Song tags. Each on is from something mythical, fictional and mostly popular.

Here is the list of dragon names or types of dragons on the back of your tags. Your mission is to name the author, or book or story or movie or game that said dragon comes from.

Golden Dragon
Fire lizards    
Draco Nobilis 
Common Welsh Greens

The first person to guess them all wins a skein of our new Super Sparkle and our Tigger Targhee!!

Ready, set go!!!!

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Errata on A-Maze Shawl pattern

Hello, RSC'ers! Thanks to an intrepid knitter, we have updated the pdf and fixed an errata that was in the A-Maze Shawl pattern. In the Fifth Section, the stitch counts were off after working through the Second Zigzag Maze pattern:

The correct stitch count after working Rows 1-18 of the Second Zigzag Maze pattern is 299 sts.

Work the next RS row as written. Stitch count after this row is 303 sts.
Next Row (WS) should read: K3, purl to last 3 sts, k3. Stitch count remains at 303 sts.



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Thursday is for pdf posting!

Good morning!

Just a note to let you know that we shipped the International packages on Friday and will be sending out the rest on Thursday.

We will also be posting the pdf's on Thursday morning.

While we are patiently waiting I thought maybe we could talk about the magic of stories. Who does not love a good story. So my question is what is your favorite kind of reading to do? Are you a science fiction fan, or prefer classic or modern literature, or romance novels or, biographies... ?

Is there an all time favorite book that touched you in some way or that you find yourself going back to?


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