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Posting Socks

I posted a picture of my socks, but I don't see them. In fact, when I check the blog on my iPad, I don't see pictures of any of the finished products. I am not sure if I posted correctly!

Lantern Luck Socks

I started the Shawlette but ordered another skein of yarn and worked on the socks. I didn't think I would finish by March 20, but I stayed very focused this week. Friday is a dress down day at school, so I will wear my new socks. Unfortunately, it is still cold in northeastern PA. This picture does not reflect the great colors in the sock. Now I will continue to work on the Shawlette.

Staci's Lucky Lantern Socks

I finished these quite a while ago and have posted them other places but just now figured out how to post them here. 'Looking forward to the next installment of RSC loveliness!

Lucky Lantern socks

I finished the first RSC shipment and the socks turn out georgous. The Colors are bright and beautiful. So I will wear tehm when eyerone can see ;-))

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10 feet of snow

Hazel Smith's picture

I'm trying this again!

I hope this shows up in the correct place. The socks are reclining on a 10 foot snow bank which is currently the status of my front yard.

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Posting Confusion

Hey all, 

There has been some posting confusion.  I was confused as well!  Our (Tina and my) posts are stickied, so they remain at the on the top of the page.  All of your posts should appear on earlier pages (it looks like most are on pages 2 and 3 right now).  Let us know if your post still doesn't appear. 

Happy Knitting!

Another shawl

Okay, the penguin shirt makes me giggle. She loves her new shawl and I loved making it for her. Another one is definitely in the future. Now to decide on a STR color.

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Lantern Luck

Here's my photo. The socks were knit to the pattern except for the toes. I knit toe #1 as written, but it felt way too roomy. I knit toe #2 in my regular way and the fit was great. I un-kitchenered toe #1 and redid it. Lovely socks!

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My socks!

Crossing my fingers this shows up!

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