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March Hint #1


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Distelfink chart errata

Eagle eye knitter Kathleen (remclave) pointed out a few stitches that were incorrect on the Distelfink charts.

Size S:
no errata

Size M:
lines 14, 15, 16, first stitch on the right of the chart should be MC (or empty).
line 38, first stitch on the right of the chart should be MC (or empty).

Size L:
lines 14, 15, 16, sixth stitch on the right of the chart should be MC (or empty).
line 38, sixth stitch on the right of the chart should be MC (or empty).

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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Spoiler Alert! (not really)

Here are two little graphical treats for all you Notorious Sock Knitters!




New "Spoiler Alert" images to add to your own blog or Ravelry projects. Making this the first image of a Ravelry project allows you to post something in your notebook without ruining the surprise for any knitter who doesn't want to see that sock.

To use, right-click with your mouse (or on Macs, hold the Control key + click) the image you like and save it to your computer. Add it to your blog or Ravelry project details.


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Camp Jabberwonky

Everything’s a bit wonky around here, between Madrona and Stitches, hankie-pocalypse, prepping the next sock club shipment, and, now, snow. (Snow, really?) It only seems fitting that we announce camp.

Hear ye, hear ye!

Wondering what you could be doing March 31 - April 5? Come to Wonkyland and join us at Camp Jabberwonky, our fifth sock knitting camp.

All the pertinent facts and links to registration can be found our Camp Jabberwonky website. (We expect registration to fill quickly, but first dibs go to 2011 Rockin’ Sock Club members.)

Get your Slithy Toes ready for four days of classes with Anne Hanson, JC Briar, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and, me, your depravedDyer Tina. We will have a special guest with us, the inestimable Anna Zilboorg. She will be joining us for conversation and colour fun.

What are you waiting for? We're late, late for a very important date!

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Social Network clarification

This is not an errata, more of a clarification.

There has been some confusion about what happens after we finish the heel on the Social Network socks by Lucy Neatby. Knitters found themselves with what appeared to be the "wrong" color yarn as they began working the instep in the increases section.

On page 6 of the pattern it tells us to change to larger needles and resume working in the round with the MC and CC yarn from the leg. After the increases, we work Round 3 of the leg and foot pattern across the instep.

Depending on which size you're making, you may not start with the first stitch on the chart. We resume the instep in the pattern as established in the heel set-up round (Round 2, described on page 5 in the first sentence of "heel" instructions).

Why is this? Basically, we are picking up where we left off. Before the heel, we worked an incomplete repeat of Round 2 and placed a number of worked stitches on hold (except for the medium size, which worked a complete chart and resume Round 3 on the first stitch). Both the small and the large did not complete the chart in their set-up row and place a multiple of 4 for the instep stitches on hold. When we return to the chart to work the instep, we begin Round 3 in the pattern as previously established, midstream as it were.

Make sense?

Knit on, friends!

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Needles, yarn, Mary, camera... action! Part 2

  Of course there is a Part 2.

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Needles, yarn, Mary, camera... action! Part 1

 Welcome to our first ever Rockin Sock Club video.  Isn't it excititng. We're going to be doing a whole lot more of this.  Technique driven ones and just some fun ones.

 Keep in mind this is our first go around. We already have a huge list of things to change.

On my personal list: Stop saying awesome. Seriously I had no idea I said awesome so much or great.  I blame the therapist part of my personality.

 I say it so much it could be our first contest. How many awesomes are in the 2 colourwork videos?

 Anyway Mary is a joy.  Knowledgable and quirky fun all rolled into one pretty awesome knitter.

 We hope this helps all of you new to colourwork knitters.

New Arrival

This is really great, just after I finished a pair of Rockin Socks. Ready to go for the new arrival. This should be fun. Which pattern to choose?


It's here!!!

I got home early today to the loveliest of surprises!

A perfect beginning to my weekend.

Thank you to all the Blue Moon folks!



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Bye Bye dear January Sock Kits

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