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love the chickens/roosters

8/5/2012 3:30pm DST I ever love these yarns and these 2 patterns! I'm a newbie but these are my favorites yet....from Janet K.on the East Coast

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JULY Pattern (both of them) ERRATA

  Well DANG! I so hate mistakes and here there are two right out of the box.

I swear we had about 6 pairs of eyeballs and the same number of brains, including my own, on both of these patterns and yet... here we are. Both patterns say that the yarn used is lightweight, when in fact, it is mediumweight.

I know...  and I'm sorry.

The only thing I can think of is that we were so concerned with getting all the charts and colors straight that we didn't notice the glaringly obvious error on yarn weight.

Please except our apologies.


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July shipment has left that building.

 Has it arrived yet?

Just a note without giving too much away: Look closely at your yarn, for all is not as it seems, on excited first glance.

FYI: Information on this shipments contents, as always, is in the dyer's notes.


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July 2012 Hint #2

Best chicken dance ever!

July 2012 Hint #1

It's July. Almost the end of July actually. How did that happen?   We 're going to be shipping out your packages on Monday so I thought maybe it was time for a few hints. There's so very much to choose from that I was having a bit of a hard time deciding, that is, until... I stumbled across this little piece of cartoon goodness from my childhood.

Oh me, oh my!  Wink

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Jolly Brolly errata

There is an error in the large cuff chart for the Jolly Brolly sock:

The extra stitches should be worked on Round 14, not Round 12 as written in the chart.

We apologize for any inconvenience!

The BMFA team.

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A Hint of may #3


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Happy Birthday, Tina!

Happy birthday, Tina, Goddess of Colour. May your vision always be so fresh!


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A Hint of may #2

I was sitting here looking for my next hint and stumbled upon this doozey and knew I had to use it, even if it didn't fit the theme, but it sooo does.

Cracks me up every time I see it.  Try not to laugh, I dare ya!

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A Hint of May

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