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What hue are you? Reveal Skein #1

 I got Katharine's permission to put her skein here for all to see. If you remember, her entry was about how her family makes up who she is, so that was what she wrote about. This skein is what I came up with based on her story. She loves it and I am thrilled. I am waitng to hear how Karyn feels about hers and I am tweaking Contessa's which turned out to be the hardest. 



Thank you Katharine for this opportunity to make you into a skein of yarn. Smile

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mine has arrived!

Thank you RSC! My parcel arrived downunder safely, loved the colours and especially the wee badge stating I am a Sock Knitter.
Is this an addiction? Without fail I cannot wait to finish the second sock so that I can begin another pair.
Here's to it and to you.

Where is everyone/errata

I am a first year member and seem to be totally incapable when navigating this site. Where are the blog entries and I seem to recall Paula mentioning errata of the sock pattern? Can't find that either. I'm lost. Can you all help me out?
I am enjoying knitting these socks.
Best wishes,

Still Waiting!

I'm still waiting too!! With all the snow we got yesterday in Toronto I need my Rockin' Sock Club fix!!

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Stanton Shawlette ERRATA


 It looks like we have a bit of errata in the Stanton Shawl pattern. We are in the process of fixing it and then we'll be putting up a new pdf with the correction in it.

 I'm very sorry!! Errata happens it just does. That said I really do not like starting the year with one.

Our humble apologies to you, my dear NSK's and to Shannon.


UPDATE: Ok, so... here's the skinny. First of all, the pattern we all have now that we shipped out, does in fact work. So if you are almost done don't panic. The error is on Row 9 of the lace part of the pattern and changes the construction of the hole a bit. It still makes a lovely shawlette.  That said, it is not the intended design of Shannon's that made this knitters heart go pitter pat and we intended you all to have.

Below is the new key and chart and line by line for the gone awry Row 9. Tomorrow when my techies are working we'll chagne the pdf to reflect this correction.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I don't like it (really don't) but we are human and we make mistakes so Errata happens.  I'm seriously sorry to start the year this way!

The Stanton Shawl Pattern pdf has been changed to the corrected  one.


On page 3 of the pattern, Row 9 should be revised to read: * K1, insert right-hand needle under strand 2 rows below and knit strand together with next st, k1, k2tog, yo, k1; repeat from * to end.



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and the winner is...

A bucn of you have probably already done the count and figured out our winner. In my book all three of these talented designers are winners. A knitterly round of applause and a big thank you for the work you all put into this! We are honored to have such beautiful graphic s to choose from and to use through out the year.

Our grand prize winner is Janis, she's the talented designer, of button number #3. Yeah Janis!!! Congratulations.

As you can see our button is sitting pretty on the side bar. Doesn't it fit right in with all the pink and blue? Almost like she planned it that way.Wink

If you'd like to add the button to your blogs or rav pages and need the html it is on the faqs page.


ps. Hey Hazel any sign of that yarn yet?




button for 2013

I like them all but number three gets my vote. Very talented people in this group thanks for narrowing it down for me
Donna in wet Oregon

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an amazing start

You are off to an amazing start and I can see it all on my phone!!!!! Hee hee. I'm just giddy.

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Waikuku Socker

thank you for the wonderful welcome to the Rockin' Sock Club and for now including overseas members. Am sure knitting socks falls into the addiction basket. No sooner has one pair been finished than another just has to be started. The toughest part is choosing which yarn to use next. Are there any other members in New Zealand?
Greetings to all

January 2013

I couldn't wait to check out the pattern. I love them both and will definitely make both. What a great way way to start the year!

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