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Lantern Luck Knitalong

Hi Rockin' Sock Knitters, 

As Tina mentioned, the Pacific Northwest is currently a winter wonderland and I am trapped in my apartment.  What's a knitter to do?  Cast on new socks of course.  

For years I have lusted after a Rockin' Sock Club membership and now I have the privilege of knitting along with all of you lovely knitters, as well as watching Tina's color genius come to life.  I am living my dream and feel very lucky.  How appropriate for this month's theme.  

When Tina first showed me Lucky Number Seven the colors triggered tulips and rejuvenation.  I cast on today with thoughts of flowers waiting patiently under the ice, as well as new and old dreams.  Whenever I wear my Lantern Luck socks I will remember my good fortune and the potential for renewal.  I hope you all feel as lucky as I do.

Please join and let us know what these colors inspire in you. If you're casting on with me, please comment and join the conversation!

Cast on!


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Casting On!!

Good Morning,

We are coming to you from a very frosty and cold Pacific Northwest. I had this lovely vision for today of Sarah and I sitting at the kitchen table this morning with tea for a lovely cast on moment but alas, it is not to be. We are all snow and ice bound in our own homes this morning.

So my lovely notorious knitters meet Sarah Crotty. Sarah is our newest production dyer and we are tickled to have her working wiht us. She started this fall and has quickly become a valued member of our team. I think you'll love her as much as we do!

Sarah is also a wonderful knitter and your cast on buddy for the year. Each shipment Sarah will cast on the sock design for that month (After all we are a sock knitting club!) on a specified day that I will announce in the Dyer's Notes.

You do not have to cast on with her. There is no pressure here, just support. You can choose to cast on before the she does or anytime after. I just thought it might be nice to have one of us knittng with you! We'll see!

On the 1st Cast On date after the shipment Sarah will post here so you can follow her progress, she can follow yours and you can knit-chat. On the 2nd Cast On date Sarah will cast on her second sock.

So what about the other pattern you ask? Well... what we would like is if 6 of you would volunteer (one for each shipment) to cast on the "other" pattern in the shipment with Sarah on the second cast on date.

Whatcha think? Anyone game?

Cast- On Dates:

1. Today at NOON! Pacific time.

2. February 20th

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Lantern Luck errata

Here is the specific errata:

It's Here!

Mine kit arrived today and it's beautiful. Thanks Tina for starting the year out brightly!

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This one's for unravelingsophia

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Happy Year of the Horse!!

it's January 31st the last day of the first month of 2014 and the first day of the Chinese New Year, the year of the wooden horse. It felt like such a fortuitous day that we schemed to make sure we could ship every single package out today and we are!! 

The pdf's will go up this morning. Look up at the tool bar. See in tool bar where it says RSC Home? If you hover over it there's a drop down menu. Right now it just gives you the 2013 pdf option soon it will also habe the 2014 pdf option!! You need to be signed into your Rockin' Sock Club account to download the pdf's. Remember that your Rockin' Sock Club sign in is different than your Blue Moon shopping cart account. If you have any trouble please do not hesitate to email us 

I know! I wish it was simpler too. 

I really hope you love this shipment as much as I do. I'm so very thrilled I could barely sleep last night. We have some changes and some new things we are going to do this year so please do read the dyer's notes for all of that.

Are you ready for our first contest?

It was so successful and fun last year that I thought we should do it agian this year. I love seeing all the talent and how different all the buttons are and what we all choose. Great fun and a great way to kick off the new sock club year. 

See that beautiful button to the right that says 2013 Rockin' Sock Club with the all the lovely color? We need one for 2014. 

Here are the paremeters:

1. It needs to say Notorious Sock Knitters or Rockin' Sock Club.

 2. It needs to have the date 2014 on it.

 3. It needs to be this size: 2" square. dpi at 350 as a jpg (please)

 4. Submitted to us at by February 14th

 Team Blue Moon will choose 5 for you to vote on here (blog). We'll post them on Tuesday, February 18th. Voting goes until February 21st.

 The button with the most votes will be our new button for 2014. The designer receives a $200.00 dollar Gift Certificate. We'll use the button here on the RSC blog, on your blogs, on RAVELRY and we'll even make a hard copy 0f some sort. Maybe we're up for tshirts this year.

Okay I think that covers it for now.  am off to grab a cup of tea and calm my excitted self down.

 Welcome back to all of you notorious lovelies who keep signing up for more of our madness and just welcome to all of you new notorious knitters!

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Knock. Knock..

not even kidding.


Knock. Knock!

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Which are you?

I am a socks first woman!

Year 8 for me!

Woo Hoo! Happy to be here for my 8th year!

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