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Silver, green very tightly spun

Love walking in the woods with kids and letting them see what is there, helps me to see more too.

Not letting go of the silvery, mercury grey- maybe the spring dew or mist on grass? Spring green and silver?


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Hint #3 march 2012

 I challenge you not to fall in love with the narrator. 

Oh my goodness.

ps We are shippingall the International packages today!!

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EZ's February Sweater Using Becky Sue

I have a new grandchild on the way! My eldest son has 3 children who are 15, 12 and 9. He and his girlfriend are expecting a baby around the beginning of September.
This set is most of a skein of STR lightweight in the Becky Sue colorway. It is my most favourite yet and I will be ordering more for myself. Tina is so generous in her skeins that it took only ONE for the entire set.
This is not a good picture but I did want Tina to see her yarn being used for baby wear. It is great for socks but it is awesome for so much more.


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Hint #2 March 2012


Freddy Mercury and grey school socks? Maybe a silvery color way with lace?

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Hint#1 March 2012

 Thanks for the love this week everyone, it really helped.

 I was touched and inspired by Steph's sock puppet e-card. 

Put your needles together and let's have a round of knitterly applause for the Scottish Falsettos, singing what should obviously be our anthem.

Take it away guys....


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Dearest NSK's

 I am heading out for a bit of a hard afternoon.  When I was drivivng home this morning from taking Sophie to school I was thinking how I didn't feel alone and how lovely that was.

I have a great close circle of friends and family that are loving and supportive and... I have you. I was thinking about the dyer's notes I've been writitng in my head and what I was going to put here as hints and how I really need to put the next contest up and how much I think you're going to love these designs coming and...

I realized yet again what a tight knit supportive community I have here and I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude and say thank you for being the wonderful knitters you are. You so warm the cockles of this dyer's heart.





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Camp Cast Away Tshirt Finalists

 Hey there NSK's, after much ado, Steph and I have chosen the finalists for the Camp tshirt contest. They are all listed for you to peruse and then vote, on the Blue Moon blog here:

I'll warn ya, it's hard they are all quite wonderful.

Vote away ye mateys!

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Who's up for a Sock Camp T-shirt Contest??

 Hello everyone, I think out t-shirt contest got lost in the shuffle so I am shining a wee bit of light on it because I think it's a super fun idea. When Steph and I were brainstorming about Camp and talking about the theme and then the t-shirt, Steph suggested this contest. I thought it sounded like  a crazy amount of fun. We've extended the deadline a bit and hope that some of you will play along. I've seen your work and know what you are all capapble of. 

When we're done with this contest I 've got a colour one up my sleave I think you'll love too.

Along with Camp this year we are having a CONTEST. 
I know… we all love a good contest and this is a good one, at least we think it is. 
Every year that there’s been camp, there’s been a camp tee-shirt.  We like to think of them as collectible. (We can tell you that they make up the backbone of our wardrobes.) 
There’s been graphics, pictures, every year is different, but this year we wanted to be really, really different.  This year, we want one of you to design it, so we’re having a contest.

There are a very few rules. 
1. It has to do with the theme.  The theme is pirates. It’s called Camp Cast Away. 
2. It has to say “ BMFA Sock Camp 2012” somewhere on it. 
3. The design can go on the front or back. 
4. Anyone can enter, even if they’re not a camper.

Besides those 4 rules, the shirt design can be anything you like. Just words, words and a picture, words and a drawing, just a drawing, whatever pleases you. Go nuts. 
The winner gets glory (their design on all the camp shirts) a camp shirt (whether or not the winner is a camper) and a $100.00 gift certificate for Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Please email us your entry at as a jpeg (You can send a low resolution version, we’ll ask finalists for the high resolution ones so we can see if they’re okay for printing) before March 10th. We’ll choose some finalists, put them up on The Blue Moon Blog (here), everyone will vote before March 12th, and then the winner will be announced on March 14th. 

We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with, because we know just how talented knitters are!

pirate jargon

Splice the Mainbrace! To have a Drink, or perhaps several.

Jack A flag or a sailor; showing how sailors would refer to thier ship's colors as one of the crew
Jack o' Coins The paymaster or Quartermaster.
Jack o' Cups The First Mate.
Jack o' Staves The First Lieutenant.
Jack o' Swords The Bosun.
Jack Ketch A public executioner or hangman. To Dance with Jack Ketch is to hang.
Jack Tar A popular colloquial name for a sailor (also called Jack Afloat).

Not sure to which pirate group this applies.

Hope to make the camp!

My first RSC and first Camp!

The yarn is amazing! I love the color. It has been sleeping next to me on my night stand, waiting to be balled.

Jerre in CT

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