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Done and HAPPY!

Love the yarn and the shawl! Easy and fast knit. Tons of compliments.

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I finished my socks on St Patricks day - a good day and a wonderful pair of socks. I totally enjoyed both the yarn and the pattern. A great first pair for me for my first year in the club.

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I've Finished!

I've finished & enjoyed the pattern! The colors really match "Randy" the tulip magnolia. I'm looking forward to wearing it when it's cool again. Smiles to all

Lantern Luck socks

So cozy! The perfect birthday gift for my daughter--she loves them!

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Lantern Luck Socks


Here is a picture of my Lantern Lucks.

I found an old calender in a drawer that I was clearing out the other day it is from my local Chinese takeaway, called the Lucky Star, and as my ball band said 'Falling Star' I thought it was a good idea to unite them in this picture!
I hope this entry shows up in the correct place, my previous attempt turned up on page two! :-)

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Lantern Luck socks

Here is a picture of my Lantern Lucks.
I took it this morning especially for this post, the calender is from my local Chinese takeaway. And it just happens to be called the Lucky Star, my fortune cookie said 'Falling Star' so I thought it was really appropriate to take a picture of them together.
I have not posted a picture here before, I took me a few minutes to figure out how to do it. Is this o.k.?

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Show Us Those Knits

Hey All, 

How's the knitting going?  Are you all finished with your socks and shawls?  

For those of you who knit along, it's time to show off your lovely finished objects. Post pictures here on the blog in order to be eligible for badges. You have until March 20th, so get posting!  

We are super excited to see all of your lovely creations!

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KAL Finish Line

The KAL finish line, March 20th, is just around the corner.  Keep knitting away and we'll let you know about badges soon!

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Therapeutic Knits

Hi Knitters, 

It seems as if everyone I know had an off week.  I had quite an unpleasant dating world kibosh and Tina has declared a boy intervention.  While this blow is minor in the grand scheme of my life, it colored my mood sour this week.  So I was sad and when I'm sad I tend to want to stare at the ceiling for hours on end, which is exactly what I don't allow myself to do.  Instead I pulled out my sock.  Yarn and knitting has become my career, which I love, but it's easy to forget during the stress of life that it's also my passion and my comfort. While I finished my socks this week I was reminded how much solace knitting can bring. We all put so much of ourselves into our knitting that, at least for me, my projects become little vessels for what I was feeling when I was working them.  My Lantern Luck socks have brought me full circle.  While I knit the first sock I was in a wonderful place.  I could see potential for greatness in all aspects of my life.  My own words were "I am living my dream and feel very lucky."  While this is still very much true, one small hiccup made my world a little bit blurry.  Knitting helped bring everything back into focus this week.  To quote myself yet again, "whenever I wear my Lantern Luck socks I will remember my good fortune, and the potential for renewal." Plus, I have a rad new pair of socks!
Update us on your progress and let us know how knitting has helped you.
Here's to a better next week for everyone.



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Button Contest Winner

 Well this was a very close one. In my book these two talented knitters, Janis and Bronwen are both winners and I am greateful for the time and attention they both put into thier designs. 

 It seems that sock puppets with hats are a little too hard to resist. So Bronwen with her sock puppets is our winner and button for the year! We will have it up in the next few days for all to enjoy!

 Again thank you Janis and Bronwen for your time. You both will be hearing from us shortly!

Happy Monday!Wink

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