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We need a tie breaker

So... unless I can't count and that's a real possibility we have a tie. A tie between 5 knitters.  Holy Moly NSK's!

What's a dyer to do?  I am open to suggestions here.


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Hue are you 10 finalists for voting.

Okay that was really, really hard. I want you to know I was so inspired and touched that I wish I had the time to make a hue for one and all.  But... as I said earlier, that way lies madness, and I've been trying to steer clear of the crazy train as of late.

To all of you that entered...THANK YOU!! You had us rolling of the floor one minute and in tears the next.

 There is no rhyme or reason in the way these are listed so don't read anything into the 1 thru 10 of it. 

1. cookknitwine

2. Katharine 

3. Kirsten L

4. Laura H

5. Contessa

6. twhinkle

7. Jon

8. Lindy ( Loo HUE) 

9. Roxanne  ( Cause she said I couldn't!)

10. Karyn

Ok my dearest NSK's  it's now in your hands and good luck to ya! It's hard.

Pick your top three, numbered accordingly. We'll then tally them all up and announce the three winners. Please only submit one entry. You can choose your top three just only choose them once.

You have until October 29th.


PS: Next time we are going to let you pick the ten and then we'll pick the finals!  It might take me a bit but I do learn.Wink

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What hue are you contest?

Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that this is a bit harder than anticipated. The choosing. It's always hard for me. If I could I'd let everybody win all the time but that way lies madness and bankruptcy so... .

We are trying to reach some consensus and some of us are really opinionated. (Heather)  And some of us just want our way ( me) since I do have to make the colourway and well.. you see how this goes. I'm so glad the barn is not wired in any way.

Give us the weekend to settle all this and on Monday we'll nurse our wounds and egos and have your 10 to choose from.

Have a good one!



Oh and check out the Trick or Treat bags. Crazy amounts of fun.





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Hint one and only. Maybe...

About a month ago my computer decided to flip the #$%^ out and has taken a very strong (and I think personal) disliking to youtube and facebook. It's little wheel just keeps going around and around. Don't ask because I am clueless in these matters. Seriously clueless.  I am taking it to the computer Doctor (my son) this weekend.

So this clue for this month is especially awesome which you will see why when you get your packages. I love it so much. It just cracks me up every time I watch it.

I am trying something new so if the video does not post please click on link below and hopefully your computer will take you to the youtubes.

Also this game/contest of ours is so inspiring.When I need a little boost I come and read these color stories of yours. I wish I could make all of these colours for you. I am honored that you are sharing them with me!

By the way...half of the packages left today and the other half will leave tomorrow! Please do let us know if you did not get a shipping notification.





hue am I?

Okay so this one is more tricky than I originally thought. Who I am and who I feel I'm meant to be are different things.

Right now, I'd say I was black and pinks. I have a very dark, twisted sense of humor, but I'm also a girly-girl in that I love pink! (I have four sons so I've never had the joy of pink around me so I have to create it through my knitting).

However, the real me is very different. I feel most comfortable with myself when I am in the south of France amidst the lavender fields and grassy green of the leaves on the olive trees. My colorway, or the color of me, would be dark-ish lavender with grassy green and a clear sky blue. A perfect Provence day!

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Sometimes a great notion...

 You know that place? The one where it all works so very well in your head, perfectly even. Then, you go on your merry way, to implement your great notion and boom, all those pesky details you thought were ironed out and that you can only see while you are reskeining or balling or measuring or knitting, sit up and say, nah, nah...didn't think about me, now did ya? Of course, with a I told you so sassy, snarky attitude.

Well my dearest NSK's without revealing too much (Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. Don't worry you'll get all the gory details in the dyer's notes.) this is where we are, a great notion with a kink or two. In my defense, had the machine worked as it should, we would not be here!  We have our "issue" figured out and are now in what we feel is a smooth if painfully slow moving process.

I'm sorry but what this means is we're going to be a weekish late on shipping your packages out of here. We are not going to be shipping out your RSC packages this week but more towards the end of next week.

I figure I have a grace period, of one of these a year, and this one is it! Actually as the knitters who've been in the club for a few years know it is often September. September has some wicked mojo on it for me. One year I fell and hit my head, which made writitng the dyers notes really fun, and one year the yarn had to be sent back and well... you get the drift.

While we are all waiting I will of course be bombing you with hints. I also thought we could play a game. You know how I love games and we've been game shy this year.

So how about a big one with a contest element thrown in?

I've had this plan for a few years now to offer myself as a saleable item. (Don't go there.) Wait for it...  As a colour consultant of sorts. For a fee (undecided as of yet)  I would, after chatting with you and a questionaire or two, design your very own colourway. It would live in our database of colourways and you could order it in any of our bases anytime you felt the need. I love this idea for it's personal aspect and the challenge.  I have yet to manifest it into reality, but really want to

Here's where you and our game/contest come in.

In the comments here you tell me what you'd be if you were a colourway. Be as descriptive as you possibly can. Tell a story, post a picture, a poem... anything you can think of to convey to me what your colour wishes and dreams are. You as hue!!

Are you a orange unicorn with a pond scum horn grazing a field of lavender poppies under violet skies?

What do you like? What don't you like?  Hue are you??

We'll vote right here on the blog for the most descriptive and let's face it entertaining three and I will design those three knitters their very own colourway based on their colour story. Team Blue Moon will probably pick their top ten and then you guys vote from there.

Sound good? That should keep us all busy and happy while we wait for our yarn. You have until October 15th to submit your colour story here in the comments.

PS: Even though this shipment has been a royal pain in the arse, and it really has, I love it.  I love what we're sending you this month so much I feel like a little kid with a big good secret busting at the seams.

A slightly nervous, kinda nauseous, excited little kid.

ok, back off to beat gently persuade a machine into doing my bidding.

PPS: if youhave address changes you need to make in your account and need help please do let us know.

As always thank you for being our Notorious Sock Knitters!

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Once in a very Blue Moon

It's a sale!

love the chickens/roosters

8/5/2012 3:30pm DST I ever love these yarns and these 2 patterns! I'm a newbie but these are my favorites yet....from Janet K.on the East Coast

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JULY Pattern (both of them) ERRATA

  Well DANG! I so hate mistakes and here there are two right out of the box.

I swear we had about 6 pairs of eyeballs and the same number of brains, including my own, on both of these patterns and yet... here we are. Both patterns say that the yarn used is lightweight, when in fact, it is mediumweight.

I know...  and I'm sorry.

The only thing I can think of is that we were so concerned with getting all the charts and colors straight that we didn't notice the glaringly obvious error on yarn weight.

Please except our apologies.


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July shipment has left that building.

 Has it arrived yet?

Just a note without giving too much away: Look closely at your yarn, for all is not as it seems, on excited first glance.

FYI: Information on this shipments contents, as always, is in the dyer's notes.


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