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Button Design Contest Voting Commences

 Here are our choices for this years blog button. Thank you to all who submitted these wonderful desgins, you are awesome!!










Okay time to vote for your favorite button!!   Vote in the comments section of this post please.


(Fingers crossed hoping my fav button wins.)

Off to package and get ready to ship tomorrow.



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January 2013 Not really a Hint #3

Because you inspire me. And.... this kid is the best. Everyone should see this!

PS: Are we there yet??

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January 2013 Hint #2

 Everybody cut Footloose!!!

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January 2013 Hint #1

 I was looking for hint video's this evening and ran across this ( which I love) and I believe it speaks for itself. I love the looks on their faces when she sings that forst note.


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Notorious Sock Knitter Button Design Contest

Okay, so one of my goals this year is more fun and games. I love fun and games! 

See that button to your right? (If you're reading this, and you are, your're looking directly at the screen, which means button is on the right. On left is just a big expanse of blueness!)  The button that says, Notorious Sock Knitters in orange and Rockin' the Rainbow 2012, under that.  Yes, that button.

Well... we need a new one of these for 2013. Now, I could go meet with graphic and we could design something or... we could have a contest and let you notoriously talented folks design one.

I vote for the contest. I know you do to.

Here are the paremeters:

1. It needs to say Notorious Sock Knitters or Rockin' Sock Club.

2. It needs to have the date 2013 on it.

3. It needs to be this size: 2" square. dpi at 350 as a jpg (please)

4. Submitted to us at by January 25th

Team Blue Moon will choose 5 for you to vote on here (blog). We'll post them on Tuesday, January 29th. Voting goes until January 31st.

The button with the most votes will be our new button for 2013. The designer receives a $100.00 dollar Gift Certificate. We'll use the button here on the RSC blog, on your blogs, on RAVELRY and we'll even make a hard copy one for us all to put on our knit bags. (Hard copy will not be in this shipment, for obvious reasons).







it works

I just printed out Tina's attachment for foot/sock measurements. I must be doing something right. Thanks all.
Donna in Scappoose

I am in and ready to STR

Yee ha I have done it and feel so proud of myself. I am not the best at this computer stuff but was determined to get it right my 8th year of STR. Thanks Paula, Debra, and Tina. Looking forward to 2013 and all your hard work. OTN are gloves for 9y/o granddaughter, STR Cables of Wrath wound but not yet started.
Donna in Scappoose

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It's January 3rd!!

You know what that means right? Sign ups for the 2013 edition of our sock club goes live tomorrow, January 4th.

Sign ups are Live tomorrow January 4th at 11:00 Pacific time which is our, fully caffienated and ready roll, time.

Are you excited?

We're seriously stoked.

Also... maybe just a tad nervous. This is our eigth year and I know I should be over the whole butterflies in the stomach thing but I'm just not.

We've been updating and testing for weeks now and are testing and proofing again today, just cause. As soon as I finish typeing this post it's off to remind Paypal of what's going down tomorrow and then I blieve we are all ready for our next journey.

We're starting of our knit trek this year in PDX with two locally talented designers Star Athena and Shannon Squire. Just wait til you see. I can't wait for you to see. Have I ever told you that the hardest part off all of this for me is keeping it a secret. It truly is!

We're really going to embrace our inner hipster with this shipment. (Hint... Hint!!)

Our very first contest starts next week a, Design the 2013 Notorious Sock Knitters blog button, contest. I'll post the details early next week.

(Hazel I wish you were here to hold my hand with a glass of red wine!)


tina and team blue moon





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November Errata

Celtic Knit Boot Topper:

On page 3, Row 6 reads as follows:
Row 6: K6, p4, k5, p2, k6, [p4, p2] 1 (2, 3) times, k4, p2, k5, p4, k6, p4, k6, p4, k5, p2, k6, [p4, p2] 1 (2, 3) times, k4, p2, k5, p4, k6.
The highlighted instruction should be k2.

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Foot Survey

Here is Kate Atherly's Foot Survey that I mentioned in the Dyer's Notes. Kate is kind enough to share this research she did on foot sizing and socks.

I have (hopefully, keep fingers crossed) added it here as an attachment. I'm pressing save to see if it works and telling you this cause you're going to see it anyway. Finger crossed!

It's how we roll in technically challenged land.

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