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 This morning Paula asked me to post to ask if you had any address changes and if you do, could please get them to her as soon as possible.

 We plan on shipping early next weekend before the holiday hits here. 

Also if you have not used your 15% off coupon now is your chance. It does expire on December 1st. You can find that code on the last page of Januaries Dyer's Notes.

 I've been trying for about 30 minutes to figure out a clue to send and am a bit stumped. Mostly because I have succumbe to the plague that has been making it's rounds here and my head is not happy.  I have not given up but I do know when to walk away,make a cup of tea and have a good think about it or...a nap.  The nap might win today.

In the meantime I give you this bit of sillieness. It made me laugh and laugh and laugh. 


PS: here's the link if the video clip id not showing for you. 

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This and that...

A few things I wanted to discuss with you all.

First a humble aplogy about the Dyer's Notes being printed upside down on the back pages. We did not notice this until they were all packed and shipped which is my error.( Sorry!) We are not going to repring and resend. I would if it was the patterns. Our printers humbly apologize for the oversight. We've used them from the very beginning and this is their one and only error, so I think we can let them off the hook for it.

We are coming up on our 9th year of the club.  Everytime I think about this it leaves me kind of awed. Nine years is a long time. Thats a whole lot of knitting!! I feel like it's time to shake things up a bit.

Here's what I was thinking. I would like to switch things up a bit designer-wise and organizationally. I want to bring Sandi Rosner our tech editor in on more of the bits and pieces that need organized and tending so I'm freed up for more of the creative parts. I also would like to open the door to more and more designers.

So we thought that we would go old school and send out calls for designs. Work up mood boards put the links to them on the RAV design boards and accept submissions.  I love this idea!! It has me working more with my team more which I love. It aslo brings in some fresh air which is always exciting. 

What does this mean for you? Well I think there are two issues I need your input on.

1. There will be mood boards out there which you might happen across. It will not have the colorway or the designs we choose, just the flavor. So you need to consider how you would feel if you ran across one. 

2. You will not know who the designers are when you sign up for next year. We might know a few but not all by a long shot.  Which given how lives have chaged this year might not be such a bad thing. This is that place where you trust my and my teams ability to put together a wonderful cohesive knit package. 

So my lovelies what do you think? I would love and need your input on this.

ok next...

 We are having Camp in 2014. Hear that Mya? Camp!!! Yippy! We can make you Dr. of Socks.

I will post seperately about all of the detials and back story next week. In the meantime go here and see where Dana (She found Port Ludlow for me.) found for us to be campers at.  CAMP  I went up and got the tour last month and it is almost like teyt built it just for us. You're going to love it.  I'm stoked!!

 Now a few thoughts about color.

The instigator of this color chat is that I recieved one of the rudest emails I think have ever gotten about this years color selection. Evidently I have sent you nothing but ugly skeins of yarn month after month after month. 

Evidently I should be sending out only bright in your face hues or dreamy soft pastel ones. And while I am sure that those kind of colorways would make some of you happy for the whole year. I know for a fact that there would be others that would be terribly unhappy. 

One of the most challenging parts of my job is making sure the year is balanced in colorway selection and that these colorways work with the designs.  We now have quite a number of men in the club and I can promise you that they are not looking for a year of soft feminine colorways. There are quite a few NSK's that would love a shaded solid only club. I know most of the designers feel that way. There are those of us who would like everything to have blue in it and those who hate blue. I feel like my job is to make as many of you hapy as I can. 

I know that a lot of us knit the colorways that don't exactly make our heart sing for those that we know it will make happy.  This club has always been and will be about stretching our color and knitting boundaries. Which includes mine by the way.  Because of all of you I have learned to see color more globally. When I think of creating colorways for you I think about if it works with the pattern? Will the designer like it enough to be inspired? Have I sent anything out like it before? Does it tell the story I want to tell? Does this hue add to and balance out the year? Will my dyers be able to replicate it hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and...  of times. Will they want to hurt me for making them dye this colorway all those times? (It's been close a few times.) 

I learned from you that not everyone will like every colorway I send out. I have learned to be ok with that. I have said it before and I will say it again there is no way to make this many people happy with one colorway. Color is so personal and therefore subjective. I do not take it personally when someone expresses their dislike over a hue, because it is not about me, it is about them.

If you want to email me and express your dislike and even unhappiness I am fine with that. I am not fine with beign attacked. I am not fine with rudeness. We are knitters and I believe we are better than that. 


While we are talking about this years hues. I want to say for those of you who are lovingly concerned about me that yes,  I am approproately sad and grieving. I think I have been clear about being sad. That said, my sadness has nothing to do with the colorways you've recieved this year. What I said above is what has to do with what you have recieved this year. Do you know that last year I got feedback that there were to many bright and saturated colorways.

  Please know my dear NSK's if my sadness played into the color part of my life you'd all be getting white yarn. Not that there's anything wrong with white yarn. Wink worries I would never ever send you white yarn. There would be color on it somewhere. 

~ Whew this is a long post.~

So we are getting ready to start a new year. Is there anything you'd like to see? Super heroes? Circus tricks? Belly dancing designers?  If we all decide the mood boards for designers is a go. You could have some input into that too if you like. Maybe a mood board game or contest. That would be all kinds of fun.

Before I sign off and go try to fix a technical thing I know absolutely nothing about.(Be afraid. We should all be afraid.)  I  got another email this week from one of you lovelies. I get quite a few actually and enjoy the notes from my sock club family. This one had me almost falling of my chair laughing. It basically said, " I have not received my sock club package yet even though the tracking shows it shipped on the 8th. It headed somewhere not near to where I am. Not even close. I wish you all need to get USPS to give you better service".  I agreed with her and told her so. See? It's funny. I told our postal carrier (who is lovely) and she roared with laughter. 

And while this gave all of us a good laugh it is also sad that this is where our postal system is at. Obviously not run by knitters. So maybe that's one hting we ad to our list for next year. 

Ok I have more but am going to give us all a breal. I'll post again next week with my Orphan Raven name choice. You made it hard. There are some fabulous ones. I might have to make some more ravens.

oh... I promised Paula that I would start reminding you about your discount. It expires soonish.

Have a lovely weekend all!


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A small simple hint.

 And here's the ink just in case this does not show fro everyone.

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Hello all,

I was going to post something a week ago but then my sick friend took a turn for the worse and normalcy stopped. 

Normalcy aside, it is September and time for the September edition of the sock club. Those of you who have been in the club for awhile know about the September Sock Club Curse. I don't know what it is about the September shipment that makes it virtually impossible to get out on time. No matter how well we plan or what precautions we take this shipment is always late. Sometimes it's the yarn, sometimes, the design, once. it was both and once. it was me (I fell and hit my head and had a severe concussion). 

I will tell you what this one is in the dyer's notes becuase it is a tale and I don't really have it in me to do it justice right this moment.

Our shipment with go out starting October 6th. 

I am sorry it's this late! But other than sort of sacrifice to the knit gods or goddesses I am at a loss.

I want to take a moment to thank all of you that has sent so much lloving kindness during the past few months. It means a lot!

I have some wonderful news that we'll talk about soon!

I will leave you with a very small hint for this month.





ps the name suggestion for our ear orphan fledge are wonderful. I'll make a decision next week.


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Orphan Fledge needs a name!

 Happy Friday NSK's. I am assuming we all have out July kits and are ready to give our orphan a name.

You've had time to sit with it and knit with it and get a feel for our Raven Fledge who needs a name. Keep in mind that this is a Raven. It needs some umph and personality and maybe a story. Maybe go to the website and read about the other Ravens for a clue.

In the comment section of this post please put your guess and maybe a thought or two as to why and on September 14 I will pick a winner.  I was going to let everyone vote but the Ravens are really close to my heart and I think i need to have the last say on this one. The prize is this colorway in a skein of wnatever yarn base your heat desires of ours.

 While we are all voting here is something to make you smile.

 If the video is not showing for you here on the blog here is the link to see it.

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Yo Hazel!

 Hey lovey have you gotten yuor package yet? Everyone gotten their shipemtns so we can play our colorway name game?

Are we good to go?


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We're shipping!!

July pdf's are up!!

We are shipping today and tomorrow. So don't worry if you didn't recieve a notice today. We're in process!  

If you have any trouble with the accessing your pdf's please so ask us for help. 

This video is not really a hint but it is quite wonderful. It's the Starland Vocal Band whom I worked with a bit in one of my former selves when I was in my 20's. In this performance they are standing probably in Georgetown. Behind them you can see the C&O canal.

Ahh..the 70's. Gotta love the hair!

I hope everyone is enjoying thier summer!

Stay tuned cause when I think everyone has gotten their yan it's time to name our skein.



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Hint at the very last moment

It's a good one though!


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Baby Sister is finally here!

After how many years of promising a spinnng club we are here!!

Brand spanking new Rockin' Whorl Club.

Seriously excited!

PS: Thank you NSK's!! Seriously!!Smile

PPS: It won't let me link so check out the homepage of the BMFA site.



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thank you!

Hello! I do like James Taylor 'Up on the Roof'. Sometimes a song is played at just the right moment. My new sock parcel arrived today in NZ. What a gorgeous colourway. Thank you! And as we approach the depths of winter, I can only think of you who are enjoying summer. Be warm naturally, instead of lugging wood to light a fire!
Happy knitting - it is a lovely winter thing to do (but I don't bother the season, any time is good)

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