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Address changes anyone???


Well it is that time again. I do not know how it is already the end of March but here we are.

If you have any address changes Paula would LOVE it if you could get them to her before she prints the shipping labels on Monday.

We will be closing down sign-ups after this shipment so if you have been waititng for the very last minute we are there.

I have not forgotten the blog button. We will put that up in a few days and also have a contest cause it is sooo time!

The barn is full to birmming with this months colorway. It's so pretty! I am so excited about this one since it's kind of magical. It has given me the opportunity to reread one of my favorite series. So much fun!

okay. It is late and I need to get some sleep but I promised Paula that I would ask for address changes before tomorrow.

Yeah last minute Tina here.

Hope everyone is well and happily knitting!


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Superbowl Colors

Okay I can honestly say that I have never typed that on any blog post anywhere. Needless to say I am not a huge football fan. I mean I can enjoy a game or two but that is about as far as it goes for me.

So I had no idea that this was happening this Sunday.

You see it right?

Our January colorways right there in the two teams ( Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers)  that are playing this weekend.

I'm thinking this means we might need a cast-on day this Sunday. It has to mean something this sporty color kismet. Right?

Alright then off to bed for me... .

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Accessing your pdf's!

A few things...

In order to access your pdf's you'll need to log in here with your Rockin' Sock Club log-in info NOT your Blue Moon one. They are two different entities.

Please do read the dyer's note. They are chock full of information anf fun including your 20% discount coupon code.

Please keep in mind that as we stated on the RSC homepage, in the blog, in the November dyer's notes and in an email we sent before sing-ups ~ the patterns & dyers notes are electronic (pdf's) only, which allows us to offer things like 660 yards of yarn for the January kit!

To all of you joing us for the very first time we welcome you as only knitters can! To our returnging NSK's welcome home!!!

We hope you enjoy January's package as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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January pdf's are up!

 Good morning my lovelies!!

January pdf's are up and we are shipping out your packages today.


The lucky winners of the last foot of our sign-up contest are:

8816 KT Eisler

8740 Ann Wakeman

8684 Ann Stroup

8509 Hazel Smith

Congratulations all!!!  We will ship out your calenders to you next week.

A note to those that won the travel mugs. We have them on back order. If you would like a regular mug instead please let us know. Those are in stock.

I hope you all enjoy what we cooked up for you this month and that you have as much fun knitting them as we did creating them.

Happy Knitting NSK's

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Adress changes anyone???

  Hello my lovelies,

We are printing the shipping labels tomorrow morning so we need any address changes you might have today.

Also if you have been waiting until the very last minute to sign up before the first shipment leaves us and heads out to you then this is that minute!

I owe you 4 contest winners on our last Sign-up contest for those lovely calenders of Gail's. I will post them tomorrow when Paula is here becuase she is our random drawer person and she is out today.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Wednesday! 

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Our second to last sign-up contest winners are...

Sorry! I am a day late on this. Feeling a bit under the weather.

Without further ado, our three colorway travel cup winners are:

Pamela Vrooman   #8688

Kathy Gillard    #8440

Kristen Rover   #8419

Congratulations ladies!!  If you contact Paula at she will set you up with your prize!

Okay one more to go before we ship next week.

Paula asked that I mentioned somehting here about address changes. If you have a change of address if you could let us know before next week that would be great.

Also has everyone redeemed their gift certificates? If not now is the time. If you need help just yell we will gladly assist.

Hope everyone is well and keeping warm!

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Sign-up Contest round 2 winners.

Yay!!! It is Friday.

I don't know about you but I am beyond ready for the weekend.

Okay without further ado here are the winners:

8751  Dianne Peterson

8496  Cristi Payne

I am pretty excited about this because these two NSK's have been in the sock club forever and I have met them both in real live person and well... it is just going to be all kinds of fun.

Congratulations ladies. I hope you are excited about this prize. I sure am!

Okay onto the next round where we'll have not 1, or 2 even, but 3 winners.

If you have yet to sign-up and you want to be part of the first shipment at the end of January we need you to do so soon. We are skeining and dyeing our little hearts away.

If you are on the fence and need a small nudge I will say that based on what we are planning given our new found shipping weight freedom this is not the year to miss. Wink

Have a great weekend my friends. I a planning on lots of Bowie listieng and Alan Rickman movie watching. Such a sad week!

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2nd Sign-ups contest deadline is drawing near.

Good Monday NSK's!! 

 Because life is kinda of crazy busy and things can slip our minds I am sending this reminder that our next drawing is end of day tomorrow.

So, my friends if you have yet to sign-up for the wonder of RSC 2016 and you want your socks in the ring for a chance at the next prize then the time is now.

I am especially excited about this one. I love color collaborating and the chance to work with 2 of my very own NSK's is definitley one of my favorite things.

I do not know why I have not thought of this before. Silly depraveDyer!

Have a lovely day!

I am off to the barn where we will be listening to the brilliance of David Bowie all day.

RIP Ziggy Stardust.

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Our 1st 2016 Winner of random goodness is....

Good morning my lovelies!

Before I get started with my dye day I wanted to let you know that the winner of our 1st "Random Goodness" drawing is....

Order #8443 Dawn Z!!!!!!

Yay Dawn!! You win this years membership on us.

Wrangler of all things sock club sign-up, the wonderful Paula, is not in today but you will be getting a refund for your membership from us early next week!

Congratulations. Welcome back and thank you for being one of our beloved NSK's!


Okay our next random drawing date is Tuesday the 12th. We will choose at the end of the day on Tuesday. There are two winners this time and you win color collaboration time with me. I promise that this is loads of fun!!!

Have a great weekend NSK's!

Stay warm. It is still freezing cold here. Thank the powers that be for wool eh?

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Ist Sign up Contest Drawing

Good Morning NSK's!!!  Holy cow it is cold here. Frozen solid!

Besides being cold today is the 6th and our 1st Sign-ups contest deadline. We will give everyone til the end the of the day. So if you still want to sign up to be eligable for this prize then now is the time!!

A little January tease: I have our test knits for January on my kitchen table for photography and such and my super picky daughters were entralled. Seeing the glint in both of their eyes I decided to take them off the kitchen table and hide them away.

You are sooooo going to love these. I am super duper excited!  Laughing

Okay off to make new colorways. Considering a Dalek series.

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