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Our second to last sign-up contest winners are...

Sorry! I am a day late on this. Feeling a bit under the weather.

Without further ado, our three colorway travel cup winners are:

Pamela Vrooman   #8688

Kathy Gillard    #8440

Kristen Rover   #8419

Congratulations ladies!!  If you contact Paula at she will set you up with your prize!

Okay one more to go before we ship next week.

Paula asked that I mentioned somehting here about address changes. If you have a change of address if you could let us know before next week that would be great.

Also has everyone redeemed their gift certificates? If not now is the time. If you need help just yell we will gladly assist.

Hope everyone is well and keeping warm!

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Sign-up Contest round 2 winners.

Yay!!! It is Friday.

I don't know about you but I am beyond ready for the weekend.

Okay without further ado here are the winners:

8751  Dianne Peterson

8496  Cristi Payne

I am pretty excited about this because these two NSK's have been in the sock club forever and I have met them both in real live person and well... it is just going to be all kinds of fun.

Congratulations ladies. I hope you are excited about this prize. I sure am!

Okay onto the next round where we'll have not 1, or 2 even, but 3 winners.

If you have yet to sign-up and you want to be part of the first shipment at the end of January we need you to do so soon. We are skeining and dyeing our little hearts away.

If you are on the fence and need a small nudge I will say that based on what we are planning given our new found shipping weight freedom this is not the year to miss. Wink

Have a great weekend my friends. I a planning on lots of Bowie listieng and Alan Rickman movie watching. Such a sad week!

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2nd Sign-ups contest deadline is drawing near.

Good Monday NSK's!! 

 Because life is kinda of crazy busy and things can slip our minds I am sending this reminder that our next drawing is end of day tomorrow.

So, my friends if you have yet to sign-up for the wonder of RSC 2016 and you want your socks in the ring for a chance at the next prize then the time is now.

I am especially excited about this one. I love color collaborating and the chance to work with 2 of my very own NSK's is definitley one of my favorite things.

I do not know why I have not thought of this before. Silly depraveDyer!

Have a lovely day!

I am off to the barn where we will be listening to the brilliance of David Bowie all day.

RIP Ziggy Stardust.

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Our 1st 2016 Winner of random goodness is....

Good morning my lovelies!

Before I get started with my dye day I wanted to let you know that the winner of our 1st "Random Goodness" drawing is....

Order #8443 Dawn Z!!!!!!

Yay Dawn!! You win this years membership on us.

Wrangler of all things sock club sign-up, the wonderful Paula, is not in today but you will be getting a refund for your membership from us early next week!

Congratulations. Welcome back and thank you for being one of our beloved NSK's!


Okay our next random drawing date is Tuesday the 12th. We will choose at the end of the day on Tuesday. There are two winners this time and you win color collaboration time with me. I promise that this is loads of fun!!!

Have a great weekend NSK's!

Stay warm. It is still freezing cold here. Thank the powers that be for wool eh?

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Ist Sign up Contest Drawing

Good Morning NSK's!!!  Holy cow it is cold here. Frozen solid!

Besides being cold today is the 6th and our 1st Sign-ups contest deadline. We will give everyone til the end the of the day. So if you still want to sign up to be eligable for this prize then now is the time!!

A little January tease: I have our test knits for January on my kitchen table for photography and such and my super picky daughters were entralled. Seeing the glint in both of their eyes I decided to take them off the kitchen table and hide them away.

You are sooooo going to love these. I am super duper excited!  Laughing

Okay off to make new colorways. Considering a Dalek series.

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Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year NSKs!



Can you keep a secret for a few days??  

We have made Sock Club sign-ups live  just for you, our Notorious Sock Knitters. We thought it would be fun and special to do this before opening up our little club for everyone on Monday.

We are also going to have some fun during sign-ups since this is the year of our favorite things and one of mine is games and contests.

As one of my favorite Doctors (Dr. Seuss) says, "Oh the places you'll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all."
- Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Our sign-up fun and games!

We are going to give out weekly prizes based on sign-up dates until our first shipment.

We are still brainstorming the prizes and such, so check the sock club blog for more details. It will go something like this:

If you sign-up before:
January 6th - we will randomly choose from all of those sign-ups, 1 lucky NSK to win a free membership. (Yes, we will just reimburse you.)
January 12th - we will randomly choose from all of those sign-ups, 2 lucky NSKs to win a chance to work with me (depraveDyer) on colorway creation.
January 20th - we will randomly choose from all of those sign-ups, 3 lucky NSKs to win a one of our lovely colorway travel mugs (depraveDyer)
January 25th - we will randomly choose from all of those sign-ups, 4 lucky NSKs to win a stunning calendar by our very own Gail Marracci
I know...great fun!

**We humbly ask that you please make sure that when you sign up you are using your Rockin' Sock Club username and password NOT your Blue Moon one.

***If you have a gift certificate, we ask that you wait until Monday when Paula is sitting at her desk to help with those if need be. Since it is the weekend, there is no one at the office to answer the phone, so please email if you need anything and we will get back to you on Monday.

Happiest of New Years to you, our dear Notorious Sock Knitters!

Tina and Team Blue Moon

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The final package... and a contest


It's on its way, folks, the final package of the year. You know what they say about the Postal Carrier? "Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Well, I'm thinking the BlueMoonies deserve a saying like that to be written about them, because, even though many circumstances beyond our control have tried their darndest to interfere, the final Rockin' Sock Club packages of the year are right now heading toward you. Yay!

In two of these final packages there is a "Golden Ticket," if you will. Well, not a Golden Ticket, per se, but some Black-and-White Floops Stitch Markers. They are loose in the package, so make sure you check your package thoroughly when it arrives. If you do have these very different-than-normal stitch markers, you are one of our two winners! Yippie! You win one of the new 10th Anniversary-themed mugs we have in our shop on Cafepress. It's awesome- - a fantastic trip through the last ten years of RSC color names, plus a great vessel in which to house your coffee or tea (or whatever else you enjoy sipping on while knitting socks). 


Just send an email to if you find these special Floops, to claim your prize. And, even if you aren't the winner, you can treat yourself to a piece of Blue Moon Swag - check out the whole Cafepress store. There are many things that you will want. Heck, there are many things that I want.

And thanks so much to Floops for donating these special stitch markers!


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As we get closer to the end of this Tenth Anniversary Year, Tina and I have talked a lot about this past decade. She asked me to recount my first year with the Rockin' Sock Club, and I was only too happy to oblige. We'd absolutely LOVE to hear your stories, too - please please share with us.

Waaay back in the day, I worked at the Portland VA hospital, for a mental health education program, doing administration and project management. That's where I first became smitten with knitting - I had done loads of crafting in my past, and had even dabbled in knitting, but it was at the VA, with the women I met and knitted with, that my dabbling became a lifestyle. 

We had a group that would meet on Fridays at lunchtime in our conference room. Gail was in the group, and Gail, as many of you know, is one of Tina's long-time besties. She's also a sock-knitting machine. Her Rockin' Toe-Up Sock Pattern and careful tutelage inspired my sock-knitting obsession. She also introduced me (and many of us in that Friday lunch-time group) to the joys and the wonders that are Blue Moon yarns. 

Side story: I remember the first skein of STR that I ever purchased. It was at this little fiber festival in Oregon City, at a place called the Grange. It was Socks that Rock Lightweight in Olive Garden. Later that year, I purchased MORE. I got STR LW again, this time in Sedona. I made a Kiri (do you remember that shawl pattern? It was ALL the rage for a while). I was hooked. Hundreds of skeins later, I am still hooked.

So, back to the club. One day, Gail came to work, breathless. Tina was starting a sock club. Our hearts all went pitter-patter. YES! We noted the date it was to hit the streets. I believe she was planning on limiting sign-ups to 200 people. We all ignored our work and refreshed our computer screens again and again, in order to ensure we were some of those lucky few who would be a part of this club designed all around our favorite past-time: sock knitting. 

WE GOT IN! All of us. It was amazing. And then we had to wait. But, that wait was worth it. 

Fast-forward to January 2006. The first kit arrived. And it was glorious. We all ooh'ed and aaah'ed like crazy, and casted our first-ever sock club socks on together. As a matter of fact, in the dyer's notes for the second-ever kit, there is a photo of our group's Cedar Creek socks. No joke. Isn't that awesome?

I dug my binder out of storage and spent a lovely afternoon taking a trip down memory lane - looking at the notes and extras and goodies and pages from those first few years. 


I also dug out a few of my first-year socks. The very first ones, Cedar Creek, are the green-and-brown, in Rainforest Jasper. The pink-and-grey ones are Marble Arches, in Pink Granite.

So, how about you? Do you have a Rockin' Sock Club story?

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Tuesday Trivia - now with winning info!


Yay, Amelie, who correctly answered short-sided seam. Although my crafting is sometimes short-SIGHTED, my seams never are. Or something.

Thanks to all of you for chiming and, and making this Trivia series so much fun. And, Happy Holidays to everyone. Make sure you take some time to sniff the yarn/smell the roses/taste the chocolate during this busy and sometimes hectic time of year.


This time of year, there's a flurry of activity for crafty folk - gotta get those socks knitted for our loved ones, gotta make some cookies, gotta craft, gotta make, gotta decorate. It's wonderful, and frenetic sometimes, and it just plain makes a maker feel good to do these things.

I, for one, am super multi-craftual, and get quite obsessed quite frequently. My favorite non-knitting crafty thing right now is sewing garments. Mainly for me, because I've been feeling kinda selfish, craftily, lately, but I'm right this minute sewing a dress for my oldest. She's been asking. And asking. And asking.

I'm learning all kinds of things, which is great, and humbling. In fact, seams have been a great topic of conversation among my crafty friends. Which brings me, for the final time this year, to the Tuesday Trivia query: Which of the following is NOT a type of seam or stitch used in sewing?

A. French seam

B. Straight seam

C. Flat-fell seam

D. Short-sided seam

E. Lapped seam

First to answer gets, no, not a dress sewn by me, but the badge of trivia honor!!! Yeehaw!

And, I'm sharing a photo of the dress I made the other day - I looove new crafty obsessions!



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All the things are live!

Rockin' Sock Club 2016 is up and you can purchase gift certificates! I am soooooo excited about this year. So much yarn! So much color! So many possibilities! Just you wait. You are going to flip when you see the January shipment.

Also if you did not notice already we put the pdf's up for your perusal on Tuesday. I know it is hard to tell from the pictures but this colorway is so very rich that being in the barn while it is hanging form the rafters is just so comforting and grounding. It makes me want a sweater out of it. I love it!

It's so interesting each time we dye the sock club how that colorway effects everyone in the barn. It's every from being painted on the dye tables, to hanging from the rafters drying, waititng in pile to be bundled and then again, bundled in bins waiting to be tagged and bagged. There have been a few, like Electric Koolaid Acid Test that were so bright that the energy in the barn just vibrated with it. We'll have to discuss more about the frequency of color this year.

Speaking of our colorways. What do you think of Cassie's Colorway graphic? Do you love it?

As promised ,we put it on all kinds ofthings on Cafe Press so do check our swag shop out there. If we did not put  that graphic on somehting you would like to see it on then do please let us know! We also put someof our other graphics ther too and the same hold true for those.

We're sending out an email this am announcing that the sock club iinfo for next year is up and that you can purchase gift certificates.

Also we are having a Blue Moon Holiday Party which you can read all about and RSVP to on our facebook page. If you are in the area do come. we are going to have sooo much fun.

Okay my lovelies! Have a wonderful weekend!

I am off to the barn to try out a new dye idea I had last night.

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