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Finally got the nerve

I finally got the guts to sign up last night.  It was just pushing that last button.  Although i have been drooling to join for over two years.  Finally did it, now i can't wait!!  I will be tackling my mailman every day that last week of January utnil i get my first delivery.  Look out mailman!  Kim T <><

First-time NSK

I learned how to knit in 2008, specifically to learn how to knit socks. And in the two years that I have been knitting, I have knit socks for many other people, but none for myself. So, 2010 is all about knitting socks for myself!  Couldn't wait to join the club -- very excited!

4th Year

I'm super excited about this year.  I have loved the past years shipments and I'm sure that this year will be just as wonderful. 

christmas stocking problem

Hi guys

There are some amazing knitters on this site

- I worked on the christmas stocking by Anna Zilboorg - and when it came to the corner of the heel - I somehow created these holes which were so ugly that I could not continue.  

2nd Year Veteran

Hello fellow NSK!   Last year was so much fun and yarny goodness that I couldn't wait for another year!  Cool   Thanks to Tina for creating a great club!

Back again for another year

Just wanted to say hi, glad to be here for another year.

'Nother first timer

I've been drooling over the Blue Moon fibers for a couple years now, and finally decided to take the plunge and do the club.

I'm so excited!  And hope that I can keep up.

Another first timer

. . . and happy to be here. I'm looking forward to new colors and new socky ideas.

Hi - first timer and happy to be part of the moony madness

Hi - Margie here. 

I shouldn't really be purchasing MORE yarn. However, I am!

Not much to say, except that I have loved the Blue Moon colorways from afar for a couple of years.


Happy to join....

Yay! Me too me too!

One more year of Blue Moony goodness, coming my way.  wahoo!

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