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Yay! Me too me too!

One more year of Blue Moony goodness, coming my way.  wahoo!

First Year for Me

I've thought about doing this for a couple of years now, but always seemed to get to it too late. Not this year, though... a girl has to have her priorities! Looking forward to my first year of the club.

Another Veteran!

5 years of wonderful, sproingy, incredibly colorful yarn!

A stash that I could open an LYS with!

Wonderful socks that my girls and I heart with wild abandon!

And this year, I get to completely embarrass them in PUBLIC!!!!

My life is complete!

5 years....

Hey there! It's Cece, in for yet another year of my favorite yarn. I dont think I'll be knitting the kits up right away like I used to in the olden days - now that I have a one year old and a newborn.... but I need to have the yarn!

I'm also hoping hoping hoping to go to camp and bring little Maggie with me - but it will depend on the dates. Here's hoping it's the first week in April!

First Timer

First year of many more to follow!!!  So excited!!!

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Takin' it to the Streets

...and we are live.

Woo Hooo and  WELCOME to the new Rockin' Sock Club® Takin' it to the Streets  leg of out World Domination Tour.

Welcome also to our new sock club management system. I love sayng that and for some odd reason even after this many years it makes it seem more official somehow. Me to bankers, " Yeah  well our club has a management system. What do you think of that eh?"  Maybe we can even throw in a naa naa just because.

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Third Year!

This is my 3rd year, and I am so excited to be back! Can't wait for that first package!

Back again!

I'm back again for my 5th year!  Can't wait to see the new and exciting yarns and patterns!

I'm a newbie!

I'm so excited to be participating in this year's Rockin' Sock Club! it is my first year, and I am looking forward to all of the yummy socks I'll be knitting with you guys!

I'm in for another Year

I'm signed up for another wonderful year with the Rocking Sock Club.  So glad to once again be part of this group and looking forward to yummy yarn, amazing patterns and dyer's notes.  


Happy New Year everybody!!!

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