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Technologically challenged to say the least!!!!

I've just spent the last 20 minutes trying to change my photo. Obviously, although I have 2 degrees in English, I still can't read. I t finally happened. If poor Val Champ is trying to follow the instructions I gave her, she's in for a long anf frustrating evening.

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January Playlist

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I've now knit 14 pair of wearable socks-that's lifetime output, so I was very unsure about having the requisite skills for joining this illustrious group. However, here I am and waiting anxiously for my first kit. Today, Sunday January 17th, I inadvertently found this site. I obviously need computer help as well as knitting help since 13 days expired between my joining the club and finding the RSC blog page. 2010 is going to be a learning year in more ways than one. Back to the latest sock-numer 2 of pair 15. Cheers and red wine!

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I finally did it!

After much budgeting, discussion and self-coercion to do something for myself for a change I am finally here! I've been wanting to join for the last two years or so, since I started getting serious about knitting (and by serious I mean buying a real, live blocking board--sooo expensive!) and I'm so excited to get started! I haven't knit many pairs of socks yet, so I'm really looking forward to the challenges coming my way this year! YAY for knitting socks!  

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Ok, I signed up! I don't know what I'm doing, or what I'm supposed to do… but here I am… hoping it's fun!

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Camp Cattywampus

We are very busy putting the final touches on our plan and website for this year's Sock Camp, Camp Cattywampus. (We just love the name.) This year we're using a new, streamlined system for signups (almost the same as sock club) and we're almost ready. We know you need to start planning, so here's a sneak preview (don't click on the links- they won't work) just to give you a starting place. We expect the site to go live for sign-ups late next week, but we'll give you 48 hours notice so you'll know when it is. Space is limited, but with two sessions (and lots of great teachers and big fun) we expect to make a lot of knitters happy.

We still have some spots left in both Sessions of Camp so we will be opening it up to the general Sock knitting public ( can't tell you how much I love saying the general sock knitting public) Friday January 29th

Back after a Hurricane Ike disaster

I was a member in 2007 and still had some of my beautiful yarn and instructions from that year. Then Hurricane Ike flooded my house with 5 feet of water and I lost all my stash along with everything else. We have spent 2009 relocating. So with renewed hope for the future, I am ready to be a part of the 2010 Rockin' Sock Club.

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This ismy first year in the Rockin Sock Club and I'm totally excited. As you can see from two pictures I've knit a some socks. I ran into some bad sock juju last summer and couldn't seem to get them to fit me right or anyone right for that matter so I took a break. I'm looking forward to the RSC to get me back in the groove!


How many of us are here for our 5th year?

I can't imagine a year now without Tina and the Rockin' Sock Club!  Laughing

Finally got the nerve

I finally got the guts to sign up last night.  It was just pushing that last button.  Although i have been drooling to join for over two years.  Finally did it, now i can't wait!!  I will be tackling my mailman every day that last week of January utnil i get my first delivery.  Look out mailman!  Kim T <><

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