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Tuesday Trivia #17


Yay, MelKnitsInOly - you are the Queen of Fall!

Congrats on your correct answer - it is the Glucose in leaves that causes that gorgeous and vibrant red color to manifest itself in the Fall.


Ahh, Fall. The knitter's season. Sure, we knit all year round, but it's in the Fall that we really feel the need to knit in our bones, isn't it? So many beautiful yarns and projects and gifts to be made. Plus, the weather turns into that perfect snuggle-under-a-blanket-with-a-hot-cup-of-tea-and-knit weather. It's no wonder that it's the preferred season for many a knitter.

As we stroll around our respective home bases and drink in the beauty that is Fall, let's talk leaves. Specifically leaves that change color. And more specifically, leaves that change to red.

What substance trapped in a leaf after photosynthesis stops for the year causes the leaf to turn red in response to cooler temperatures and shorter days?

A. Water

B. Glucose

C. Carbon Dioxide

C. Oxygen

D. Hydrogen

The first one to answer correctly gets the Trivia Tuesday badge of super smart honor.

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Trivia Tuesday #16 - now with winning info

Wow. I can't believe a whole week went by and I neglected to update this trivia post. I am so sorry, particularly to our winner Denise, who correctly guessed that there is no such thing as Trim Your Toenails Day, or at least if there is, it's NOT in September. 



As hard as it is to believe, we're firmly rooted in September. The ninth month. The last quarter of the year 2015. This is the month school is in session for almost everyone in our hemisphere, the month the fifth Rockin' Sock Club shipment ships, and the month the leaves finally begin to turn and fall. 

In the US, we have so many National Days that it's hard to keep track. August was full of National Raspberry Cream Pie Day (how in the world did I miss that? Adding to my 2016 calendar, National Mail Order Catalog Day, and my new personal favorite day ever, August 5th, aka National Underwear Day. 

But how about September? What special things can and should we celebrate this month? Today, for example, is National Another Look Unlimited Day, which, although a mouthful and kinda clunky to say, is a great idea. It's all about being green, and finding something we no longer have any use for and either recycling it, upcycling it, or donating it. I think I'm going to put this day in action, today.

Which of the following "National Days" are NOT actually celebrated in September?

1. National TV Dinner Day

2. National Trim Your Toenails Day

3. National Cream-Filled Donut Day

4. Talk Like a Pirate Day

5. National Crush a Can Day

The first person to correctly identify the day above that is NOT a nationally-celebrated day in September wins the Tuesday Trivia Badge. Good luck, and happy National Ants on a Log Day, everyone!

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Tuesday Trivia #15 - now with winning info!


Big congratulations to MelKnitsInOly, who correctly answered the query, that the Muppet Movie was NOT released in the same year as Grease.  She also stated that there were two correct answers, which is incorrect, but she was so close, and there was a revamp of Dawn of the Dead that was released more recently, so she's still a winner.

Another big congrats to Cynthia, who stated, correctly, that The Muppet Movie was released a year later, AND that the original Dawn of the Dead was released the same year as my beloved Grease. 

Yay to our Trivia Twosome, both of whom have the distinction of proudly displaying the TT badge of honor!


It's back to school time all over the land, and for some reason, it's got me thinking about Grease, the movie (I think it might have something to do with the song, Back to School Again, from Grease 2, but we'll gloss over the fact that I have all of the songs from that particular flop memorized). That, combined with the blissful Autumnal weather we're experiencing (FINALLY) here in the Pacific Northwest is seriously making me want to crawl under a soft quilt on my couch with some soothing STR stockinette socks and watch movies all day and all night. Ahhh...

Grease was released in 1978, and remains one of the highest-grossing musicals of all time. Henry Winker, aka Arthur Fonzerelli, aka "The Fonz," was originally offered the role of Danny. He turned it down to avoid being typecast. Not really sure that was his smartest choice, but, "hey," I coundn't imagine anyone other than Travolta as Danny, could you? I can't believe it's been 37 years since Grease's release. Woah. There were lots of fabulous and even iconic movies released about the same time. 

Which of these movies was NOT released the same year as Grease, 1978?

1. Superman

2. Animal House

3. The Muppet Movie

4. The Wiz

5. Dawn of the Dead

Remember, the first one with the correct answer wins the badge of trivia honor! Good luck!

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Anniversary Packages have Shipped!!!!

I am writing you from a hotel room in Lancaster PA where my oldest daughter, Rabia and I, are dropping off my youngest, Sophie, at college. My girls and I drove here from Oregon. We left last Saturday. It's been quite the week!

I wanted to take a minute to say we shipped!! So exciting!! I am sure you all know this already since you have gotten your shipping notices. Let's keep out fingers crossed that USPS does not get too creative in delivering them for they are indeed precious cargo!

We are super excited for you to see the bags.

We love them so much!!!!

We hope you love them too my notorious sock knitting friends!

Again a big round of knitterly thanks to Rebecca and her Queen Bee team for working with to create somehting special!

Happy knitting!!

Oh and Happy Anniversary to us all!!


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Tuesday Trivia #15 - now with winning info!


So great to hear about other people's fond memories of road tripping - there really isn't anything like it, is there? 

Congrats to Sandra Coco, who correctly guessed that the three US states with the most interstate mileage are Texas, California and Illinois! Texas has 17 routes with a total of 3,233 miles; California has 25 routes with a total of 2,455 miles and Illinois has 23 routes with a total of 2,169 miles. Woah. That's a lot of potential in-state driving.

We'll see you next Tuesday for another installment of Trivia Tuesday!


Tina's on a big road trip with her girls, so this week, we're going to concentrate on the open road.

I love road trips. Particularly if someone else is driving and I can knit away. There's nothing like seeing the world pass by as you snack on corn nuts and skittles, creating fabric with nothing but two sticks and some string...

It wasn't until the late 1930s that the first attempts to create an interstate highway system in America took place, and not until the 1950s that the building of the highways began. Now, it's hard to imagine the country without them. You can travel from practically anywhere TO practically anywhere fairly easily, which makes for some fantastic road trips. 

Today's Trivia Question: What three US states have the most interstate mileage within their borders? 


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Tuesday Trivia #14 - now with winning info!


Sorry for the delay in posting the winning info, everyone! The heat seems to have done things to my brain. I'm melting, seriously...

A big hearty congrats to Mary Fab, who correctly answered that zip codes were first instituted in 1963! Yeehaw, Mary - your badge is on its way to you!


In light of the -ahem- issues we've been experiencing, USPS-wise, we thought it'd be fun to ask a trivia question pertaining to that institution. Frustrating as it can be at times, is there anything more special than opening your mailbox to something beyond bills and junkmail. Like, for instance, your Rockin' Sock Club package. Whatever route it takes to arrive at your doorstep.

Didja know that the smallest US Post Office is just 61 square feet (in Ochopee, Florida)? I don't think all of the RSC packages could even FIT in there! Clinton is the most common Post Office name. The oldest PO to reside in the same building is in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, and it's been there since 1816. Wow. 

The Post Office was established in the 1700s. Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first Postmaster General by the Continental Congress in 1775.

Fascinating stuff, this USPS history. Our Tuesday Trivia question: what year were 5-digit Zip Codes, those indespensible numbers that organize our entire country, first instituted?

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Coupon Discount

Hello my lovelies! Happy Monday!!

So just a quick reminder that the 10% for the coupon code chages to 5% on Firday so if you've yet to use your code and want to take advantage of the 10% then now is the time!!

Have a great day!

If you need the code it is in the January Dyer's Notes

Okay so I'm an idiot. It does not change until the 15th. So you have a wee bit of time which is nice cause there will be new colorways this week. Some seriously cool ones if I do say so myself and it looks like I do! Smile


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USPS and the Where's Waldo aspect of package delivery! dear NSK's as some of you know, because you have experienced it first hand, we have a bit of an USPS issue with our First Class packages. It is worse this year then it has ever been. Some of them seem to go the most round-a-bout way possible to get to their final destination. And there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which packages this happens to.

It's crazypants, where some of these packages go before they end up at their knitters homes. Every time this happens we go to our post master and quite honestly are met with a different explanation every time. What these explanations do have in common is that there seems to be a problen at the PDX hub they go to once they leave Scappoose. It seems disorganized at best. I do not know if the buck is being passed around from Scappoose to PDX but recently Paula was told that they have an influx of new worker bees and they typed in the zip codes wrong.

Both Paula and I are having a hard time swallowing this explanantion, because all the packages leave here with a bar code. There should be no typing. WTH?? I am going to meet with the PDX post master and try to get to the bottom of this problem. It is not fun for any of us to have our packages delayed and to watch them circle the country before landing on our doorstep. Super frustrating, especially when all of your NSK friends are getting their packages.

I apologize to all of you that have this experience with your sock club shipment. Paula and I have fits when this happens. It's not pretty.

While I beat my head against the wall that is USPS for an answer to this issue, I thought maybe we could have a little fun. Why not right? If life gives you a lemons, also ask for sugar and play a game.

We can even start now.

It's an easy peasy game.

If your package took a longer time than normal to get to you then, log into your account and look at your tracking for the July shipment.

In the comments section here tell us how long it took to get to you and all the stops it made before it landed on your doorstep.

There will be a prize for the NSK whose package took the longest route to get to her.

There will be a prize for the knitter whose package had the most stops even if the route was short.

There will be a prize for the longest amount of time.

We will let this run for a couple of weeks because believe it or not there are some of us still waiting on our packages.

I know.

Thank you for your patience!

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Trivia Tuesday #13 - now with winning info!


Yay, Hazel! Cheers & wine to you, my dear, because you won!

The intensity of color in peridot depends on the amount of iron present in its chemical structure; the more iron it contains, the deeper green it will be. According to most sources I found, the most desirable color of peridot is deep olive-green with a slight yellowish tint. Deeper olive-green tones tend to be more valuable than lighter colored greens and yellowish-greens. That’s just fine – I want the BRIGHT ones anyway. :)

And, did you know that Blue Moon has a color inspired by peridot and the perfect accompaniment to it? Peridot and Periwinkle is available now. It's a color that's been around for a looooong time. Gorgeous!


We are knee- (or at least ankle-) deep in August, people! We're more than halfway through the 10th anniversary year of the Rockin' Sock Club, and Summer is nearing an end. School's are getting ready to start back up, the days are getting shorter, and leaves are beginning to crisp and think about falling. 

What is this eighth month of the year all about, anyway? Did you know that its original name was "Sextilus," which means "six," because it used to be the sixth month of a ten-month calendar? The birthstone is a peridot (oooh, green!), and the flower is a Gladiolus. So 'glad' to see the glads. Heehee.

According to some sources, the reason August has 31 days is because, when Augustus Caeser named the month after him, he wanted to be sure his month had as many days as Julius Caeser's month, July. So, days were stolen from poor little February, and August became a 31-day-er. No one knows if this is completely accurate, or just has become a part of August's legend.

Our question today has to do with that gorgeous August birthstone, Peridot. It's one of the only gemstones that comes in just one color - GREEN! The greens range from light lime to dark olive, and the intensity of color is determined by the amount of a specific mineral component. What mineral is it that causes a peridot to be a lighter or darker green?

The first to answer wins the Lightbulb badge!

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Tuesday Trivia #12 - now with winning info!


A big hearty congratulations to Mya, who answered first and correctly with 50 moons! According to many sources, approximately 50 moons would fit inside the Earth, if the Earth were hollow. I wouldn't want to be the person trying to shove all of those moons inside the Earth. Just sayin'.

You should all either have received or be receiving your berry lovely July yarn. Yay for Summer!


We just had our big Barn Sale and Dye Days, and, even though the temperature was about 10 degrees warmer than any of us wanted it to be, it was an amazing day. The looks on people's faces as they created their own colorways was priceless, and there was even an indigo dye-vat set up (I have to admit, I found myself quite obsessed). Tina did as Tina does, and indigo-dyed everything, including her hands. I joked that she was Smurfing out on us. Maybe she is...

One of the most remarkable things about the day, however, is that it occurred the day after an honest-to-goodness Blue Moon. Could that be any more perfect? 

I learned a lot about the moon because of this. Did you know that a blue moon is not actually blue? It's more a designation of full moon occurrence. A blue moon is the 13th full moon in a calendar year, OR the fourth full moon in a quarter-of-the-year seasonal cycle. It's also come to mean, semi-erroneously, the second full moon in a month. This photo was snapped at Blue Moon, where, blue or not, you can see the full moon very well. Gotta love a lack of light pollution.

Our trivia question today has to do with our beloved moon. If the Earth were hollow, how many moons would fit inside of it? Answer below, as quickly as you can (keeping in mind that there's a small bit of a range, so the first answer within 5 moons of the "proper" answer will win), and we'll see who wins the Trivia Lightbulb patch this week!

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