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Tuesday Trivia #5! - now with winning info!


Aahhhh.. those lovely and strange and sorta-kinda-creepy sea creatures. They live everywhere, NOT just in the Pacific.

Bobi is our 5th Trivia Tuesday Winner - yippie!!

We hope you enjoy your badge, Bobi, and thanks so much for playing. Speaking of playing, we also hope everyone is enjoying their latest shipments - I sure did enjoy wearing both designs for the photo shoot. Lovely work by our May designers.

I'm leaving you today with the strange and wacky head of the Nautilus, which functions similarly to a pinhole camera. Unlike its other Cephalapod friends and family, the Nautilus has pretty poor vision. In other words, it would not be able to appreciate the eye to detail (ha!) of our May designs. 


It's Summertime, and the living is easy.. or so Ella Fitzgerald sang so beautifully and eloquently. When I think of Summer in the Pacific Northwest, I think of the Pacific Ocean. Sea glass. Sea Stars. And most of all, sealife. One form of sealife that I find endlessly fascinating and beautiful are the Cephalapods. 

Which of the following is NOT a correct statement concerning Cephalapods?

1. All Cephalapods have a two-part beak.

2. Cepahalapods are only found in the Pacific Ocean.

3. Cephalapods are social creatures.

4. A Cephalapod is a mollusk.

As always, the first to correctly answer gets bragging rights AND a badge. I apologize for the late publication today - technical difficulties made posting a pain. 

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Trivia Tuesday #4 - now with winning info!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Now edited with winner's info!
Congratulations to TERRI G, who answered first and correctly with Olive Garden! Terri, I'll be sending your badge shortly.
A small personal story: Olive Garden was one of the first Blue Moon colorways I purchased, at the first Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival I ever went to. I got Olive Garden, Sedona, and Farmhouse. Three oh, so lovely examples of Tina's work. Ahh, memories...
Once again, I'll see you guys next Tuesday, for another installment of Trivia Tuesdays!
This week, we’re again reaching into the vault, but not for Sock Club colorways. No, this time, let’s just see how well you know Blue Moon’s non-RSC colors, why don’t we? Which of the following is an STR colorway that maybe hasn’t been around for a while:
  1.  Olive Garden
  2.  Crazy Like a Loon
  3.  So You Think You Can Dye
  4.  Pink is My Favorite Color
  5.  Can I Get a Red-Red
They all kind of sound like something Tina would come up with, don’t they? But there’s only one (for now) that is an actual colorway name. 
Remember, the first one to answer is the one who gets the prize, which is an electronic badge of Trivia Knowledge, and bragging rights. Because bragging rights are always awesome.
I’m traveling today, so I won’t be able to check in until the end of the day. Good luck, knitters!
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We are shipping!!!

 hello my lovelies!

We starting shipping yesterday and will finish up today!!

The pdf's are up.

I hope you all have a glorious weekend.

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Trivia Tuesday #3 - now with winning info!




Yippideedoh-dah! Heather is our winner with "Farmhouse." Now, my question to you is this: too easy? I know that I saw a list of all of the Sock Club colorways, and was suprised that I didn't remember that a few had initially been released as a part of the RSC. I guess Heather wasn't stumped, though, eh? 

I'll leave you with an image of the non-RSC but so amazingly gorgeous Farmhouse. I'm using this color in Yaksi Fingering right now, and it is amazeballs!

See you next Tuesday, for another installation of Trivia Tuesdays! 


Hold onto your hats, Notorious Knitters, because we're hopping into the wayback machine here for our third Trivia Tuesday. I'm going to ask you to reach into your Rockin' Sock Club mind-vault on this one, and NOT consult the handy-dandy list of colorway names that is easily accessible. It'll be a fun exercise in "how well do YOU know the RSC?"

Which of the following colors was NOT initially introduced as a colorway in the Rockin' Sock Club? 

1. Muddy Autumn Rainbow

2. Farmhouse

3. Flower Power

4. Tide Pooling

5. Mustang Sally

Remember, the first person to correctly answer the question wins bragging rights, and the Trivia Tuesday Badge to proudly display electronically. I'll be out and about this afternoon, so will check back in to see who the winner is. 

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Trivia Tuesday #2 - now with winning info!




The "Cinderella bowl" is a well-known term for the type of nesting bowl with a handle on one side and a spout on the other.  The name has become a convenient way to differentiate it from the older style of nesting bowl with a completely round circumference.  Cinderella bowls first appeared in 1957 with three pattern & color choices: turquoise Butterprint, pink Gooseberry, yellow & black Gooseberry.  Sandalwood became the next pattern to appear on Cinderella bowls, in 1961.  The shape of the bowls was designed by John Phillip Johnson.


These popular bowls were a staple of many a mid-century kitchen, and those who are lucky enough to receive them as hand-me-downs or score a set at the Thrift Shop know how useful and lovely they are. Thanks so much to Melanie and to all the folks who answered and journeyed on our trip down memory lane with the lovely Pyrex we all know and love.


We're going to stick with the vintage kitchenware theme for this, our second Trivia Tuesday. Again, we'll be talking Pyrex, because we love it so.

I have always loved the Cinderella Bowls, which are the nesting mixing bowls with two different sizes of pour spouts on either end. My mother had the Crazy Daisy set when I was growing up, and, as my collecting grows, I just can't help wanting more of these lovely and very useful bowl sets. I use them for mixing bread, for straining liquids into (broth and coconut milk being the two I make the most frequently), and much, much more. They are an indespensible (and beautiful) part of our kitchen. 

The bowls pictured are almost a Verde set - the second-from-the-biggest is not in the Verde family, which means this is considered to be a Frankenset by those in the collecting life. Monster set or no, it sure is pretty, isn't it?

This week's question is a two-part one, revolving around the lovely and useful Cinderella Bowls.

When were the Cinderella-type Bowls first introduced, and what were the debut patterns? Hint: they remain some of the most popular of the Pyrex patterns collected today.

I won't be able to update the blog post until this afternoon, so hold tight if you've answered and are awaiting the final verdict. And thanks so much for playing! 

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Trivia Tuesday #1 - now with winning info!




Our first answerer, Lindy, got the answer right right off the bat. From, here's the information we discovered about adorable Fridgies and when they were first introduced:

Refrigerator sets, billed as “oven-refrigerator sets,” are also prized by collectors. The concept began in 1925, with squared-off, stackable clear Pyrex containers that saved space in the icebox. In 1949, a refrigerator set was issued in three of the colors of the first 400 bowls. The yellow was the 1.5-quart size, blue was 1.5 pints, and red was 1.5 cups. The original clear lids had fine ribs that tend to collect dirt. These sets were made in clear again from 1950 to 1952, and then in the popular Pyrex patterns of the day.

As you see, even though Pyrex first started to make fridgie-type things in 1925, it wasn't until 1949 that the first Fridgies hit the market. It sounds like the ones pictured above are some of the first Fridgie styles to be available. 

We would have accepted 1925, as well, as that's the year the concept was first created, but it seems the Fridgies as we know (and love) them were first available in 1949. Anyone else have a Pyrex collection? If so, what patterns do you chase after?

And, Lindy, I'll be sending the Tuesday Trivia Winner's Badge over to you in a bit.


I think it's pretty clear that there is some serious vintage love here at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Tina and I bond over (among many other things) our love of all things vintage. Whether it be buttons, or craft supplies, or kitchenware, we love making thrift shop discoveries.

The March kit very beautifully reflects Tina's love of a vintage kitchen, and the kind of memories those colors evoke in her life. Reading her Dyer's Notes, I, for one, felt like I was right there, in Gran's Kitchen, smelling that coffee smell, and feeling as safe and happy as a wee Tina must have felt.

This got us talking about what we are quite obsessed with, vintage-wise, which is Pyrex. Specifically, mid-century Pyrex sets. 

One of the thing hardest to find are Fridgie sets (cutest name ever, amirite?). They are sets of 4 containers, with lids, that were marketed to easily go from oven to fridge, for baking and storage. Many Fridgie sets were produced, to complement the main Pyrex patterns, and finding all 4, with lids, together, is quite a coup for collectors. Plus, they are so adorable. And useful.

After all of that preamble, our Trivia Tuesday question to you is this:

In what year did Fridgies first get marketed by the Pyrex company?

The first to correctly answer gets the badge of Trivia honor to display in her/his electronic home!


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New Contest Alert: Trivia Tuesdays!

This coming week, we'll be starting a new weekly contest here on the blog - Trivia Tuesdays! Every Tuesday until further notice, at 10am Pacific Time, I'll be posting a trivia question here on the blog. The question could be related to the current Rockin' kit, yarn, knitting, Blue Moon... the world is our oyster, folks, and we'll ask about really anything that we all have in common. The first person to answer correctly gets to display the Tuesday Trivia badge on their electronic homes!

So, get your brains all polished off and ready to work, folks. Trivia Tuesday starts at 10am Pacific Time on Tuesday, May 12th!

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You shoulda been in pictures (or, the Instagram Contest winner)

A big, hearty congratulations to Cristi, whose photos of her sock-in-progress with the most perfectly matching project bag AND her sweet little babycakes with finished socks pushed us over the edge of winnerdom in regards to the January shipment Instagram Contest. Cristi won a coupon code for the BMFA website. What will you get, Cristi? Something for the wee one, perhaps? 

Thanks to everyone who entered, and to that sweet little Layla for being so supportive of her mother's obsession...err... hobby.

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

We want to wish Nancy a hearty congratulations - she was the first to correctly answer, in the proper Jeopardy way (what is, "in the form of a question, Alex?") the Jeopardy Tag Game query. Way to go, Nancy! This whole thing makes us happier than...

a kid in a candy store.

a clam at high tide.

a pig in a peach orchard.

a kid on Christmas.

a bug in a rug.

a fox in the henhouse.

a lark.

And, even...

a Notorious Sock Knitter with a brand-new club kit!

Nancy wins bragging rights, plus the use of the NSK Smartypants badge in her electronic life. Thanks to Nancy, and thanks to everyone who took part in the first Jeopardy Tag Game!

Smartypants Badge

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Jeopardy Contest GO!

 Hello my lovelies.

 Anyone know the answer for the ... part of the statements on back of the tags for the January shipment.

 Remember to post you answer here in the official Jeopardy way.


Also have a lovely weekend!

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