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A decade worth of socks...

 and sock knitting. A decade!  A whole flippin' decade. Just so we are all on the same page, that's 10 whole years of being our notorious sock knitting selves. Can you believe it? I've been here during the whole thing and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

 It seems like it was just yesterday when we decided a sock club might be fun thing to do, especially if it really was a club! In no time at all it went from what we thought was a good idea churning in our fertile imaginations to my living room being stacked with boxes from floor to celing, yarn hanging everywhere, binders being put together on any leftover surface we could find and, honestly, the best kind of fun. My home was a maze. I don't mind telling you that that first shipment was a mind blowing experience and maybe a smidge stressful for the handful of us that put it all together.  I had just hired Debra a few months before and was teaching her to dye when this all hit the fan. I still can't believe she did not run out the back door screaming at that point. I count myself lucky that she has an adventurous spirit and hung around for all this sock yarn dyeing and knitting craziness.

You know those moments in our lives that are either huge growth periods, fraught with meaning and heart or the axis of life changes? Well the sock club has been all that for me and quite a bit more. Running this club has stretched me in ways I didn't even know I needed to be stretched, making me a stronger more well-rounded person and hopefully a smarter one. 

One of the biggest gifts that our sock club has given me is you. A community of knitters who are smart and funny and loving, something I have been shown in a huge way this year, have been humbled by and am ever so grateful for.

So...what to do to celebrate our decade ( I'm sorry but I'm going to be saying this a lot!) of being our notorious selves?

I have thought of a few ways...

I wanted to do a special project bag and luckily for me Rebecca Peary of Queen Bee Creations and her wonderful habit forming bags are local. So we met with her and she has agreed to design us our very own project bag, perfect for sock knitting and for us! You're going to love these bags! We are going to add a few cool essential knit goodies into the bag as commemorative pieces and have deemed all of this our 10th Anniversary Edition. I decided to offer it as it's own product to give us all choices. Since we all have budgets and we ( Blue Moon) have shipping weight restrictions with each month's package to keep in mind, we are shipping these out separately at the end of the summer. What this means is that you can choose your regular club membership or you can choose the 10th Aniversary Edition which includes the sock club and the bag with it's goodies.

I want us all to feel like we are all special no matter what so our regular club membership comes with a few bonuses this year. Bonuses like color coordinated stitch markers in every shipment, buttons and bumper sticker and last, but not least, all of the colorways this year will be exclusive to this year. Also the 2015 colorways will not be offered to the general sock knitting public. If you are a club member this year you can get them whenever you want which makes them all yours. Sometime during the year, and maybe we do this at the end of the year as a vote, we'll name one of the colorways as the official 10th Anniversary colorway. 

 I will be taking us down memory lane in the dyer's notes and on the blog with contests and games to remind us where we've been, who we are and maybe shine a bright and colorful light on where we are going.

Our graphic team will be putting some of our graphics through the years onto t-shirts and mugs and other cool things so we can add them to our Cafe Press shop. I'm super excited about this since my first Camp t-shirt bit the dust recently.

I'm so excited about our 10th year together! 

I want to take moment here to thank our tech editor Sandi Rosner for the great job she has done for us over the years. Sandi has moved on to a really great job as creative director with Universal Yarns.  Thank you Sandi! I already miss you.

As we know when one door closes another one opens! Please join me in welcoming Kate Atherly as our new tech editor. Kate knows her sock knitting. Kate is also tech editor for Knitty and has written her own sock patterns a books. We are very lucky to welcome Kate to our sock club team.

Another new member of our team is Shannon Squire. As most of you know, Shannon has designed for our club. Well, now she is going to help me run it! Welcome Shannon to the Rockin' Sock Club team!

I promise I am wrapping this up soon.

Lastly I want you all to know I am doing great. I am over the worst of the chemo treatments. Sept. and Oct were pretty intense and I seriously am glad they are behind me. I have me energy back and am ready to rock 'n' roll. I do hope you will rock 'n' roll with me!

I can't believe I almost forgot this part, silly me. The ability to purchase gift certificates for the club is live as I type this. So if you want to give the club to knitter you love or hint to your loved ones that this is what you would like it is there!

Time to Build Your Castle Walls!

Happy May Notorious Sock Knitters!

Some of you have finished your March socks and a few of you have not yet downloaded your Castle Walls Socks pattern. A gentle reminder that the download code expires June 30, 2018.
Instructions for downloading are located on the March 2018 pattern PDF page. If you download the pattern, it will automatically add it to your Ravelry library where you can access it when you are ready to cast-on. Don't delay - storm the Castle Walls right now!

Here are a few links for inspiration:

Castle Walls Socks Ravelry Project Page

43 Inconceivable Facts About "The Princess Bride"

Fire Swamp Cocktail

Edit my years

Hi Tina! Looking forward to the new shipment! What am I doing wrong? I still can’t edit my years of membership. It only gives choices up to 11 years. It has been 12 for me. Is there some other way I am supposed to be doing this?

Edit my years

Hi Tina! Looking forward to the new shipment! What am I doing wrong? I still can’t edit my years of membership. It only gives choices up to 11 years. It has been 12 for me. Is there some other way I am supposed to be doing this?

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We do have a few international and canadians ones that will go out on Monday! Sorry for the dleay but our techie was not avialable and we had an issue.

All is well. No worries your packages will ship!

A reminder that the Sock club sign in is not the Blue Moon one! They are 2 different systems to access you pdf's and track your shipping you need to log in here at the sock club site not the Blue Moon one.


I hope you love this shipment as much as we loved creating it! I do miss it hanging fron rafters. It made the barn such a bright and happy place!!

If you have any questions or concers please let us know.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Happy Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse Day!!!

Hello Notorious Sock Knitters!!!

Guess what is up? 

  January pdf's are LIVE!!! So if you want to see what is going to show up in your mail box real soon that head on over.

NOTE: If you have any address changes we need then NOW! (ALL CAPS NOW!)


The pattern for this month is there also. We are still getting ironing out the detials of the patterns so this was easier this time around.

Please, please read the dyer's notes for details and that is also where your discount code lives.

Those of you who are joinh us for the first time this year, Welcome!! To access your pdf's you need to be logged into your RSC account. Then when you are hover over the RSC HOME in the tool bar and you will see PDFS 2018 and there they are. You can download and save and print!

We are starting the shipping process today. The first one of the year is where we work out kinks in the system so bear with us. Also... we have been hald of a crew for about 3 weeks now due to this nasty flu. I hope all of you are doing your best to stay well.

My team all has young children so... it just goes around and around. This one is scary though so be well my friends! Hospitals are packed here and theere have been school closings. Crazy!!

Okay enough of that!!


Maggie has ade us a beautiful new button which Jess should have up this week!! Don't forget to add your sock year sockies!!

Hey who saw the eclipse?? It was super cloudy and foggy here. So no eclipse viewing for me.I did get tot see the Super Blue Moon rising last night so that was pretty wonderful. Did you know it has bee 150 years since htis has occurred?

okay off to make sure our coupon codes for RSC 2018 are implemented.

Happy Super Blue Blood Moon Day!!!

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Fun, fun, fun

I just finished reading Tina’s blog post about the contest.
I haven’t belonged to the sock club since the beginning, but 2018 will be my 10th year. I’m excited to try to find all the color ways. It will be like going back in time.

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Happy New Year!!!

Wow just looked at the daye of my last post here and it has been awhile. So much has happened!

Goodness! I have stopped posting a lot here because I am not sure anyone reads it. I know a few of you do like Sarah, Cristi and Hazel so my apologies, dear ones. One of my New Year resolutions is to be better about posting here and RAV (don't faint).

In my defense I will say that after a 10 hour day of dyeing and running things the easiest social media sharing for me is Instagram. A quick pic and a blurb and bam!! And you all know how I LOVE to take pictures. I take them ALL the time.

Anyway I hope everyone had a great holiday! We had a white Christmas so I was pretty stoked about that! All my kids were here and my sone and I built a fire in the fire pit in the snow at night on Christamas Eve which seemed seriously magical!!

I am very excited about our magical year of sock knitting. I have made most of the colorways for the year and OMG!!! I so wish I could show you. So stoked!!

As most of you know sign ups are LIVE so if you have not already signed up for our magical year now is a good time!

I am ready to start our first game are you??

Recently I had to match sock club colorways with the months and years and patterns they were with.

I know... I did not do very well and had to resort to the dyer's notes and patterns.

Yeah it was not one of my proudest moments.

So here's the game

I am going to list a whole bunch of colorway names and you need to identify the sock club year they were a part of, the month, and the pattern/desginer name. Bonus points for the theme if there was one.

Okay here is your list of colorways:

Portland Plaid  *  Electric Koolaid Acid Test  *   Titania  *   Super Hero Blues 

Bella Coola  *  Cables of Wrath  *  Dragon Dance  *  Feeling Groovy 

Gran's Kitchen  *  Flower Power  *   Honey Cock-A   *  Mad as a March Hare

Maia   *   Pacific Crest Trail  *  Pink Granite  *   Rainforest Jasper  *  Tidepooling

Monsoon  * Wavelength  * Winter Jewel  * Lucky Number Seven  * Mustang Sally

Chaos  *  Acorny  *  Monsoon  *  Pepe le Plume   *  Bread and Butterflies 

Starry Starry Night  *  Secrets   *  Cherry Bomb  *  Fairgrounds

Okay that is probably enough.

The 1st person to get all of the pieces right wins 40% discount code good for a 2 time use during 2018

The 2nd person to get all of the pieces right wins 25% discount code good for a 2 time use during 2018

The 3rd person to get all of the pieces right wins 15% discount code good for a 2 time use during 2018

Please email your response to

You have until January 31st to submit your entries.

Yes, you have to be a 2018 RSC memeber to play along.

Stay tuned for a spotify playlist for January!!

Any thought on magical songs?!

Have a lovely weekend my dear notorious friends!


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2018 Sock Club Sign Ups

Happy Monday my notorious sock knitting friends!

I hope everyone has their yarn!! Hazel got her in record time after we finally got it out of the dye barn. Holy moly!! I think this last sets a new record for how many things can possible put in kink in the works.

Thank you so very, very much for your patience. Believe it ro not we still had people out sick last week. It's crazy!! I spent all weekend dyeing and playing catch up. Anyway...

So check out the homepage!!

We have the 2018 info up.

We are going celebrate our 13th year with all things magical!! I'm pretty excited. I have been gathering our designers for the year and working out themes and patters. I think you will be thrilled out the diverse group of deigners and how we are working with them!

Our new pattern/designer approach means we are going to get to work with one of my favorite sock designers the seriously clever Hunter Hammersen!!

If ther are any designers you would liek to see please let us know in the comments section here of email them to

As I said we are mixing things up this year on our magical mystery tour!

So why not start right out of the gate with making sign-ups available before the holidays?!


Sometime today we will be making the RSC 2018 Magical Mystery Tours Sign-ups live!!

You will be able to purchase gift certificates and also just sign-up!

I did my very best to keep the cost close to what it was or a little less. Wool prices just went up so that made it challenging and also USPS pricing is going up again.

If you have any questions or thoughts or ideas for magical themes I'd love you input! sock

Have a great day!!


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September shipping

Hello my dear NSK's  guess what??

Yes, right you are. We are running a bit late. Due to some circumstances beyond our control like natural disasters where some of our nationwide team are and a very late yarn delivery.

Our goal is to put up you pdf's early this week.

And to start shipping your yarn out at the end of the week next week.

Seriously sorry for this delay!!

I popped over to take a gander on our RSC group on ravelry and noticed that a few of you have really been having a bit of a hard time.

You are most definitely in my thoughts!!! Sending all kinds of love your way.

Life has been a bit challenging here also so I do understand. I thnk maybe a lot of us are feeling this way.

Luckily we have knitting eh?!! Of course this makes me more sad over this lateness but I am no match for hurricanes and such! That much I do know! is Autumn. Which means cooler knitting and wool wearing weather.

I love this time of year! All the color and the crispmess in the air. Pumpkin Spice everyhting!!

What is your favorite aspect of Autumn?

ok off to the barn to dye!!!




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