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RSC 2015

 Hello my lovelies,

 Just a quick note to let you know that sign-ups for this years (2015) are this coming Tuesday the 6th of January at 10:00 Pacific-time. 

I don't know about you but I am super excited. I's excited over what we have planned for the year. I'm excited over the colorways and that they are just available to you. I'm excited to be working with Shannon and Kate and Gail. I'm excited about the desingers we get to work with. I'm thrilled to revisit where we;ve been as we waltz into this 10th year. I'm super duper excited over our project bag and swag. Shannon and I visited Rebecca right before the holidays and mapped out the design and it's so GREAT!!!! I know we are going to want all kinds of bags with this graphic on it.

We are going to take pictures and hopefully a video of the print process when we come to that part so you can see. 

Anyway... I'm hope you are excited as I am and that you'll join us for our Anniversary year!

Paula would like me to remind you of a few things for sign-up day.  The most importnat one is that your RSC log-in is not the same as the one you use when ordering on the Blue Moon site. Very important piece of info that will keep frustration at bay.

Also please carefully read and follw the directions for redeeming gift certificates. You can find that info here in FAQS.

As always if you need help we are here. Paula will be manning the phone and both Paula and I and the techies will be avialable by emial should you have a question or need our assistance.

Lastly I was taking some pictures for a homepage shot, so I drug out our tub of sock club socks. Holy cow that is a whole lot of socks! An impressive amount of socks and sock knitting don't you think?


so very many socks. (And that isn't even all of them.)

Look what we've done!!

Happy New Year dearest NSK's!!


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A decade worth of socks...

 and sock knitting. A decade!  A whole flippin' decade. Just so we are all on the same page, that's 10 whole years of being our notorious sock knitting selves. Can you believe it? I've been here during the whole thing and I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

 It seems like it was just yesterday when we decided a sock club might be fun thing to do, especially if it really was a club! In no time at all it went from what we thought was a good idea churning in our fertile imaginations to my living room being stacked with boxes from floor to celing, yarn hanging everywhere, binders being put together on any leftover surface we could find and, honestly, the best kind of fun. My home was a maze. I don't mind telling you that that first shipment was a mind blowing experience and maybe a smidge stressful for the handful of us that put it all together.  I had just hired Debra a few months before and was teaching her to dye when this all hit the fan. I still can't believe she did not run out the back door screaming at that point. I count myself lucky that she has an adventurous spirit and hung around for all this sock yarn dyeing and knitting craziness.

You know those moments in our lives that are either huge growth periods, fraught with meaning and heart or the axis of life changes? Well the sock club has been all that for me and quite a bit more. Running this club has stretched me in ways I didn't even know I needed to be stretched, making me a stronger more well-rounded person and hopefully a smarter one. 

One of the biggest gifts that our sock club has given me is you. A community of knitters who are smart and funny and loving, something I have been shown in a huge way this year, have been humbled by and am ever so grateful for.

So...what to do to celebrate our decade ( I'm sorry but I'm going to be saying this a lot!) of being our notorious selves?

I have thought of a few ways...

I wanted to do a special project bag and luckily for me Rebecca Peary of Queen Bee Creations and her wonderful habit forming bags are local. So we met with her and she has agreed to design us our very own project bag, perfect for sock knitting and for us! You're going to love these bags! We are going to add a few cool essential knit goodies into the bag as commemorative pieces and have deemed all of this our 10th Anniversary Edition. I decided to offer it as it's own product to give us all choices. Since we all have budgets and we ( Blue Moon) have shipping weight restrictions with each month's package to keep in mind, we are shipping these out separately at the end of the summer. What this means is that you can choose your regular club membership or you can choose the 10th Aniversary Edition which includes the sock club and the bag with it's goodies.

I want us all to feel like we are all special no matter what so our regular club membership comes with a few bonuses this year. Bonuses like color coordinated stitch markers in every shipment, buttons and bumper sticker and last, but not least, all of the colorways this year will be exclusive to this year. Also the 2015 colorways will not be offered to the general sock knitting public. If you are a club member this year you can get them whenever you want which makes them all yours. Sometime during the year, and maybe we do this at the end of the year as a vote, we'll name one of the colorways as the official 10th Anniversary colorway. 

 I will be taking us down memory lane in the dyer's notes and on the blog with contests and games to remind us where we've been, who we are and maybe shine a bright and colorful light on where we are going.

Our graphic team will be putting some of our graphics through the years onto t-shirts and mugs and other cool things so we can add them to our Cafe Press shop. I'm super excited about this since my first Camp t-shirt bit the dust recently.

I'm so excited about our 10th year together! 

I want to take moment here to thank our tech editor Sandi Rosner for the great job she has done for us over the years. Sandi has moved on to a really great job as creative director with Universal Yarns.  Thank you Sandi! I already miss you.

As we know when one door closes another one opens! Please join me in welcoming Kate Atherly as our new tech editor. Kate knows her sock knitting. Kate is also tech editor for Knitty and has written her own sock patterns a books. We are very lucky to welcome Kate to our sock club team.

Another new member of our team is Shannon Squire. As most of you know, Shannon has designed for our club. Well, now she is going to help me run it! Welcome Shannon to the Rockin' Sock Club team!

I promise I am wrapping this up soon.

Lastly I want you all to know I am doing great. I am over the worst of the chemo treatments. Sept. and Oct were pretty intense and I seriously am glad they are behind me. I have me energy back and am ready to rock 'n' roll. I do hope you will rock 'n' roll with me!

I can't believe I almost forgot this part, silly me. The ability to purchase gift certificates for the club is live as I type this. So if you want to give the club to knitter you love or hint to your loved ones that this is what you would like it is there!

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I would like to see the new pattern for this shipment

I would love to see the new pattern for the July shipment.
I have been busy knitting more socks & swimming Open Water races. My next race is August 12, Donner Lake end to end, 2.7 miles, no wetsuit. Another race, Lake Tahoe 2.4 on August 26.
Busy knitting & training! Life is good!
Hope you all are having a great summer too!

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2006 & 2007 Spoiler Button?

First - let me say that I got my shipment last night and boy howdy is it pretty!

I'm updating the bundles in the Socks that Rawk! group on Ravelry and I've got a spoiler image for years 2008-2016 but I was wondering if anyone remembered if there were images for the first 2 years of the club? If you remember them, and have them, could you please help me out?

No green

Finally, No green in this months colorway. Just saying every month had green in it.
just wanted to let you know I love the purple/pink color of the sock yarn this month, Thanks

Finished Jan. 2016 yarns

The blues in the January kit matched PERFECTLY to a skirt I bought last summer! This month's colors were so ME, you have no idea. Thank you! I needed a shawl to go with my skirt, so that's what I made instead of the patterns that came with the January kit. However, I did buy another skein of each color so I can make socks. So glad I joined this club.


Just a random question as I'm organizing my patterns and yarn stash. Do you have any old STR binders? Mine is overflowing and the OCD in me would love to keep my STR notes and patterns in matching binders. I've got issues, I know!


RSC year 11

Looking forward to the new year and seeing what RSC has in store for all of us.
I get to hear Tina talk at my Quilt Guild tonight! It was a pleasant surprise when I saw she was the guest speaker tonight. Hope the roads are kind and we both can make it down the hill tonight!
Donna in the frozen area of Oregon

How I got into STR

My STR story starts at a quilt shop In St Helens, OR. The quilt shop owner Sue Widmer introduced me to a friend of hers Tina Newton. This happened a few years before BMFA. Tina had two young girls in tow at the time. Future BMFA models. Fast forward to about a year before STR, our mutual friend Sue announces that Tina has started a company called Blue Moon Fiber Arts and it has hand dyed yarn for knitting. I had just taken a sock knitting class with Sue and was happy to hear that there was a source close to my house.Tina lives not more than 3 miles from me (big sappy grin) . When Tina started STR Sue said that it was already full but Tina was thinking of letting more people in because it was so well received when it started up. I managed to be in the second group that year (we got the same first yarn and pattern) and have enjoyed STR ever since. Thank you Tina and all the ladies at BMFA.

Donna Adams

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Tuesday Trivia #27 - now with winning info


As ridiculous as pretty much all of those potential answers may seem at first glance, it was actually "C" that was incorrect. A group of turkeys is called a "rafter," although if you've ever experienced a group of turkeys, it really does feel kind of gang-like.

So, Crystal Bell, come on down! You are our winner!!!


Well, it's almost time for Turkey Day here in the U.S., and it just so happens that my daughter, Hazel, has been studying turkeys at school. She's going to help me out here with a few Turkey Trivia questions. Which of the following are NOT true statements in regards to turkeys?

A. Most turkeys live in North America.

B. You can tell a turkey's mood by looking at its neck and head. It's kind of like a mood ring - a turkey's neck and head will change colors depending on how it's feeling.

C. A group of turkeys is called a gang.

D. A baby turkey is called a poult.

E. Mother turkeys can lay up to 18 eggs.

Answer the trivia question correctly, win an amazing badge AND bragging rights! 

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