July Hint #2

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colorful, no?


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Well… the first hint had black boots turning to color, and the second one is a black and white video… Maybe a Raven colorway?

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Double Hmmmm...

The music itself has a Brazilian back beat, so maybe it could be Carnival-inspired Ravens? That would be pretty rockin', no lie. Some kind of Raven-level colorway that moved through several color tones, instead of exploring just one or two. Hmmmm.

My guess....

I am going to guess that the patterns are slip stitch or mosaic knitting with 2 colors. One color a dark (blackish, grayish) and the other a bright, multicolor. This is probably nothing close to right, but it is what popped into my mind immediately after looking at both clues.

Whatever, I'm looking forward to the package!