More Goodies in the Sock Club packages

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Dear Tina & Crew,

So I spent the weekend away for some serious reconnection time with husband and nature.  (Kids stayed home.  Yes, the house is still standing & shows no scorch marks.  Why do you ask?)

Anyhoo - I've always enjoyed the outdoors in a somewhat distant way (and the enjoyment is always proportional to the surety with which I know that I can get back inside to modern conveniences like controlled temperatures and running water) -- blue sky, green trees, neutral colors in stone.

But this weekend?  I kept saying to my husband things like:

"Look at the stone - it's mostly pink, but LOOK at the grey and gold flecks in it as well.  And the bits of white."

"See the bushes?  How there's grey and purple and sage green? And how the inner branch is almost yellow?"

"The moss on this stone is fantastic!  Grey and green, sure, but what about the ruddy tones and the almost blue spot over here."

SO - did I miss it in the promotional material for the RSC that Tina's crazy-mad color sense was contagious?  Even by mail & for those of us (meaning me) who are creatively-color challenged?

THANK YOU for literally enabling me to SEE color with a new sense and a much greater appreciation.

I think the following will take you to the photos of the weekend ...

Socks on Vacation 

(Click on the "details" option in flickr to see the captions ...)



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Weekend Away

Hi Sarah:
I'm glad the weekend was a success-rejuvenating, enjoyable, affirming, and a whole string of other positives. Now that you're back in the land of flush toilets you can get right on with knitting the September kit-this from the woman who has yet to wind the lovely yarn into a cake. I'm doing mindless knitting at the moment-a lace weight shawl in a pattern that I'm literally inventing as I go along. Each time I get bored, I change the stitch for as many rows as it takes to get bored again. I think I need to get a sock on the needles for contrast, interest, and far fewer stitches. Off to check the forums.

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how lovely

Seriously Sarah so lovely. Looks like you and the socks had a grand time. So funny and sweet.

I'm sitting here today doing all kinds of web testing and development. So your kind thoughts of colour contagious are much appreciated.

I really like the last all sock party pic.

thanks for sharing!