Name That Skein with No Name finalists

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Well, here they are! From over 200 lovely names submitted by Notorious Sock Knitters, we've chosen 10 (well, 11) finalists. There can be only one winner, but the other 9 (well, 10) will receive a runner's-up prize.

Grab yourself a cup of tea and your Skein with No Name and have a read. Vote for your favorite at the bottom of this post. (You should an orange voting block. Use that, not the comments.)

Sarah Bee: I can just imagine this skein dancing around a fire and laughing because he thinks no one will ever guess his name.

Abby: The story involves spinning and turning straw into gold which mirrors what you do, Tina when you turn undyed yarn into color magic. The colors are warm and hearth-like, where I picture the aforesaid Mr. R spinning away. But the clincher for me is that the heroine saves her child by GUESSING HIS NAME!

Rusty Plums
Corvidae: Love this colorway, and it told me its name was Rusty Plums. Sounds a bit like a country singer, but I can't think of anything that fits better! :)

Becky: The colors made me think of all things "Steampunk"! More specifically, Jules Verne and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. While aboard the Nautilus, dressed in your purple silk robe, pull back the burgundy velvet curtains to see the copper and brass fittings, gears, knobs and more!

Inigo Montoya

Sarah JS: Credit to my husband as this was his immediate quip when I explained the naming contest & read out my ballband saying ("Je m'appelle").

Berry Copper

DianaB: Upon my opening the package, I thought, " end is like berry juice staining my fingers in late fall when the berries are super overripe but the other end is golden copper brown like that western sunset that occurs just before it becomes fall...." It was a bit detailed to be a name. The next day I showed the yarn to my father, a non-yarny retired oil refinery worker. He immediately said "I'd call it berry copper." Three days later, I showed my legitimate artist sister (she has works in the Smithsonian and other museums, bona fide artist). When asked what to call it she said, "berry copper." Conclusion: three people all think it is so: this yarn IS berry copper.

Holy Mole!
MerriW: The colors in this yummy skein remind me of the ingredients I use in a Mexican mole -- red chili, cumin, pumpkin seeds and a bit of chocolate.
Of course, it's not really pronounced 'mol-ey' to rhyme with 'hol-ey' -- just a play on the enunciation (and to differentiate from the furry rodent!).

Velvet Crush
Gillian: The colors in the skein are so rich and warm and they melt into each other so smoothly. Have you ever held a swatch of velvet up to the light? It reminds me of this skein. :) I can't wait to knit up some velvet-y socks.

Karen: Mulled Burgundy with Star Anise, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and oranges, imbibed with our good friends after returning from our "We Huntem Tree" party in which we wander around in a snow filled woods looking for the perfect evergreen in need of culling (after the Yule to be added to the hedgerow for the birds to hide in).

Mulling It Over
Knitter Kitter: The skein reminds me of mulled cider and cinnamon sticks and I kept trying to think of the perfect name for it. I've been mulling it over for a while and then it hit me... "Mulling It Over"

Ochre the Rainbow
Sue: Thanks for another year of wondrous colors and brilliant patterns from Blue Moon!

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Thanks to everyone who submitted your creative name suggestions and thanks for voting… it's enough to get a DepravedDyer thinking…

Have a warm and safe holidays and get ready for more sock knitting in 2011!



I like Berry Copper

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I vote for Rumplestiltskein, I can't resist a clever pun.

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Mulling It Over

Mulling It Over gets my vote.

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Holy Mole

Holy Mole

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Contest over before I have my yarn

So sad that I still have not received my December sock kit... ah well. Without seeing the color :) I vote for Rumplestiltskein.. love the humor.

Ochre the Rainbow

What a clever play on words! The name is a perfect fit.


I love the bit about the importance of guessing his name in the descriptor! I can totally see that in my skein.

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I have my Yarn.. yippeee

My package arrived at 2:45 on December 23....and it just so happens that it's my birthday so I'm very happy.... And I still vote for Rumplestilskein

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Rusty Plums

It has such a nice sound to it and the yarn just looks like a rusty plum should, should there ever be a rusty plum!

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Happy Birthday!

What a lovely birthday surprise! It must have been all that snow and the storms that held it up. I am so glad that your package arrived in time to celebrate your special day!

I also vote for Rumplestiltskein. Lovely and surprising name for a very special yarn.


Inigo Montoya

Nice one! Inigo Montoya got my vote. I love it :)


Love this one....brilliant!


This is just too cute. I gasped and giggled out loud when I read it. Rumplestiltskein is definitely my favorite.

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Oh well.

I finally thought of a great name for this color, but I missed the contest submission deadline.

No matter what name it receive, it will always be Martian Dreams to me. :)