May Clue #2


6 inches forward & 5 inches back

OMG!! I LOVE HEDWIG! One of my favorite movies ever! Have absolutely no idea how this relates to a sock though...are we getting a glamorous transsexual stocking?

Maybe it's a plain

Maybe it's a plain caterpillar yarn (although I'm not sure HOW BMFA could possibly do a plain color) that emerges as a glamorous super star butterfly sock when it's knit up!!

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What does it say about me when I tell you that the only Hedwig I know is Harry Potter's owl?

I'm with you Hazel. :S

I'm with you Hazel. :S

Hedwig's not an owl?

Boy I'm with Hazel. I've never heard of this movie.

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Maybe the context is a red

Maybe the context is a red herring and the Hedwig that relates to the yarn IS the owl? That seems convoluted enough for Tina and the gang.

Either way I can't imagine what it portends. Unless… the first clue was about stars, which come out at night… and owls are nocturnal…

I know, I'm reaching.

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Missing Clue #2! :-(

There is no text in Paula's blog box that I can see save for links! What am I missing?!

Hazel, Tonja and Patti google Hedwig and the Angry Inch...

A Star Is Born?

Never heard of Hedwig but love the make-up job! o_O