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Errata on A-Maze Shawl pattern

Hello, RSC'ers! Thanks to an intrepid knitter, we have updated the pdf and fixed an errata that was in the A-Maze Shawl pattern. In the Fifth Section, the stitch counts were off after working through the Second Zigzag Maze pattern:

The correct stitch count after working Rows 1-18 of the Second Zigzag Maze pattern is 299 sts.

Work the next RS row as written. Stitch count after this row is 303 sts.
Next Row (WS) should read: K3, purl to last 3 sts, k3. Stitch count remains at 303 sts.



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The final package... and a contest


It's on its way, folks, the final package of the year. You know what they say about the Postal Carrier? "Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Well, I'm thinking the BlueMoonies deserve a saying like that to be written about them, because, even though many circumstances beyond our control have tried their darndest to interfere, the final Rockin' Sock Club packages of the year are right now heading toward you. Yay!

In two of these final packages there is a "Golden Ticket," if you will. Well, not a Golden Ticket, per se, but some Black-and-White Floops Stitch Markers. They are loose in the package, so make sure you check your package thoroughly when it arrives. If you do have these very different-than-normal stitch markers, you are one of our two winners! Yippie! You win one of the new 10th Anniversary-themed mugs we have in our shop on Cafepress. It's awesome- - a fantastic trip through the last ten years of RSC color names, plus a great vessel in which to house your coffee or tea (or whatever else you enjoy sipping on while knitting socks). 


Just send an email to if you find these special Floops, to claim your prize. And, even if you aren't the winner, you can treat yourself to a piece of Blue Moon Swag - check out the whole Cafepress store. There are many things that you will want. Heck, there are many things that I want.

And thanks so much to Floops for donating these special stitch markers!


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As we get closer to the end of this Tenth Anniversary Year, Tina and I have talked a lot about this past decade. She asked me to recount my first year with the Rockin' Sock Club, and I was only too happy to oblige. We'd absolutely LOVE to hear your stories, too - please please share with us.

Waaay back in the day, I worked at the Portland VA hospital, for a mental health education program, doing administration and project management. That's where I first became smitten with knitting - I had done loads of crafting in my past, and had even dabbled in knitting, but it was at the VA, with the women I met and knitted with, that my dabbling became a lifestyle. 

We had a group that would meet on Fridays at lunchtime in our conference room. Gail was in the group, and Gail, as many of you know, is one of Tina's long-time besties. She's also a sock-knitting machine. Her Rockin' Toe-Up Sock Pattern and careful tutelage inspired my sock-knitting obsession. She also introduced me (and many of us in that Friday lunch-time group) to the joys and the wonders that are Blue Moon yarns. 

Side story: I remember the first skein of STR that I ever purchased. It was at this little fiber festival in Oregon City, at a place called the Grange. It was Socks that Rock Lightweight in Olive Garden. Later that year, I purchased MORE. I got STR LW again, this time in Sedona. I made a Kiri (do you remember that shawl pattern? It was ALL the rage for a while). I was hooked. Hundreds of skeins later, I am still hooked.

So, back to the club. One day, Gail came to work, breathless. Tina was starting a sock club. Our hearts all went pitter-patter. YES! We noted the date it was to hit the streets. I believe she was planning on limiting sign-ups to 200 people. We all ignored our work and refreshed our computer screens again and again, in order to ensure we were some of those lucky few who would be a part of this club designed all around our favorite past-time: sock knitting. 

WE GOT IN! All of us. It was amazing. And then we had to wait. But, that wait was worth it. 

Fast-forward to January 2006. The first kit arrived. And it was glorious. We all ooh'ed and aaah'ed like crazy, and casted our first-ever sock club socks on together. As a matter of fact, in the dyer's notes for the second-ever kit, there is a photo of our group's Cedar Creek socks. No joke. Isn't that awesome?

I dug my binder out of storage and spent a lovely afternoon taking a trip down memory lane - looking at the notes and extras and goodies and pages from those first few years. 


I also dug out a few of my first-year socks. The very first ones, Cedar Creek, are the green-and-brown, in Rainforest Jasper. The pink-and-grey ones are Marble Arches, in Pink Granite.

So, how about you? Do you have a Rockin' Sock Club story?

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Tuesday Trivia - now with winning info!


Yay, Amelie, who correctly answered short-sided seam. Although my crafting is sometimes short-SIGHTED, my seams never are. Or something.

Thanks to all of you for chiming and, and making this Trivia series so much fun. And, Happy Holidays to everyone. Make sure you take some time to sniff the yarn/smell the roses/taste the chocolate during this busy and sometimes hectic time of year.


This time of year, there's a flurry of activity for crafty folk - gotta get those socks knitted for our loved ones, gotta make some cookies, gotta craft, gotta make, gotta decorate. It's wonderful, and frenetic sometimes, and it just plain makes a maker feel good to do these things.

I, for one, am super multi-craftual, and get quite obsessed quite frequently. My favorite non-knitting crafty thing right now is sewing garments. Mainly for me, because I've been feeling kinda selfish, craftily, lately, but I'm right this minute sewing a dress for my oldest. She's been asking. And asking. And asking.

I'm learning all kinds of things, which is great, and humbling. In fact, seams have been a great topic of conversation among my crafty friends. Which brings me, for the final time this year, to the Tuesday Trivia query: Which of the following is NOT a type of seam or stitch used in sewing?

A. French seam

B. Straight seam

C. Flat-fell seam

D. Short-sided seam

E. Lapped seam

First to answer gets, no, not a dress sewn by me, but the badge of trivia honor!!! Yeehaw!

And, I'm sharing a photo of the dress I made the other day - I looove new crafty obsessions!



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Tuesday Trivia #28 - now with winning info!


Yay, Mya, for correctly answering that wool does NOT burn in sunlight. Like others, I sure do, but my socks, sweaters, hats, shawls, cowls, mitts, and everything else I pile upon myself to brave the elements are not as sensitive as my pale, pale skin.

Congrats, Mya! Your badge will be emailed to you post-haste!


Good morning, sunshines! We're having a sunny but VERY cold spell here in the Pacific Northwest, which is very good for the hand-knit-wearability-factor. And it begs the question: how many handknits are TOO many handknits? Is there such a thing? I'm not sure I believe in a world in which there are ever too many handknits, but I often look a bit... layered, so there's that.

But, due to the cold weather, let's talk about wool, shall we? Which of the following properties are NOT actually properties of our favorite fiber?

A. Wool is hypoallergenic.

B. Wool is flame resistant.

C. Wool is mildew resistant.

D. Wool burns easily in sunlight (like a sunburn on skin).

E. Wool is biodegradable.

Answer correctly, and win the badge of trivia honor.

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Tuesday Trivia #23 - now with winning info!


Good job, non-toe-up-sock-knitter Cara, for correctly identifying Loop-d-loop as the fake cast on method. Yay!


As I sit in my quiet house early in the morning, surrounded by socks-in-progress, I find myself thinking about knitting and socks and obsession, and wonder if I really can cast on another couple of toes before the kids wake up and the house turns into its loud and colorful self. I am a toe-up gal, although I've been making a lot more cuff-down socks in recent months. But, toe-up is still my go-to, preferred method. We all have ours, don't we? 

Today, I'm asking, which of the following methods is NOT a toe-up sock method?

A. Judy's Magic Cast On

B. Figure Eight Cast On

C. Whirlpool Toe

D. Bosnian Toe

E. Loop-d-loop Cast On

Good luck, fellow sock knitters! 

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Tuesday Trivia #22 - now with winning info


Denise D., you are our winner! Altough Banff is wonderful in oh, so many ways, it is not the home to the cast and crew of Defiance. Alas, I did not see Nolan running through the streets...


I am in Canada this week, spending time with family in the stunning Banff. These mountains are seriously breathtaking.

My trivia this week revolves around this town in which I'm staying. Which of the following facts are NOT true:

1. Banff was named after the Scottish town in which two founding members of the Canadian National Railway were born.

2. Banff is the highest, elevation-wise, town in Canada.

3. The sci-fi show Defiance is filmed in Banff.

4. Mountains in Banff National Park are between 45 and 120 million years old.

5. There are more than 1,000 glaciers in Banff National Park.

Good luck, smart folk! I'll check in next Tuesday with winning info!

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Tuesday Trivia #21 - now with winning info


Yay, Patti V, you've done it - you've answered correctly. It was Tommy James and the Shondells who first crooned the fabulous Crimson & Clover. 


We've been listening to a lot of classic female rockers and crooners lately. Dolly Parton is a big hit in my family, as are Pat Benetar and Joan Jett. I like to tell myself that it's good for my little ladies, to hear these women really rocking out, and that it's almost a feminist statement that we are listening to them, when in reality, I just love singing along at the top of my lungs. 

One of my absolute favorite Joan Jett songs is Crimson & Clover.

I even created a pattern inspired by the marriage of that song and Tina's gorgeous Worthy Fingering. But, did you know that Joan Jett and her Blackhearts were NOT the first band to sing that song? Do you know who was (hint: it was in the 1960s)?

A. The Byrds

B. Cream

C. The Supremes

D. Tommy James & the Shondells

E. Herman's Hermits

The first one to answer with the correct band wins a weekend with that band! Just kidding - you'll win the Badge of Trivia Honor.

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Tuesday Trivia

Yay, Patti! Even though we like to think that we can push on through when feeling the pain from too much knitting, we actually need to take a break from ALL handwork, once in a while. But, it's sooooo hard! I'm still not sure there's a cure for Second Sock Syndrome, because I accidentally casted on ANOTHER sock today. Whoops!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest - I've also awarded last week's winner. Playing catch-up, as you do :)


Second Sock Syndrome. It's a thing. I'm suffering right now. These are my three STR-socks-in-waiting.  Sorry the photo got turned sideways, I'm not sure how to fix that. 

So what does that have to do with trivia?  Well, even though Second Sock Syndrome isn't actually a physical ailment, there is the possibility of suffering from things like repetitive stress injury from knitting too much. Heck, I sleep with braces on my wrists because of knitting. Not that that will ever make me stop ;)

So, in light of that, and in the hopes that we as a group can avoid further injuries, which of the tips below are bogus in regards to lessening your chances of knitting-related pain?

A. Rest your hands often.

B. Get up and mooooove! Set a timer if you need to.

C.  Intermix your knitting with something else, like needlepoint, or embroidery.

D. Gently stretch your hands, wrists, and fingers.

Remember, the first one to answer wins the Trivia Badge! And, I'll a word the Trivia Badge Winner from last week later on today. 


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Tuesday Trivia #19 - now with winning info!


Congrats to MelKnitsInOly again, for answering correctly that gamers don't turn to knitting to calm their tired eyes. They likely turn to visine. And more gaming. Knitting has actually been super helpful for nurses who suffer from compassion fatigue - it's so calming, and centering, so I can totally understand that. Thanks to all of you!


When I'm stressed or unhappy, there's nothing that makes me feel better than, well, than casting on a new project. Even knitting a few short rows is enough to calm me down and better prepare me for whatever is ahead. We are so lucky to have this thing, this knitting, aren't we?

There's actual medical proof that knitting is soothing, that knitting can help folks deal with any number of mental, emotional and even physical ailments. The rhythm of it, the cadence, the unfocused focus that knitting requires... Which of the following is NOT true, in terms of knitting being of help?

A. For nurses suffering from "compassion fatigue."

B. For gamers suffering from "eye fatigue."

C. For folks suffering from eating disorders.

D. For staving off cognitive deterioration.


Thanks, all! Sorry this one's a bit late - I had the whole thing drafted, and then a spastic finger click closed the window before I was able to save. Yikes.

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