Tuesday Trivia #28 - now with winning info!

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Yay, Mya, for correctly answering that wool does NOT burn in sunlight. Like others, I sure do, but my socks, sweaters, hats, shawls, cowls, mitts, and everything else I pile upon myself to brave the elements are not as sensitive as my pale, pale skin.

Congrats, Mya! Your badge will be emailed to you post-haste!


Good morning, sunshines! We're having a sunny but VERY cold spell here in the Pacific Northwest, which is very good for the hand-knit-wearability-factor. And it begs the question: how many handknits are TOO many handknits? Is there such a thing? I'm not sure I believe in a world in which there are ever too many handknits, but I often look a bit... layered, so there's that.

But, due to the cold weather, let's talk about wool, shall we? Which of the following properties are NOT actually properties of our favorite fiber?

A. Wool is hypoallergenic.

B. Wool is flame resistant.

C. Wool is mildew resistant.

D. Wool burns easily in sunlight (like a sunburn on skin).

E. Wool is biodegradable.

Answer correctly, and win the badge of trivia honor.


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I'm going to guess D

Wool burns easily in sunlight (like a sunburn on skin) is NOT actually a property of wool.

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Wool Answer...A?

I think wool is not hypoallergenic...my girlfriend is allergic to it and breaks out in hives & a rash.

I agree with Mya

I think D is correct, too. By the way, I love the photomicropraph of the wool fibers. Were they dyed for the photograph, or was the photograph colored afterwards?

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My answer is D

I often look a bit layered as well. The other day I headed out the door with the sock superhero mitts on, the nautilus shawl wrapped around my neck as a scarf, and the magnolia's in bloom beret. It wasn't till I got to the bus stop that I thought I probably looked a bit mismatched and had possibly too many hand knits on, but I was at least warm. ;)

My answer is D as well

I know I burn in the sun but I sure hope my knitted wool objects don't!!