Update on tagging photos for Instagram contest

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So, Tina and I have a confession to make. We're old. And a bit lame sometimes. Sad but true. Which leads me to the reason for this blog post. We didn't do what we should have done before asking you all to tag your photos with #sockselfie on Instagram, which was check to see if there was a #sockselfie tag on Instagram already, and guess what? There's a sock selfie tag on Instagram. It's a thing. There are 5,299 posts already, and the vast majority of them are NOT hand-knit socks. Who woulda thunkit?

To everyone who has already posted your sock selfies: thank you! We have enjoyed seeing them! Keep on keeping on, and please do continue to tag with #sockselfieinprogress.

To everyone else: time to get posting!

And to all: please also add the tags #rockinsockselfie15 AND #rockinsockclub15 to all of your sock selfie photos. That'll make them much easier to find.

So, in summary, use the following tags, please, and don't laugh too hard at us.

#rockinsockselfie15 #rockinsockclub15 #sockselfieinprogress

You are also free to use the original tags (listed below), too. You can't have too many tags :)

#sockselfie #RSC #feelingroovy 

Thanks, NSKs!


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Other projects?

Shannon & Tina - question for you: can one post mitten-selfies for this contest? I know we've had that question over in Ravelry -- i.e. if selfies-of-mitts-or-other-projects-using-Jan2015-RSC-yarn count or not.

As for old -- well, I have to get myself a Twitter account it seems. Where's the teenager to help me with such? I'm sure she could manage this in 4 seconds flat. Hmm, bed is rumpled, food disappears at somewhat regular intervals -- thus, she does flit through the house now and again, I'm sure. Just not when I have an age-related social media request to make of her. Humph!

Thanks for the contest!

OLD too

I dont even have Instagram. NO smart phone for me either. Just my little trac fone. For future. can those of us that dont have innstagram be involved in contests somehow? Just a question.

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Non-sock selfies

Hello, there, Sarah,

Sorry I haven't responded yet! Regarding non-sock selfies, you can totally tag them with #rockinsockclub15, but they won't be eligible to win the Instagram contests. Sorry about that! More incentive to knit BOTH patterns, eh? :)

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Instagram contest

This particular contest is for Instagram only, as it's the best way to organize and share the photos. There are and will definitely be other contests that are for non-smart-phone-having members, so don't worry :)