14 years of sock knitting...

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So... I think of you guys a lot, especially at the moment with all this yarn waiting and drama. This week though you were with me every single day.

We have 2 large (20 foot) storage pods. Impressive aren't they? I bought them the year we were planning the first sock summit. I bought one and then like 6 monthst later it was full that we decided to get another. It was necessary and so very helpful to have that storage space.

We have not really needed that space since then but you know how you just get used to the way things are. Also...you don't have to think about what to do with things or where to put them if you have 2 giant sotrage pods in your front yard. So... .

I am on a cleaning out mission this year. I am a firm believer of making space for the new. Also...these pods are right in front of part of the wetland and I would to be able to enjoy that visual again. 

Some of the things in those pods are all of the grids we used for both of sock summit events so we are also moving those out. I mean really who needs 80 grid walls and the hooks that go with them? We do not!

Also there is back stock of RSC Dyer's Notes and patterns that we can longer use or sell so we built a fire and are burning some and then recycling the rest. I thought this would be super sad and for a moment it was. But then as I stood there feeding papers with my words about color yarn and sock knitting into the fires and then watching dissapear into the flames it felt seriously magical.

It was like we were freeing all of that knit infomation and energy from it's musty boxes and pod into world. And maybe because of all of the yarn drama this year it was also a bit cathartic. I also got to revisit all these years. It's a lot and someimes I forget what the Rockin' Sock Club has been and done and hopefully is still doing.

Also in the pods are bins and I mean big 3 rubbermaid bins of socks, most of which are sock club socks. So..I am trying to figure out what to do with these. There many pairs but we also have many single socks. So if you have any ideas.

Look at this pile and this is not even half of them.

Look at what we have done!! Maybe I should post pics of them pair by pair to see if we can guess the who what where and when og each pair.

Hmmm...mulling that one over.

So that was part of my week and weekend too and probably next week too.

It's interesting because I started the week thinking I was going to announce that I was thinking after all of the yarn issues and a changing industry that this year might be the last one for our little sock knitting part of the knit universe. I thought I should just let you know it was something I was considering. I'll admit that these issues we've had this year have left me feeling a little beaten down which makes one take a good long look at things.

Sifting through the socks and dyer's notes and pattern and other parts of the club that we've collected has been quite uplifting. And also made feel very proud of what we've accomplished as a sock knitting entity and community.

So my dear NSKs thank you for all of this! I am truly honered and blessed that all of this wonder has been a part of my life and that is because of you!

And if you need some grid wall just let me know. oh I also found 12 boxes of notebooks with the Sock Summit logo on them. hmmm... .  Who knows what we will find next.

okay I just wanted to share this with you all.



Sock memorabilia

I just moved and have gone through my yarn, touching each skein again. Actually, I have one more room to go through;/. The most important yarn, the sock club skeins, had a permanent place right by my chair in baskets and hanging on the wall. Literally. I had a couple of garden trellises make of black wire that I hung on the wall and used draperies clips with hair elastics to hold the yarn on. Your yarn makes beautiful color on the wall too, Tina!

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Sock club

It's interesting because I started the week thinking I should announce that I was thinking after all of the yarn issues and a changing industry that this year might be the last one for our little sock knitting part of the knit universe.

Please don't say this could happen. There are so many of us who eagerly await the sock club packages every second month. We're on your side and be damned to the nay sayers. We love you and your yarn!

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

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love you hazel!!

oh Hazel thank you so much for the love. I do think it is important to look at the changes you see in the world and how they work or do not work for you and then make choices based on that.
Mostly that is what I am doing. As you know this all along with some personal issues has taken a toll on this usually optimistic soul.
Honestly I can't imagine my life without our little Rockin' Sock Club. It's such an integal part of Blue Moon and me.
Cleaning out the pods and coming across all of that sock club history was seriously the best thing for me to do this week.
So no worries my friend!

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another satisfied sock knitter

i would be seriously bereft (oooh SAT word) to see the RSK retire. Your lessons on color, on pattern and... on sock construction have made me a much stronger knitter than i would have been otherwise. I know that all things morph, change and eventually, move into another realm, and as such i will enjoy every season/year that the RSK stays here to thrill us!.

I am a member all but one year, but i can't seem to make my "socks" up there coincide. the most i can get to post is 11 but i see others moving their colors along - any thoughts on what i am doing wrong?

I have, by the way, all the notebooks from all the years, with your notes, and color boards all printed out. they are something i wade through periodically when i need (general) inspiration - thank you!!

Ditto on the love

Tina, although I've only been a RSC member for 2 going on 3 years, I've watched and enjoyed from the sidelines. You have to do what is best in the long run. Hey that won't stop the love we have for BMFA and what it can and does offer.

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Me too! In on the love-fest!

Tina dear friend, you absolutely need to do what is right for you and for the business and I am so, so very grateful that I took the leap (10 years ago!) and joined your Sock-Color-Universe.

I adore the friends I've made thru the RSC and the experiences I've had. (I think my first RSC socks were early in my sock knitting experience ... maybe my 6th or so? I was using wood DPNs at the time; I was so nervous, knit so tightly, and the sock had a fiddly knit-several-together stitch ....I think I broke two or three needles making those socks. Still wear 'em!)

Much love and hugs,
Sarah JS

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Lovely to hear. Years and years ago when we had that crazy scarf craze with all of the novelty yarn I made scarf kits. Lots of texture and color. I had one customer who was not a knitter and bought them and hung them on a curtain rod across a wall in her craft room.

Hmm...I wonder what she has done with them since that was so very long ago.

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oh my....

See that is what I was seeing and feeling when I was in the pod sorting through everything. What an impact our club has made in all of our lives. And I guess being bogged down with all of the yarn issues and running a business stuff I lost track of that a wee bit.

It does help me to hear it from you all so thank you so very much for taking the time to write and tell me.

so much love with all of these stitches!

Love RSC

Dear Tina, I've been a member of RSC since 2015. I enjoy the Club and the surprise of new patterns and sock yarn. I would have enjoyed seeing the Dyer's Notes from earlier years. For the sample socks, it would be great to see pictures on the blog and I think it would be enjoyable for other knitters if you displayed them at a local yarn store like Twisted in Portland. Just know that we love the RSC and will continue to support it as long as you want to continue it. Thank you for all your hard work.

RSC and Blue Moon...

I haven't always been able to participate each year in the Sock Club but it's always something I work towards being able to do! And yes, I am beyond thrilled to be back this year. But know first, dear Tina, that I'll follow you wherever your journey leads. Knitting with your yarn is what makes me happiest. Always. I can tell when it's in my hands/on my needles because I find a smile on my face. Sounds incredibly mushy/corny but it's true. Your colors take my breath away. Like so many others here, the demise of the club would be heartbreaking. For even when I'm not a member, I'm checking the threads, forums to see the colors, the patterns! And I too have kept everything. Dyers' notes, patterns...I have each of the mini skeins strung together on the wall in my craft room, right above my knitting cabinet and chair! Prized possessions indeed.