2018 Sock Club Sign Ups

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Happy Monday my notorious sock knitting friends!

I hope everyone has their yarn!! Hazel got her in record time after we finally got it out of the dye barn. Holy moly!! I think this last sets a new record for how many things can possible put in kink in the works.

Thank you so very, very much for your patience. Believe it ro not we still had people out sick last week. It's crazy!! I spent all weekend dyeing and playing catch up. Anyway...

So check out the homepage!!

We have the 2018 info up.

We are going celebrate our 13th year with all things magical!! I'm pretty excited. I have been gathering our designers for the year and working out themes and patters. I think you will be thrilled out the diverse group of deigners and how we are working with them!

Our new pattern/designer approach means we are going to get to work with one of my favorite sock designers the seriously clever Hunter Hammersen!!

If ther are any designers you would liek to see please let us know in the comments section here of email them to sockclub@blueoonfiberarts.com

As I said we are mixing things up this year on our magical mystery tour!

So why not start right out of the gate with making sign-ups available before the holidays?!


Sometime today we will be making the RSC 2018 Magical Mystery Tours Sign-ups live!!

You will be able to purchase gift certificates and also just sign-up!

I did my very best to keep the cost close to what it was or a little less. Wool prices just went up so that made it challenging and also USPS pricing is going up again.

If you have any questions or thoughts or ideas for magical themes I'd love you input! sock club@bluemoonfiberarts.com

Have a great day!!