Address changes anyone???

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Well it is that time again. I do not know how it is already the end of March but here we are.

If you have any address changes Paula would LOVE it if you could get them to her before she prints the shipping labels on Monday.

We will be closing down sign-ups after this shipment so if you have been waititng for the very last minute we are there.

I have not forgotten the blog button. We will put that up in a few days and also have a contest cause it is sooo time!

The barn is full to birmming with this months colorway. It's so pretty! I am so excited about this one since it's kind of magical. It has given me the opportunity to reread one of my favorite series. So much fun!

okay. It is late and I need to get some sleep but I promised Paula that I would ask for address changes before tomorrow.

Yeah last minute Tina here.

Hope everyone is well and happily knitting!



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I can't wait to see the new colour. and it will be fun to have a contest. now back to my knitting! Have a great Easter everyone!


I'm so excited to see the new colorway and inspiration!! No time to knit this one though, I'm in the last 100 days of wedding planning :D I'm glad I have time to read your inspiration, then I won't feel as though I'm missing out quite so much!