All packages have shipped!!

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Hey all...

All of the packages have left Bue Moon! We had to stagger this shipment becuase of a very under staffed PO. I have learned from past experience if we overwhelm them then our packages get lost.

I have pictures to post but our sorting witches but will wait a few days until everyone has their packages.

We will be putting our house hues on the regular part of the webiste. The should be up on Thursday.

Hazel said there were those of you looking to purchase all of them. I don't blame you. I would too.I love them soooo much. And I love the names just as much.

I am going make the 15% coupon code good for awhile longer and good for another use ( in case you have already used the code this year) which will make that purchase easier to make and also says thank you from us to you for being you! I made it good for 3 uses total!!

If you can't wait until Thursday to order then you can special order them by ordering  it in the Snowflake colorway and then in the comments section of you order let us know the colorways you really want!

So who has noticed that we hada bit of a house elf incident???




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pesky house elves

Ravenclue and Hufflepurls had their ball bands switched by the house elves. It makes it difficult to order because I don't want 2 of any colourway. i want a green, a yellow, and a red. I already have blue.

Me too!

I want the entire set. I will compose myself and wait until Thursday!

Me too!

I want the entire set. I will compose myself and wait until Thursday!

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I couldn't wait. I ordered 3 skeins in Snowflake and asked for the 3 colourways i don't already have. I have blue mislabelled Hufflepurls and want the other 3.

Pesky house elves pester no-me!

Dobby was apparently highly offended to be left out of the sock yarn color ways associated with Hogwarts! That's why he switched the bands! He really, really wants his own!!!!
(laughing hysterically as she goes off to wind her Stitcherin skein!)_