All the things are live!

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Rockin' Sock Club 2016 is up and you can purchase gift certificates! I am soooooo excited about this year. So much yarn! So much color! So many possibilities! Just you wait. You are going to flip when you see the January shipment.

Also if you did not notice already we put the pdf's up for your perusal on Tuesday. I know it is hard to tell from the pictures but this colorway is so very rich that being in the barn while it is hanging form the rafters is just so comforting and grounding. It makes me want a sweater out of it. I love it!

It's so interesting each time we dye the sock club how that colorway effects everyone in the barn. It's every from being painted on the dye tables, to hanging from the rafters drying, waititng in pile to be bundled and then again, bundled in bins waiting to be tagged and bagged. There have been a few, like Electric Koolaid Acid Test that were so bright that the energy in the barn just vibrated with it. We'll have to discuss more about the frequency of color this year.

Speaking of our colorways. What do you think of Cassie's Colorway graphic? Do you love it?

As promised ,we put it on all kinds ofthings on Cafe Press so do check our swag shop out there. If we did not put  that graphic on somehting you would like to see it on then do please let us know! We also put someof our other graphics ther too and the same hold true for those.

We're sending out an email this am announcing that the sock club iinfo for next year is up and that you can purchase gift certificates.

Also we are having a Blue Moon Holiday Party which you can read all about and RSVP to on our facebook page. If you are in the area do come. we are going to have sooo much fun.

Okay my lovelies! Have a wonderful weekend!

I am off to the barn to try out a new dye idea I had last night.


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excited as always

my OH doesn't even keep this a secret from me any longer - so i know i am in store for another year of wonderful knitting enjoyment!

for some reason i didn't get the announcement email but i am glad you posted that the info and gift certificates would be up this week, because i dropped that little nugget in the man's lap and let him run with it! LOL