best laid plans (or the story of my life?)

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Hello dear ones,

 Okay ,so this is the second time I have written this post beause I walked way without saving it and the cat jumped on the keyboard and know what happened.

First of all HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY 

I know for some us us this is a hard day. I miss my mom and gran today quite a bit and this year am soo missing my very far away daughters. My youngest graduated from college yesterday and I could not be there with her in PA. So this weekend has been especially tough.

My heart is with you. Take care of yourselves!!!

Okay so I assume you have noticed that you do not have your yarn. I have been short handed this week and I just can't dye this all myself!!

Also...we had a first. I spaced out the mini-skeins. Yup there is a first time for everyhting. It got me thinking about our minis. we have been doing these for 14 years for the whole club. Because of that I have given these skeins a lot of thought. So I thought maybe after 14 years we should have a...


Yes! So here is how I see this. I want us to be seriously creative. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE SKEIN if you will. 

Pretty much anything goes. There might be bonus points if it was sock related  or...has somehitng to do with this years theme!!!! Other than those creative thoughts it can be anything you can dream of. It can be an art piece or useful or wearable.

Let's make sure we have plenty of time so JULY 15th.

We'll need pictures. So we can vote. We'll start a thread on the RAV group but also I would LOVE it if we could post these to instagram. tag us at @bluemoonfiberarts and use #RSCMINICONTEST

There will be 2 winners. I have lovely project bags and stitch markers!!

I was thinking about this kind of contest becuase I was sharing about our sock camp homework to someone recently.It was so great to remember the ABSOLUTE wonder of those projects. So great. I was always so moved and impressed by what you all created. So much talent!!!

I can't wait to see what you come up with. Sooooo excited.

Okay I have to get an email out to you all and then head to my sons house to get puppy snuggles.

Before I go though We have heard from a few of our Canadian NSKS that they have not gotten their first shipment. If you have not yet gotten yours please do let us know. We did ship them and they show as shipped but they have not arrived. Oh ...USPS.

Okay lovelies have a wonderful day!!