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Happy Halloween my dear sock knitting ghouls!

Are ya all ready for the trick or treaters! I love seeing all the little ones all dressed up! I can't wait!

So I am in the process of planning 2019 RSC and am mulling around some themes. I was going to list them here and have you weigh in. But then I thought it would be better to just hear you ideas without me swaying things at all.

 So what are we looking for?

A theme that is inclusive. One that we can work colors and patterns into without to much of  a reach.

I would liek this year to be fun, interesting and uplifting if possible.

And since I am asking are there any desingers you'd like to see. I have my list for the year but am open to suggestions.

Thanks for your input!!

Later this week all of the patterns will be up here on the RSC site for those of you that missed downloading them. Well not Novembers. lol

This week was a good week! All of the yarn I ordered showed up on th day it was supposed to all at once and not over a week and in boxes that were not open.Yay!!!!

It's a yarn miracle!

Alright I have onemore job to do before I can hit the bed.

Sweet dreams!


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I've enjoyed every year but I am at a loss to remember every year's theme so if this is redundant, oops. When you asked this question, the first thing that popped into my head was "The Colors of the Sky" - TBH i think the sky can be just about any color at one time or another. It's a sort of basic suggestion but I thought I would throw it out there.

Thank you for years and years of wonderful hard work to bring this club to us all - i LOVE it year after year (time after time).


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Holidays! For every shipment

Holidays! For every shipment period, a holiday of some sort falls into it. How about a holiday themed year? Something could be done for valentines, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, or even more obscure holidays. Lots of color inspiration and design inspiration to be had!

Now where can i get an Arbor Day colorway?

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How about constellations or planets? designers: Anne Hansen, J.C. Briar. They have fairly organic sock patterns.

I had a mere 12 kids for Hallowe'en.(sigh)

RSC 2019

I don't know what the previous years have had for themes, so this may be redundant, but I was thinking about "Landscapes" for example the colors of Monument Valley, the Everglades, Yellowstone, etc. or Traveling...the colors of destinations like Japan, Tahiti, Mykonos, Kenya, etc. whatever it is it will be wonderful...

Maybe geography?

I was thinking about geography, and landscapes. Rivers, coral reefs, atolls, fjords, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, forests, Savannah. Less specific than actual places, but it would be easy to assign places. Mont Blanc, Tromso, Bora Bora, the Great Barrier Reef, Urumqi and so on.

But we could go all David Attenborough and do birds. Birds of Paradise, mallards, a dozen types of chickens, blue footed boobies, wedge tailed eagles, the corvids, peacocks and so on.

We could do the same thing with either animals (some beautiful colours and colour combos out there), or reptiles. The colours on a Fijian iguana are amazing!

Or beetles. The beauty of an Australian Christmas beetle, or blue jewel beetle are. Incredible.

Or, while I’m on a roll, the planets. Each has their own unique palette. Mars and it’s reds, earth all blue and green, Jupiter and so on. I’ll stop now. Promise!