Checking in...

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Hello my lovely NSK's

Just checking in to make sure everyone was abloe to get their patterns. I know some have had trouble becuase of the browser issues.

What we have found especially using Firefox is the links are not active. You can make then so by save the pdf with the link in it onto whatever device you are using and then the links works!!!   Not to hard at all.

I am thrilled that so many of you are in love with this colorway!! Yay!!

I am too. We have put it up so you can purchase more.

Oh and before I forget a reminder that your 20% coupon code expires on July 15th!!

The code in in the January Dyer's Notes at the end!

Hope everyone is have a good weekend!

Happy knitting!!



May Patterns on Ravelry

I cannot access the May patterns on Ravelry. I did save the pdf as you suggested, but the link is not active. I found the pattern on Ravelry, but there is no place to redeem the code. Help.