Favorite Place

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Good morning NSK's!!!

It is a lovely coolish morning here in the hills of Scappoose. As soon and the sun creeps over the hillside I am sure it will warm up quite nicely.

As we all wait for our yarn I thought we could talk about our favorite places. I have share with you what mine is and the why and how's of it all. I would like to know what yours is.

Are you an ocean person like me or do you love the hustle and bustle of a certain city, or maybe the mountains?

I love hearing what others see and feel about a place. Then I get to see and feels things from another perspective.

okay I am off to the barn to dye gradient kits.

Have a wonderful day!!

I cannot believe it is already August. Where has this summer gone?





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I need two out of three

I need two out of three things to be happy: mountains, trees, or water. I'm currently living in the southern Rockies, in Northern New Mexico, where I have all three. It's pretty much the best thing ever.

A few years ago I taught weaving at the Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks for the summer, and that was pretty perfect, too. It's near Ticonderoga on Lake George, and it's one of the most unspoiled spots I've ever been.

Mountains and water

My favourite place includes mountains, water and a beach. For this reason, I LOVE the west coast. The combination of The Rockies and ocean air with a little sand between my toes always speaks to me. It just seems like home every time I visit.
My BFF lives on the beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia and I'm so fortunate to be able to visit her often. We have ventured through many parts of the pacific northwest including, Washington state and Oregon and my dream is to one day drive the coastal highway down to California.
So, this month's colourway spoke to me in ways you cannot imagine. Thank you!!!

I love the ocean, too!

I love the ocean, too! Watching the waves, feeling the wind, walking on the wet sand, and maybe even finding an unbroken sand dollar.