A few of my favorite things... .

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hello my lovely notorious, knitterly friends. How goes it? It is cold and very autumny here today. Colorful with a chill in the air.  Brr....

It occurred to me this morning as I was planning how I wish my day would go ( the powers that be often have other ideas) that you probably do not know how many times a day/week/month that I think of you.

It is quite often. Take today for instance, I was thinking about you because our bumper stickers showed up yesterday and I really love them and am excited to share them with you. Also, today Shannon picked up our buttons!!! You are soo going to love these!  I met with Shannon for all kinds of sock club plannings. So today was probably a little more NSK thoughtful than most.

I think of you everytime I am brewing up new colorway stories since I am always thinking of what might work best for the club. I do this even if I have all the colorways planned for the year. If I think it would be wonderful for the club then I save it with copious design notes.

After each shipment I wonder and also worry a bit. I wonder  if everyone go their packages in a timely manner (Thank you USPS) and if you liked it and how you all are doing on the knitting. Are you enjoying the patterns and the color? Are the patterns easy enough to read. Were there any typos in the dyer's notes. 

Shannon and Paula keep me updated and of course I check in here.

I think of you sometime when I am reading, listening to music or watching tv and something strikes my fancy as a good theme or color for the club. I have a little book on my coffee table that I make notes in because I know I will forget and that will make me a bit of a crazy person.

I have been thinking about you a whole lot in the past month because I am plannng the club for next year. It's our 11th year. The beginning of a new decade for us. I think it needs to resonate with that new chapter feel, since it is a new chapter for us.

So...my friends, with that in mind I have a question for you. (Please put your answer here in the comments to this post.)

What are a few of your favorite things? I mean I know we all love yarn and sock knitting. It's why we are here.

Anything.... The sky is the limit. Favorite songs, movies, stories, colors, books, people, animals, foods, moments... . You can even tell us why these things float your boat.

I'll start.

Maybe Shannon and Gail can chime in too.

Okay here goes.

One of my favorite things is a moment. I love to curl up in my big comfy chair in front of the fireplace with the lowest light possible for reading,a good book in my hands, a cup on the table beside me tea, and a kitty purring by my side. I especially like it either late at night or before dawn when the rest of the family is sleeping and it is still dark out. It's a bit romantic, very peacefu and nourishing.

Okay one other of my favorite things is that I love preserving. Jams, pickles, chutneys, sauces... . If it can be canned I'm all over it.

Also you are one of my faovrite things!!

Ok I'm stopping.

Your turn.


Favorite things

I love
my dogs
the voice of nature
beautiful, wide open scenery
a heart that gives

Favorite things

I love
my dogs
the voice of nature
beautiful, wide open scenery
a heart that gives

favorite things

reading while drying my hair
frozen custard
chilly Fall air
smell of rain before a storm
the smell of old books
a long soak in the tub
floating in the ocean at night and looking at the stars
fairy lights
smell of christmas trees

favorite things

one of my favorite things is when my little dog is in my lap, belly up and limp as a noodle, and she gives me just the tiniest little kiss on the ear while staring into my eyes.... she is a total love dog, and brings me just pure joy.

Favorite Things

It's been a rough day, preceded by a couple of rough weeks, so this is a good reminder of things I am grateful for:

-"floaty" pens (specifically the ones made by Eskesen in Denmark
-flattened pennies from those crank machines
-when my cat, Phinneas, wakes me up with somersaults across the bed
-when Phoenix, my other cat, lies across my neck to snuggle
-traveling, traveling, traveling
-going to Springsteen concerts
-pickles, but not sweet ones, and not pickled herring
-raw oysters
-bodies of water, preferably salt water
-a really good Bloody Mary
-flannel pajamas with cowboy themes
-a really good cup of coffee or tea--I like both
-Dia de los Muertos
-things with Nordic/Scandinavian/Baltic design influences
-my fantastic neighborhood, which I wish I could "port" with me to other cities
-old stained glass windows

I'll stop there!

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Some of my favorite things

A twilight sky
A sliver moon
Oregon Coast beaches
"Colour My World" by Chicago
Simple Fall & Christmas Decorations
First Snowfall
Steam Locomotives, especially "The Daylight" in PDX
Holding Hands
Our Golden Retriever SNICKERS
The smell of Christmas cookies baking
Agatha Christie's Poirot series of books
The Velveteen Rabbit

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These are a few of my favorite things...

The love and laughter of family dinners, the fragrance of the pines in Sisters on a snowy day, rocking my grand babies to sleep, autumn, nearly anything made with pumpkin, tea, tea goodies and I have a crazy love for teapots, baking with my granddaughters, the peace of sitting in the ambient light of just the fire when everyone else is asleep, walking by the ocean, knitting and all things yarny goes without saying....
Amazing that when you sit down to contemplate the things that matter they are the little things in life that make you feel blessed. Oh oh, I don't know how I forgot to mention Chocoate! :)

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a few of my faves (by no means an exhaustive list)...

* a clean house (I have two small kiddos AND my hubbie and I both work from home)
* road trips
* my crazy, loud, energetic, & sometimes annoying family
* casting on a new project
* binding off a project (so I can cast on a new one)
* reading a book that I can't put down
* skittles
* chocolate
* hot tea
* trader joe's corn nuts
* comfy pants (a true necessity, considering my previous four favorite things)
* my folks' place in montana
* making (food, clothing, crafts, a mess, doodling...)

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Some of my favorite things ...

My family - a husband and 3 sons - they take good care of me!
And doggies too!
Baseball - especially watching my boys play
Photography and scrapbooking retreats in the mountains with my bff
Cheese pizza with fresh basil and tomatoes
Cold Chardonnay
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
Quiet mornings spent in reading and prayer
Walking the beaches in Southern Oregon
And of course, wool!

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My Favorite things

*my family
*early mornings in my studio....knitting, quilting, drawing
*reading a great book
*tomatoes from my garden
*hand-dyed yarn
*yarn in the mailbox
*living in Colorado
*visiting Oregon

These are a few of my Favorite Things ♫

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♫

    Favorite Things
  • Autumn sunrise
  • Mellow browns
  • Citrus pinks
  • Satin blues
  • Cool greens
  • Grey, gray, and grai -- Love tiny tints of this stuff (especially the silvery blue)
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favourite things

*classical music(especially Mozart(baroque), Bach, and Handel)
*white wine or a margarita or lemonade
*all things salty rather than sweet.
*great literature
*15 minutes in the sauna, 30 minutes in the river.
*family dinners, family board games.

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Reading aloud
Being read to
my kiddos
Crisp autumn days
The smell of bread baking
hot tea
walking along the shore of Lake Michigan
big sky
big water
having time enough

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my favorite things

i promise i won't burst into song

quiet night by a fireplace with my knitting
the smell of rain before it falls
little children's laughter
the colors of "red sky at night"
sunrise over a beach
sunrise over a mountain
breakfast on the deck before the day has decided to begin
the people i love are a given but i mention them -
being by the water - mostly ocean

well well i had a little list after all - has been fun reading everyone's offerings!

Favourite things?

My children
Books (and more books!) and reading them
Listening to my daughter sing
Throwing clay and making porcelain bowls with amazing glazes
Getting packages in the mail
Summer in Australia
Swimming in the sea
Singing and dancing
Terry Pratchett books
Eating food I have not cooked!
Not doing housework!

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My favourite things

-The quiet times when my 3 1/2 year old bundle of energy falls asleep with me holding her
-Magpies, Ravens, Hooded Crows. Since moving to Norway I've become completely enamoured with these exceptionally clever and beautiful birds.
-Long baths with a good book
-Tea with milk and sugar
-Absolutely ANYTHING blackcurrant flavoured or scented