Ground Control to Major Tom....

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We were  planning on shipping this Friday. However, we've had a BFL Sport yarn lot issue that has thrown a bit of a wrench into the works of just about everything here.
You can read ALL about it and the importance of YARN LOTS on the Blue Moon blog. 
We will ship out early next week. In the mean time your PDF'S will be up on the here either this evening or tomorrow morning.
I am adding in some information I want to share with you to the dyer's notes.
As you can see our colorway theme is Space Oddities!!
Thank you Mr. Bowie.
If you were to create a Space Oddity colorway what would that look like?
If you want to guess colors on this one until I get the pdf's up and you see them that would be fun. I love this one. It makes my heart happy.
Our pattern theme is a little more cosmic (if possible). Make yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and check out the video nugget from Mr. Neil deGrasse Tyson that I sent you in the email this am. Make notes on this one there will be a fun test (contest!!)
If you are having issues logging in please do let us know and I will get you a new password.
Okay off inspect lots of yarn!
Have a great May Day!!


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My Space Oddity

I was just checking out the latest Dyer's notes, and like you, those colours are not ones that I would normally put together either, but I do really like them. So very David Bowie with the lightning bolt! I have been colouring in some of those mandala drawings recently to relax (they had them at my office recently for mental health week as one of the many options for trying to learn how to relax and de-stress). I have been colouring in the same pattern using different colour combinations each time, and one of my favourite ones ended up being one where I used a few oranges, reds and blues together. I usually gravitate towards purples, pinks and greens, but the oranges and blues together just made me feel so happy. It is so interesting how the different colours work together!

For my Space Oddity colour way, I would start out with some nice green, for the "little green men" that we might meet while travelling in our space ship, and add in some purple, for the "flying purple people eater" that must be some sort of alien, with a bit of red for Mars and the spot on Jupiter, and some sprinkles of neon pink and blue, just because neon colours always make me think of outer space.

I wanted to thank you for the "video nugget" from Neil deGrasse Tyson. I did not know that either about the moon and the tides, so you are definitely not alone. When they got to talking about the forces of the moon and the sun on the brain, with the mentions of "lunatics" and "solatics", it got me thinking. You already have one colour way called "Lunacy", which I love, but I think that you now need a solar based version to balance out the "tidal forces", so to speak. You could call it "Solacy", which reflects the solar aspect, as well as being similar to the soothing word "solace". I am not really sure what colour Solacy would be, but it would be very calming and meditative, balancing out the Lunacy. Something to think about!

Have a great weekend!