Happy Holiday!

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Hello all.

First I hope we everyone has a happy, peaceful and loving holiday. To those of us who find this time of the year hard for whatever reason my thoughts and love are with you!

Yes...we are still waiting on our shipment of sock yarn. At this point all clubs and orders are waiting for this shipment. Yes...this is stressful. Reminds me of the time I had to cancel two shows (Stitches and Madrona) becuase our yarn did not show as promised.

We have had some pretty intense supplier and mill issues this year for sure and I know we are not the only ones. I am finding it hard not to feel disheartened to end the year this way. If it was in my power to change this please know that I would.We will also not let this get the better of us. I am working on a way to make sure we are not in this position again, with our beloved sock that rock.

I hope to have firm dates after Christmas and will fill you in.

Thank you for hanging in there with me and for the kind and supportive email and phone messages.

You truly are the best.

Have a lovey holiday!

Thank you.

PS: I will also be sending an email out. Please make sure that sockclub@bluemonfiberarts is in your contacts list and or address book. Also those of you that have aol or use and edu email address chances are we will either get spammed out or not get through the firewall. Yes, we have tested this!


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happy holidays/Merry Christmas

Tea, Beer, Lagavulin,Laphroaig, wine both red and white. I think I need a nap!

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My thoughts

My heart bleeds for you while you are going through all this garbage.Most of us are wholly supportive of you and understand the problem and how it is entirely out of your hands to control.I'm also glad that you and Karen have a plan in place to firm things up for next year.Have a very merry Christmas and maybe now you'll have time to open your Advent calendar(lol). It's never too late!

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

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Back in for Year 10

I'm joining up for my 10th year, following in the footsteps of my fellow compatriot (is that redundant?) Hazel. Looking forward to a getting my 55th - 60th (!!!) RSC packages throughout 2019.