Happy New Year!!!

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Wow just looked at the daye of my last post here and it has been awhile. So much has happened!

Goodness! I have stopped posting a lot here because I am not sure anyone reads it. I know a few of you do like Sarah, Cristi and Hazel so my apologies, dear ones. One of my New Year resolutions is to be better about posting here and RAV (don't faint).

In my defense I will say that after a 10 hour day of dyeing and running things the easiest social media sharing for me is Instagram. A quick pic and a blurb and bam!! And you all know how I LOVE to take pictures. I take them ALL the time.

Anyway I hope everyone had a great holiday! We had a white Christmas so I was pretty stoked about that! All my kids were here and my sone and I built a fire in the fire pit in the snow at night on Christamas Eve which seemed seriously magical!!

I am very excited about our magical year of sock knitting. I have made most of the colorways for the year and OMG!!! I so wish I could show you. So stoked!!

As most of you know sign ups are LIVE so if you have not already signed up for our magical year now is a good time!

I am ready to start our first game are you??

Recently I had to match sock club colorways with the months and years and patterns they were with.

I know... I did not do very well and had to resort to the dyer's notes and patterns.

Yeah it was not one of my proudest moments.

So here's the game

I am going to list a whole bunch of colorway names and you need to identify the sock club year they were a part of, the month, and the pattern/desginer name. Bonus points for the theme if there was one.

Okay here is your list of colorways:

Portland Plaid  *  Electric Koolaid Acid Test  *   Titania  *   Super Hero Blues 

Bella Coola  *  Cables of Wrath  *  Dragon Dance  *  Feeling Groovy 

Gran's Kitchen  *  Flower Power  *   Honey Cock-A   *  Mad as a March Hare

Maia   *   Pacific Crest Trail  *  Pink Granite  *   Rainforest Jasper  *  Tidepooling

Monsoon  * Wavelength  * Winter Jewel  * Lucky Number Seven  * Mustang Sally

Chaos  *  Acorny  *  Monsoon  *  Pepe le Plume   *  Bread and Butterflies 

Starry Starry Night  *  Secrets   *  Cherry Bomb  *  Fairgrounds

Okay that is probably enough.

The 1st person to get all of the pieces right wins 40% discount code good for a 2 time use during 2018

The 2nd person to get all of the pieces right wins 25% discount code good for a 2 time use during 2018

The 3rd person to get all of the pieces right wins 15% discount code good for a 2 time use during 2018

Please email your response to sockclub@bluemoonfiberarts.com

You have until January 31st to submit your entries.

Yes, you have to be a 2018 RSC memeber to play along.

Stay tuned for a spotify playlist for January!!

Any thought on magical songs?!

Have a lovely weekend my dear notorious friends!



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I read this blog all the

I read this blog all the time! I just am not good at leaving comments, so how would anyone know I was here? Haha I'm invisible! The invisible Sockateer!

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Oh Tina, I know the feeling. I felt the same way about posting to the seasoned knitters' forum. From my very first year, I posted at least every Monday and waited for people to respond. Sarah always did! However, this past year, in the summer, both Sarah and I had health issues and I stopped posting period. Now that I am fully recovered from my ankle surgery and rehab(3 months)I will try again.
The contest sounds interesting, but you put Monsoon in twice(lol).

Now back to knitting the second sock of a second pair of Cristi's Parterre pattern. It's a new favourite with me.

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

Another Lurker

I don't read the blog everyday but I do swing by to check every now and then to get caught up. I am not even going to attempt to solve the puzzle today though - need to keep the four year old from destroying the house.
I was trying to figure out what your definition of "magical" was while thinking of music and figured maybe it was an individual thing. Personally, I always find Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly" (https://dai.ly/x1xck28) a little bit magical.
I'm glad you had a great Christmas! Getting a white Christmas up here in Seattle was such a treat. :)

That was close!

I was so excited about the challenge (and amazing prizes) that I almost posted my answers in the comments. *facepalm*

I'm back from my second year after a short hiatus (and 2017 looked amazing!) and can't wait to get my first club shipment! I've haven't been on the blog for a bit but will be back on more often now that I'm back in the club.

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Dear Tina, I always read the blog but I am terrible at contests and games! My family always tries to get me to play games, the only one I will play is yatzee! Happy happy new year! Hugs, Josie

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Trying to do this contest is certainly a trip down memory lane.
2018 will be my 10th year in the sock club, so I’m not sure I can find all the colorways,but I’ll give it a try.
I’m so anxious to see what Tina has up her sleeve this year!
And I do read this blog, just don’t always respond.
Thanks for all your inspiration, Tina, and keep all your glorious colorways coming our way!