It's all in the name!

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Hmm...maybe not all! Naming is important though. I have watched for years as knitters by yarn based not ony on color, but also on the colorways name. I think it's the combination actually which is why we are here.

So...I am going to tell you that we were leaning toward Crab Nebula because just the idea of a crab star cluster just makes me happy. But then I sa this pop up in instagram and was like damn that won't work.

Yeah not so much. So sorry Joanie.

I totally will at some point now make a Crab Neblua colorway though.

All of these names are wonderful so this was seriously difficult but after much deliberation and a glass of wine the name of this long awaited colorway is.... ( drum roll please)


I mean how can one resist starting our voyage with a tribute to Priness Leia? I know I can't. Well unless she was a crab nebula. lol

Thank you DebJ for the name! It's a good one.

Our two randomly drawn winners for the project bags are:


Denise Stockstill

If you both could email us with your addresses we will get these bags out to you.

Thank you ALL for playing. I so LOVED watching these names coming in.


Okay if anyone has a address change now is the time ot get them to us.

Thank you!!

Okay I have other things to tell you but I think I will do another posr and a newsletter tomorrow.

We are finally building a new website both for Blue Moon and the club and I want your input.

Have a great evening



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this was an awesome way to start out our journey this year - loved seeing everyone's interpretations of the colorway - and congrats to the winners all!

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Wonderful Name Choice!

That is an excellent choice for the name of the yarn Tina! My yarn finally arrived on April 17th, after spending a week in Los Angeles and a week in Montréal, along with a number of other stops. I imagine that it also spent at least a few minutes in a post office on Alderaan as well, managing to get sent out just before the Imperial Death Star arrived there (Go Rebel Yarn!). So, some seriously well-travelled yarn! And it is beautiful. I can't wait to knit with it!
Happy knitting everyone!

So flattered!

I think Alderaan is a beautiful name; I'm a huge Leia fan as well, so I totally get it.

And...I'm so flattered to have inspired you! The name and idea made me laugh too. I can't wait to see what you come up with for that!

: ) Loving this journey into space! Thanks, Tina!

Humbled I Am

I am truly over the moon to find out this spectacular colorway will be named Alderaan! Words fail me. It's just so spectacular that we've immortalized Leia's home planet with its very own Blue Moon colorway! Just wow! And thank you, Tina! What an honor. Now...I'll just be waiting for that crab nebula colorway one of these days! May the yarn be with you!


Congratulations to the winners. Great name for the colorway.