July Shipment Info

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Hellow my lovelies,

        So...despite our best efforts we are going to be a weekish late on this one with the yarn dyeing and shipping. Our last shipment of STR from the mill was held up and has put us behind in so many ways. Also...as you will see when I put the pattern and dyers notes up this week there are 2 yarns coming your way this time. Our Socks that Rock Lightweight and then a little sparkle. I think we could all use a little sparkle don't you?

You are so going to love this one. Anyway...there has been a whole bunch of changes lately and one of them is one of our yarn brokers had changed and moved their shipping and wearhouse. So we are waiting on our Sparkle also. Yup!!!

This is a big change for us here at Blue Moon becuase usuallly I just make and hour drive and pick up our yarn and now that is not the case! It is late this time though becuase of the actual move and transition.

If you are waititng for the yarn you ordered with your discount code this is also what has held that up!! Please know we are dyeing as fast as we can. It is super hot here so we have beed starting ealrier in the day so we are not stading over steaming pots in this heat!

 My plan is to have the pattern, dyers notes and mood board up either tomorrow or Thursday. One of the other changes that is happening for us is our techie is moving on so we are working around her schedule until we can find someone else just as wonderful!!

I told ya. Lots and lots of changes!! Usually I am a fan of change, it makes for a interesting life. However... these two shifts have been a bit stressful and quite honestly challenging. So I appreicate your patience as I navigate this one!! One th epositve end of things I think I found a new platform to put our sock club on that is going to make everything a little smoother. yay!!!!

 I am sorry for the last minute notice! Due to a very intense and upsetting encounter with my neighbor I kind of lost track of the date!! I have been lucky in life to have pretty wonderful neighbors. These new ones are the absolute polar opposite and try as I might to not let it color my world it is.

So...I am playing with making new colors which is the best therapy. I am playing with yellows. What is your favorite name for a bright but warm and texture yellow??

oh...almost forgot. When I get the pdf's all done  I am going to psot them here as usual but also send a bulk email toy ou all with that info in it!

Please remember that your RSC login is not the same as your Blue Moon one!

Hope everyone is staying cool this summer.  It's so very hot!!

Okay I think that is all for now.

Thank you for being you!

PS So very many of you ordered more Avalon. Like more that any colorway we have had in awhile and I am curious what you loved about it.






I like Avalon because it's more gender neutral...Sparkles really are wasted on me.

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I am so NOT a blue person(other than turquoise), but for many of my friends, it is their favourite colour. I like the way it goes so well with denims. Having finished 1 sock of pair #9 of Parterre using Elementary Sorcery, I discovered that I liked pair #8 using Avalon so much better. Looking over all the socks I've knit this year, I find that I like the semi-solids rather than the variegated. I guess that's why I like the Raven colourways as well. I've been knitting Parterres steadily and have finished my Christmas sock knitting already. It's hard to knit anything other than socks with temperatures over 30C with a humidex as high as 38. I know I shouldn't complain, but I'm complaining anyway.

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

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My favorite name for a yellow

My favorite name for a yellow that is bright but warm is Broken Egg Yolk. I love egg yolks. I love how their yellow is so deep and tangible and before its broken, it's just a potential yellow that is contained and muted, but when it breaks all its richness just flows all over the bowl and it becomes this whole blob of eternal sunshine! I suppose Blob of Eternal Sunshine is a good name too. ;)

When I choose colours to knit with, I look for a colour I like instinctually and a colour name that speaks to me. It's weird, but I can fall in love with a Blue Moon colourway because of the name and love knitting with it, when it's not a colour I would ever have naturally gravitated toward, for instance, Crabby McHappy Pants. Red-Orange and Blue?? Really? Me??? I don't think so! But after my daughter was born the hormone changes made me super crabby and yet I was super happy with my beautiful baby and that coincided with this colourway coming out. I felt like this colourway had been designed specifically for me and I couldn't get enough of it! I still love it.

And Avalon. I think people love it because the whole Camelot theme is so deep in people's internal archetypes and ....BLUEs! Blue is the universal loved colour. When I studied the psychology of colours, I learned that if you want people to have a positive response to you, wear blue. For some reason our brains and hearts register blue as ..."ahhhhhhhh...YES!"
Maybe it's a very primitive reaction - you know, evolution-based: blue skies = weather safety.

My favorite colour of all time.....gosh. That's hard. I'm a BIG fan of greens and blue greens and sea greens. I love Koi as it was originally with the light sea-blue-green and tiny orange specks; I loved Mossly Manly and how the burnished rust blended into the green in very tiny amounts through the mellow grey, I've collected a lot of Enchanted Forest and yet Blackbird and Nevermore have also captured my heart. There's no pattern to my colour loves except that the brighter colours rarely call to me. I'm currently on a shaded solids kick and love love love the Spirits. I used to hate orange, the colour of optimism, but you have have changed that. I still don't enjoy being in the same room with fluorescents.

Oh - and neighbors! I have had to call the police several times on my neighbor for trespassing and vandalism. It keeps me up at night. So I sympathize. I think fences are the answer but I've yet to put one up.

PS - I wish I could change my socks by my name. I've been in the club 12 years, not 10 but lost two socks when you changed your website way back. I've changed it in my profile but it just doesn't stick!

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Pattern codes for Avalon

Sorry - editing my message. I was searching for the pattern using the wrong name. I'm all good. Thanks!

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I liked it because it was speckled but wasn't so busy/high contrast that it would hide a stitch pattern. As much as I love a good multi (and hooboy do I), sometimes it's nice to have a muted multi that'll let you show off more of your knitwork.

That and it was basically the color of blue jeans, which go with everything, so clearly socks made out of it will go with everything, yes? That's my logic and I'm sticking to it.

ETA: I totally plan to buy it in Super Sparkle on my next order, and I'm really psyched you've added that as a regular option for buying extra club yarn.

yellow and Avalon

Apparently I am the only one who got two shades in the one skein of Avalon...one sock is dark denim and the other is turning out a faded (very) denim....there was a knot at almost the mid point so guess that is how it happened...still, love the socks....Yellow is always Happy to me

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Oh and "Secret Yarn

Oh and "Secret Yarn Rendezvous" (from your last email update) TOTALLY needs to be a colourway!!!