Last shipment of 2018...

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Hey guys,

 Just putting a quick note here before heading to dye pots. I will be sending out an email later today.

We will have the patterns and dyer's notes and such and email with all of that going out either tomorrow or Monday and will start shipping out at the end of next week.

I am sure everyone is busy with holiday knitting or your way more organized than I am and you are done. Does that really happen? I do know one knitter who is done with her holiday knitting and has been since ( ready for it? ) August.

If only...

To all of you that are still emailing me with ideas for our space theme for next year please keep them coming!!! Oh my goodness I am just loving them!

okay I already lit the pots so I am off and running.

Be well!! Have a lovely weekend dear ones.

oh look what Laura has done with the House socks colorways! A pattern for each one sure to come soo! She's a sock designing and knitting beast!



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Christmas knitting

I have 25 pairs of socks in the Christmas drawer. That's about 2 years worth of Christmas socks. I also have 2 cowls done. Looking at Laura's Hogwarts socks makes me hope that my yarn gets here soon. I've already knit up the Eagleclue skein; now I need the other 3.

The sock club kit will arrive when it arrives. I'm not in a hurry. Canada Postal/Border Services are really back-logged at Toronto/Mississauga. Guess the portal at which my stuff arrives. Yup!

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Like Hazel I can be patient for my kit but would very very very much like my PDFs

I hope the email will arrive soon