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Hello my lovelies!

I want to thank you all so very much for all of your theme ideas for our 2019 RSC!! So many great ideas and this one really spoke to this moon obsessed dyer and to Team Blue Moon!! 

As you can see we are live!

We are going to launch ourselves into 2019 and then right out into universe where we will knit among the stars.

You can read al about it on the homepage!

The patterns this year will be put here along with the dyer's notes.It seems the timing thing on the RAV codes did not work for a whole lot of us.

Also ...my first officer and I are going to add a new section to the dyer's note on color and sock and dye techniques in relationship to sock knitting and sock patterns. We will also be discussing a whole lot more about color in realtionship to cultural constructs and personal perception.

If you have any questions do let me know. We mande a small price increase because of the yarn price increase we just were hit with. We were also just informed that there will be dye price increase that will be coming our way in 2019. (A 35% price increase in dye since it comes frome China.) I know!!

After you read a little of what we have planned with our theme and you want to share some of your favorite science fiction books or movies and or parts of the cosmos I would be thrilled!

I am going to do my very very best to be more interactive this year. We are so going to boldy go where no sock knitter has been before!!



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I work (EXTREMELY tangentially) with space!-related research, and know someone who went to the TESS launch (it's the satellite that's basically replacing Kepler, looking for transiting exoplanets). She came back with a launch poster as a souvenir for me, and the instant I laid eyes on it I thought, "WHY DOESN'T YARN EXIST IN THIS THEME." Obviously, you are under no obligation even to agree with me, but if you're interested, the poster (and a whole ABCs of TESS series) is available here: https://tess.gsfc.nasa.gov/abcs/downloads.html (it's one of the two up top to the right). Likewise, any Hublle-or-later picture of the Orion Nebula or a full-spectrum of Messier 106, and pretty much anything from Cassini or the new Juno satellite...and of course little Pluto. (Although the Kepler people put together some really interesting "artists' depictions" of exoplanets (which we won't be able to see until we can shoot Webb up there, which is looking like it won't be until 2021).

(I'm not even going to suggest the Hubble Deep Field. A black-based speckle would make your dyers revolt.)

And, I mean...just anything from either version of Cosmos? Carl Sagan's Turtleneck has a great ring to it for a colorway/pattern.

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Oh Right SciFi

I've got a soft spot for Dune the movie because a friend of mine told me, in no uncertain terms, that I *had* to watch the movie. What she did NOT do, was warn me of the EXTREMELY UNACCEPTABLE and VAGUELY UNSETTLING FACT that SURPRISE, STING IS IN THIS MOVIE! AND HE STOLE PHILIP J. FRY'S LIGHTSPEED BRIEFS! She printed up & cut out a promo picture from that scene, and ever since I have hidden Lightspeed Sting around my office whenever I find him. Said friend also waited until I was on vacation once and taped him to the underside of my mouse for a bonus surprise when I got back. I love Lightspeed Sting.

(The books I kind of made myself read. Everybody save yourself the time and effort and if you're going to read any of them, stop yourself before starting God Emperor of Dune. They're outdated leading up to that, and that book is a massive slug mansplaining beginner philosophy in a Socratic style, which is every bit as infuriating and dull as it sounds.)

Others? Futurama, oh my yes. Star Trek, OG and TNG? HELL^YES. You've already got a nice Star Wars series, or I'd rec. them. (Although a good General Organa color might make me cry. All the tears.) I dunno if Vonnegut's Sirens of Titan is grouped into scifi, but that's where I put it (granted, I'm also not finished with it...). I feel like a bad scifi fan for having not yet read NK Jemisin's recent Hugo-sweeping trilogy.

...and that's all I've got, which is still probably more than at all necessary.

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My constellations and planets were pretty close. It seems several of us were on the same page. I just rejoined for 2019. Didn't we have to wait until January for the sign-up page to go live? I'm sure I remember sitting in front of my computer on January 4th waiting to join.

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Oh man, I'm so excited that I saw this coming year's theme! I decided I *had* to rejoin. I grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy which I adore. My first day of kindergarten required Princess Leia buns and my mom couldn't get me to understand that my hair wasn't going to look the same because it was much shorter than the wig. I've grown to love Star Trek now as an adult. I don't think I would have appreciated it as much as a kid/teenager. I adore Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! I convinced my husband that we should get married on May 25th *because* it was international towel day.

Very much looking forward to the coming year!

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"SWF" stands for Star Wars Forever, which I used to put on every assignment I did in the 6th grade when the first movie was released. It got so bad that even my teacher started doing it when he returned my assignments!

Fast forward to "now" and I spent 5 years knitting Baker scarves, Jayne hats and the like for the annual Dr Who con in L.A. but had to quit for grad school.

Loved, love and will always love all things sci-fi so it's a great time to come back to the RSC after a long hiatus. Thanks you guys -- now shut up and take my money!!!