May Clue #3

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Clues that leave you clueless :-)

Well, that was freakin' cool (even if it doesn't help me figure out this month's shipment in any way!)



Clued in?

May be shiney star-y metalic in the colorful yarn? hmmm. I guess I will find out sooooon because the email said my shippment was on the way!!

Love the seven sisters!

Thank you for sharing - that is one of my favorite myths. I learned about it as a little girl when I was reading the original Mary Poppins books - one story had the youngest of the seven sisters (aka peleiades) as the main character. great little film.

This clue was lovely -- the

This clue was lovely -- the last one was terrifying!

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I have no idea what it means...

but that video made me all teary. I think I'll go have a lie down, after I track my package again. :)

bronze sky disk

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Well, there are 7 of them. They are hot blue, extremely luminous stars. A night sky coloured base with 7 different sparkly bits would work. I've never been correct yet, so don't let me lead you down the garden path.

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I just got my package in NY!

My package just arrived in NY! I absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much!!!

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Once again, I'm clueless

I have a suspicion my phone is not letting me see all. Have the past two clues had links or video in them?

Sigh. Guess I will just have to wait until I'm back in the office Tuesday to see them.