Rockin' the Rainbow in 2012

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It’s the end of November (whoa, typing that gave me a spasm) which means all the scheming and planning we’ve been doing for the next sock club year comes to fruition. So exciting!!! 2012 will be our 7th sock club year. I know... 7 whole years, right? I counted, it’s true.
Hard to believe isn’t it?

I know I say this every year, and it probably seems redundant at this point, but I’m truly stunned by this realization. I get older every year, too, so I do know how this year building upon year thing all works. Still.

It seems like just yesterday when we decided to start our little sock club and worried whether anyone would be interested. So, I’m pretty thrilled that seven years later we are still going strong and happy to be notoriously knitting our socks.

We’ve decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by shaking things up a bit in 2012. Remember the Rockin‘ component of the club? Well, you don’t get to be notorious by playing it safe.

A couple of years ago, we started Double the Fun: a two-pattern, two-designer, two-different-outlooks approach to our sock knitting. It’s safe to say we’re all enjoying the dimensions and choices this gives us.

Well, my lovelies, we’re going to build on this theme by having one of the patterns be a sock pattern and the other pattern (you might want to sit down for this, it’s a bit earth-shaking) be a sock-cessary (non-sock) pattern;  say a scarf, mittens or hat or hey... maybe even a chicken. Who knows... the possibilities are endless. The only limit is our imaginations and, oh, that it needs to be made with a single 405 yd skein.
So... to be ever-so clear, we’ll have two patterns per shipment, one sock and one non-sock. Just to keep us all on our cozily-clad toes, it might not be two designers every month, it might be one or maybe a team of two on one pattern and one on the other. Who knows? (Shhh... don’t tell, but I know.)
We’re also going to be sharing more of our process via inspiration mood boards. I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now and this is the year. Think of it as a little like the Dyer’s Notes on steroids, but from the entire design team.  

All of this, my fine notorious sock knitting friends, brings us to the other change. I have finally given up the ghost and have enlarged the skeins to 405 yards. I’m sure you got a whiff of this change in the wind last year when a whole bunch of 405 yd skeins showed up in your packages. It wasn’t ‘cause we forgot how to count (although…). Nope, it was me finally conceding that things have changed. We are designing socks now with way more complicated stitch patterns that eat up the yardage. It’s a hard decision to make in an economy like the one we find ourselves in right now, but a necessary one nonetheless.

Which brings us to another change, pricing.

Warning: those of you who are uncomfortable talking about money might want to get some tea. As we all are aware, prices on just about everything are up. Yarn is no different. Yarn prices are sky-rocketing and actually have been for quite awhile. (Don’t get me started.) I expect the same to be true for shipping this year.  We also might lose our beloved Scappoose Post Office, (we’re very sad about this) which would put the trek to get our packages to you farther afield.
Up until this point in time, the annual price increases for the sock club has been minimal. We work really hard to make this so because it’s very important to us that the club is accessible. This year, we’ve had to make a bigger jump, part of this is the extra yardage and part of it is just life. Prices have been raised $15.00 across the board. (Which isn’t that bad if you spread it out over the six shipments…)

All of us here at Chez Rockin’ Sock Club and Blue Moon hope you’ll join us for yet another year of knit adventure. Membership sign-ups open on January 4th. Gift certificates are available for purchase now.

Something new & different is a-foot in 2012!


I'm in!

I was sitting on the fence, thinking maybe I should take a year off due to financial prioritization; was trying to convince myself that RSC is not a necessity. Then this pops up in my email and I see you're taking another giant leap and there is just no way I can't jump right along with you. You are nothing short of brilliant, our dear depraved dyer.

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Wouldn't miss it!

This sounds awesome (well, not the price increase but everything else) so I'm totally in. Perhaps I can get my in-laws to get me a gift certificate again this year! Hurray for 2012!

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I saw the new "intro" letter on the website earlier today & am just tickled -- multi-colored. (See, Tina? Two years ago, I'd have said "pink.") I love all the wonderfully colored, yarny goodness. Can't say I've knit up all of the 2011 yarn thus far, but I can't wait for RSC2012.

Hugs to you all!

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Can't wait!!

I absolutely can't wait for sign-ups for next year. I also have another friend that is planning on joining for next year so it will be that much more fun for me since we will probably knit on our kits together (so I might actually get more of them done next year).

late shipment?

So I could consider it the one Christmas gift I will certainly love and want. Yay.

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Don't you realize that I'd rather be a NSKer than drink red wine? It's about time your prices went up. I wouldn't miss signing up for all the red wine in the world. The innovations sound tremendously exciting. Now if you could only persuade the powers that be to get my packages to me in a timely manner, I'd be over the Blue Moon happy. If you can't do that, I'll be happy anyway-I'm not a person with whom it is hard to get along. It all gets here eventually. Just keep doing what you do so incredibly well-putting together the best sock club on the planet with the most scrumptious yarn, the most way out designs,the most talented dyers, the greatest sockateers(you know who you are), and the out of sight dyer's notes. What a way to start the new year!!!!! Bring on January 4th.

Cheers and red wine, Hazel.


anything for more BMFA yarn!! i'm in and have put january 4 on my calendar!

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Price inc expected

I just returned from the grocery store - anyone out there notice how every little thing you buy has increased in price? So let's see...$15.00 divided by 6 = $2.50 per 'kit'? Not a bad increase considering there is more yardage too. My Caribou Cappucino today was over $4.00 and I would certainly rather buy yarn than coffee.

At first I held my breath when I read this wouldn't only be a sock club - my thought was "wait a minute...that's why I joined". Then I read that one of the two patterns would be a sock. "Whew"...and because we are STR members if we want to knit both patterns with the same yarn we can order more yarn. I am excited to say the least. Way to go Tina and crew!

I'm in for year 4 for me!

I wouldn't miss another year, Tina. I'm not surprized by the price increase. I'm all about value for your dollar and but this club rocks the value meter. Looking forward to another great fun year with fun new choices.

I plan on being in the club

I plan on being in the club again. Knitting is my sanity! So sorry to hear about your Post Office ( I work in a small Post Office) To save some trekking to the next postal unit, investigate carrier pick-up if you have not already.

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I'm in

Your price increase is extremely reasonable and the changes sound fun :-)

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can't wait to see what 2012

can't wait to see what 2012 brings - in the way of well as in the way of sock-cessories! i love being able to use my sock yarn stash for other things so this sounds right "up my street"

as for "up" - your increase in fee is modest if not downright hardly at all! not a problem at all - from someone who took a year off due to financial prioritization (as someone already said) - won't be doin' THAT again! i missed the notoriety... and the fun! bring on 2012!

I am in..and what about a chicken?

I am definitely in..and I would really like to knit a chicken..or a frog..or a penguin or something really neat.

Also dear Tina...$15 increase for a 30-40 yard increase in the skein of yarn..a bargain for sure. I will be glad of the extra yardage as I love, love, love leftovers.

Hopefully all the spots won't sell out before I get back from Florida...


I love the idea of one non-sock pattern. I told my mom just today that I'm a sock clobber for life! I've also heard rumors of a fiber club! Count me in for that too!

Bring it on!

I love the idea of one sock and one non-sock pattern!

NSK Take me to the Moon - Blue that is!

I would not opt out after what I have learned from you. My colour use was very limited and now after a couple of years - yeah a couple of years I have learned to throw my colourway choice book to the wind and ride into a brave new world of colour. This whole new way of relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the yarn both colours and a great hand has taught me to reach. The romance with yarn is undeniable and oh so peaceful. The extra yarn itself is worth the price change.

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Just wanted to add the I love the "Rockin' the Rainbow" tag for 2012, the new banner, and button!

Here's hoping we get swag next year with some of this on it. Hint, hint!

You all have a grand Thanksgiving!

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I can't wait!

I love every package I get from the club and I wouldn't dream of not re-joining! I'm excited about the new pattern scheme, and the mood boards – I'm always so fascinated with the process. And the price increase seems well below the rate of increase of everything else.

I'm REALLY excited, since in

I'm REALLY excited, since in the ... 5? 6? years I've been in the club, I've managed to finish 0 pairs of socks. (I start them. I get a long ways on one. I get distracted. Rinse, repeat.)

But something other than socks? I'm SO in.

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Rockin the Rainbow

Dear Tina and Blue Moon Team, As always you kids ROCK!! Am so looking forward to all the fun this year! Love the new Yardage!! So worth a price increase!! Not to mention you are still one of the most reasonable priced sock yarns and the colors well.... words just can't express how I feel about all the COLOR!!!!! Love Ya, Christmas Blessings!