September Shipment Update

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We are all set to start shipping tomorrow, Friday the 14th. Oy so... late! However as of this moment 11:20 pm we have no power becuase of the big ol storm that has hit here.

I don't mind telling you my friends it is a wee bit scary up here. So very windy.

Anyway I just wanted to give you a heads up on what is going on here. It's been quite a few weeks. Some wicked plague hit here and seriously there were a few days where it was just 3 of us. Everytime the phone rang in the mornign I thought," oh no another oen is down!".

I did not get it which I an extremely greatful for. Okay I should go to bed although this wind makes it hard to sleep.

So anyone have thoughts on the themes for next year? I heard from a few of you via email.

I'm pretty excited.

Oh I need to remember to post a picture here of the Sparkle yarn hanging in the barn. Oh my so magical. I promise it is worth your patient and generous waiting!

okay off to bed for this dyer!





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I guess your Alice in Wonderland theme has migrated to the next shipment(lol). Not to worry. Most of us have other knitting to keep us busy and(dare I say it?)in all probability, many of us have at least 1 sock kit that has not come out of its plastic wrapping. We call it retirement planning. I do hope you are all feeling healthy again and the team is up to full strength. We will possess our souls in patience until our yarn arrives!

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

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Begone, sickness!

It's been going around everywhere, and I hope Team Blue Moon is on the mend soon. Be well, and weather the storm!

Really looking forward to the new colorways!

theme for next year

Honestly I know nothing about soap operas and have no interest in them. That makes it hard for me to judge whether I'd like the package or not. I have loved your yarns all the years I've gotten them so I assume I would like them anyway. I do love musical theater and music so that connection makes more sense to me. I'd love to see a sock club year based on musical theater :-) Good luck!

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My musical tastes are OPERA and CLASSICAL. I watch tv when my grandson is here(not at any other time). I have never watched a day time soap opera. However, I love your yarn, Tina, no matter what you choose to name it.

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

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I just caught up on the

I just caught up on the dyer's notes and read the themes for 2017, which I had decided a week ago I wasn't going to renew or subscribe to, buy into or whatever, because I have SO MUCH BMFA yarn and fiber that I was finding it impossible to justify. But! But...Oh my word, how can I not be a part of this sock club, yet again!?!

Having a grandmother who would tune in every weekday to her stories, was one thing I absolutely loved about having my grandmother so close-by as I was growing up! I would hop on my bike and get to her house just before noon to settle in with her to watch All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. Even if I couldn't make it there everyday, I made sure to be there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; let's face it, those were the best days when anything really good happened on the soaps, anyway. After she passed away I continued to watch the soaps, mostly alone, sometimes with my mother and brother. But just a few years before AMC and OLTL ended, I watched them with my son, who began watching them with my mom, his grandmother - ah, such memories, such traditions!

I'm not a huge fan of musicals in general, but I am a huge fan of Blue Moon Fiber Arts and for decades prior to joining the sock club I really was not a fan of green, in general. Team Blue Moon has really opened my eyes to seeing green in a whole new way, and while I am uncertain anyone can do that where musicals are concerned, I remain open minded.