September shipping

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Hello my dear NSK's  guess what??

Yes, right you are. We are running a bit late. Due to some circumstances beyond our control like natural disasters where some of our nationwide team are and a very late yarn delivery.

Our goal is to put up you pdf's early this week.

And to start shipping your yarn out at the end of the week next week.

Seriously sorry for this delay!!

I popped over to take a gander on our RSC group on ravelry and noticed that a few of you have really been having a bit of a hard time.

You are most definitely in my thoughts!!! Sending all kinds of love your way.

Life has been a bit challenging here also so I do understand. I thnk maybe a lot of us are feeling this way.

Luckily we have knitting eh?!! Of course this makes me more sad over this lateness but I am no match for hurricanes and such! That much I do know! is Autumn. Which means cooler knitting and wool wearing weather.

I love this time of year! All the color and the crispmess in the air. Pumpkin Spice everyhting!!

What is your favorite aspect of Autumn?

ok off to the barn to dye!!!