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We do have a few international and canadians ones that will go out on Monday! Sorry for the dleay but our techie was not avialable and we had an issue.

All is well. No worries your packages will ship!

A reminder that the Sock club sign in is not the Blue Moon one! They are 2 different systems to access you pdf's and track your shipping you need to log in here at the sock club site not the Blue Moon one.


I hope you love this shipment as much as we loved creating it! I do miss it hanging fron rafters. It made the barn such a bright and happy place!!

If you have any questions or concers please let us know.

Have a lovely weekend!


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So there's a gremlin in the works. I emailed you because Americans were getting their kits and I had received neither a shipping notice nor any indication that my yarn had shipped. I thought international and Canadian went out ahead of domestic. I will possess my soul in patience and wait for Monday(or whenever). I'm knitting on sock #2 of pair #5 of Parterre and just about to turn the heel. I LOVE the pattern!

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

Love, love, ❤️

Came home after a very long and stressful day at work to find this bit of cheer in my mailbox ... Love the colors... love the pattern ... love the combination! Can’t wait to get this on my needles!

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It's been a crummy week thus far ...

My health issues from 2017 seem to not be able to keep themselves in the past. Which has me very grumpy.

However, I just looked at my tracking and see that I should send Hubster out to the mailbox. Think I'll do that and then go take a nap whilst cuddling my new yarn.

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Hey, Tina! I got my kit on Valentine's Day-how sweet! The colourways are glorious. Having finished my 6th pair of Parterres, I'm taking a break with JCBriar's Crest pattern(so unbelievably organic) using Portland Plaid. I'm back from my manicure and happy to be snug in my knitting room instead of driving in the freezing rain(walking is treacherous).

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.