Shipping software glitch!

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Hey all, Just a heads up that the bulk of you will recieve your shipping notification today and then maybe a cancellation notice. Somehow the return address got changed from Blue Moon to someone else. I know. Didn't even know it was an option.

So we have to refund all the labels we printed this am and then do it all over again.

We are in the process of refunding them and then we are going to let is sit and wait for the techies to weigh in and will try this agian tomorrow morning.


I feel like this is my fault. That I jinxed us and when you read the dyer's notes you will understand!!

Also...this is a RSC first!

As the heel turns baby...

As the heel turns.




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Tune in next time...

It's like a cliffhanger on a Friday episode. Will Tina be able to reprint the labels? Will the club members receive their yarn in time? Tune in next week to As The Heel Turns.

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Stuff happens

Oh well, that's life. Hopefully you can get it all taken care of quickly! :)

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It totally is.

OMG I love you!!!

Part of the reason I wanted this years Sock Opera theme was to embrace the fact that life in Blue Moonland is so very much like a soap opera. one day it's a drama and the next a comedy. Never a dull moment.


The universe just doesn't always play nice......

And that is how the heel turns. But, it's always worth the wait.

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Soap opera

I had to laugh at the shipping notice. It was either that or cry! It seems that there is something weirdly wacko every month starting part way through 2016. However, I always get my yarn and sometimes in 10 days. I'll possess my soul in patience and await further developments. Meanwhile, I am halfway through my January second sock. I have time to spare. May the knitting or shipping gods/goddesses begin to treat you kindly.

Love turtlegirl's comment. It's perfect!

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

Outstanding match of yarn and patterns

Thank you turtlegirl for designing the sock pattern. So nice to have a fellow RSC member design the perfect "as the heel turns" sock. And many thanks to Nona Davenport (who designed Starry Nights socks--which I love)for the gloves. And thank-you Tina and the Blue Moon team for the yarn.