Sorting September!!

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   Hogwarts School of Wizardry is comprised of four extraordinary magical houses. I have created what we in the dye barn feel are four pretty magical colorways that are in accord with each of those bewitching houses hues. So basically this month there are not one or even two but four colorways. I love them so very much and I feel like we should share them with the general knit public also. And in all honesty I can't afford to make 4 colorways for one month exclusive. Espeically something so potteresque. Look! A new word!
So this one time the colorway will not be exclusive. We are hoping the fun of all of this makes up for that. I asked a few a you and was assured it would be just fine so here we go my notorious sock knitting wizards!

     Our very first job is naming these wonders.Since they are colors based on each of the houses we surely can't use their real names.

     So... Team Blue Moon and I thought maybe you would like to come up with a few names. We need a name for each of houses that speaks to the feel of that house. We are going to use the Rockin' Sock Club group on Ravelry for this game since most of you are on it. You make suggestions and I will read through them and choose a few for each house and then we can vote.
I think that is the easiest way to do it.

         Once we have them all named and dyed we will  add them to our sorting hat!! 

Unfortunately we don't have magic to help us with the mechanics and intricacies of sorting, allow us to be the Sorting Hat here at the barn.
Treat them like chocolate frog cards. Trade as you like with others in this year's RSC or...knit them for someone you love who would love them!

 What do you think?! I feel like I am leaving something out... . If I am I am sure one of you lovelies will tell me.

     I am so very very excited!! I had the hardest time trying to choose a HP colorway theme. So when my brain hit on this I did quite the happy dance! I hope you enjoy it as much!!

  Okay here we go!!

Oh becuase of all of this sorting and such we most probably will not be shipping until next week!

 We should be on track after that though!

  A fun piece of info we dyed 2 big hanks of that Sun Beam yeelow that we sent you in Super Sparkle in our SilkMo for a weaver who is going to weave a throw. Don't you think that will be stunning!

Happy knitting my dear friends!


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sock kits and more

Tina: You are getting a certain amount of bad press on Ravelry about sock kits, but, even worse, are the negative comments about the yarn for Carol Feller's KAL. Quite a few knitters think it's taking too long and a number of them are moaning about the dye job on the hanks. I'm sure these people don't read your blog and don't fully understand the situation.Some have gone so far as to say that their emails have gone unanswered. I know how great your customer service has always been and I'd hate to see you lose that reputation. This is just a heads up so you can nip in the bud that which needs to be nipped.
Lots of love, hugs, and a large glass of wine.

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thanks Hazel!

Thanks for the heads up Hazel. You're the best! Been buried in yarn trying to meet all the yarn needs so have not checked RAV. Still adjusting to not having Maggie to do social media and such.
I checked last night and saw one complaint about the color and I asked Carol to make sure she came to us. Carol says she feel everyone is pretty happy and has told the knitter to come to us. No one has come to us about color unhappiness.

We are receiving and answering quite a few about shipping. We are doing our very best to answer these as soon as they come in.

I am sending emails out to everyone about everything today and tomorrow! Unfortunately not everyone opens or reads these bulk emails we send through Constant Contact. The sock club is the absolute best about opening. Of course!!
Okay off to dye another day.

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I am not a BLUE person, but when I opened my yarn kit today and saw those glorious blues, I was absolutely smitten. My Hufflepurl skein is drop dead gorgeous. Now I need to buy all the remaining houses. When will they be available? I'm not the only one that wants to know. Would they be in a separate section or will they be part of one of the groupings?

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.
PS Still haven't seen hide nor hair of Fair Isling on Blue Moon. It's surely taking the long way home.

Why is Hufflepurls blue? Isn't that Ravenclaw?