Surprise!! Spread the LOVE!!

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Hello my notorious sock knitting friends!

 It's a pretty intense time right now. Hurricanes, wildfires and earhquakes just to name a few challenges some of us are experiencing
I hope everyone is staying safe. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

It's a bit less smokey here. It's cooled down quite a bit which has helps immensely. We are hoping and praying with everything we have for rain to contain some of these fires that are raging here on the west coast.

As knitters we have the best stress coping tool and also way to give and spread love!

On September 15th our discount code is scheduled to move to 10%.  Usually this is the email that I send to remind you of this change so you can use it before that change happens, if you have not already.

It looks like back in July we never made the change from 20% to 15 % on the 15th.
Well ...I  can take a hint, so in the spirit of rolling with the punches, and maybe spreading a little love we are going to change things up a bit. We will change it to 15% on September 15th since we missed that one in July.
Which gives you 6 more days where it is at a 20% off before we make that change though. Yay!!!!

And... we've changed the coupon from a 1 time use for the year to a 2 time use. So what this means is even if you've already used your discount code this year you can use it again!!
So you can use it before it changes from 20% to 15% in 6 days or wait until after.

Spread the knit love my nototrious sock knitting friends!
The coupon code is on the last page January Dyer's Notes.

On a side note I would like to thank you all so very much for all of your input about next years club. My heart is so full with how much time, care and thought you all put into your responses.
 As I have said before, I have the best knitters!! You are all kinds of wonderful!!


We have been donating all year to various organizations that work towards equality and tolerance and right now we will be donating toward hurricane and fire relief and rebuilding.

Please do take care of your dear selves!!!

Stay safe and as always happy knitting!