Thank you!

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 Thank you all for being our wonderful Notorious Sock Knitters!

I try to be thankful and grateful everyday, all year long but I also think it is nice to have a day where we pay a little more attention and remember what we have to be grateful for.

I for one have a great deal to be grateful for. I have all of you! I get to do what I love with people I love. I have wonderful family and friends and as of last week another cancer free check up!


We sent out and email last week expressed our gratitude to you with a 20% discount code good until the end of December. I wanted to mention it here because sometimes our bulk emails get spammed out and I do not want anyone to miss out.

So if you did not get an email from us let me know and I will email you the code!

Thank you!

PS We will be shipping out our last installment of the year next week. If you have an address change please do let us know before Tuesday.


Thank you!!

A lovely 10th Anniversary Gift.

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I'm a pretty silent partner here but i am thankful for the friendship and knitship that we share here. Thank you for the "thank you" looking forward to the new horizons of 2016!

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Going round the bend ... thankfully

So I'm still one travel weekend (this coming one) away from being DONE with travel (4 trips) over a 2 month span. And while being away from home in this "pre-holiday" planning/scheduling/prepping time is rather insane, I am thankful that I have friends and family in far-flung places that I can visit, that I have a job at which I earn enough to go to such places and that has a leave plan flexible enough to also make it possible.

I'm also so, So, SO thankful for knitting & the way it helps keep me back from the brink, sprinkling knitting dust of sanity across my days. And of course for RSC & BMFA & colors that I thought I'd never like & sock knitting & Tina & Tina's being cancer-free & Barn Elves. As well as fellow RSC'ers.

Cheers all!

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Thanks for the love!!!

Thanks for the love Sarah. We are pretty thankful for you too!!

I think we are now going to need a Sprinkle knitting dust of sanity colorway.