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Hello NSK’s

 Hopefully this is the very last update I will need to send you about all of this!!
 Since it is January 13th and the yarn is not here yet (although supposedly it is on its way) and we still have to dye it and all...
I am going to call this and say that the last shipment of 2018 will ship at the end of this month.
 … which posed a challenge for the first shipment of the 2019 club. So for those of you who are signed up for 2019, our shipment schedule will be be:
                 February ~ April ~ June ~ August ~ October ~ December

 I am making this call based on the amount of dyeing we have to do with all the clubs and orders affected. Also, I have spent a lot of my time dealing with this yarn fiasco and have not been able to give next years' Club the attention I ususally do and want it to have. This shift in start date for 2019 will let us do that!
 As I have said before, I wish we were not ending 2018 this way; but I do not have a lot of control here except to do what I know to do when presented with challenges: to do whatever I can to make the best of it.  I’ll admit that I let this situation get me down for a bit, but I am certainly not going to let mill issues and errors get the best of me or Blue Moon or our Sock Club!

 Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts with me and for your great patience!

Please do email me if you have anything you'd like to share:  info@bluemoonfiberarts.com

   Thank you so very much for being my dear Notorious Sock Knitters!! I will be posting a whole bunch of fun thisgs what we wait for the last shipment of the year to ship. In cleaning out thepods I have found a lot of our history and some seriously fun things which gave me ideas for a little more sock club fun for all of us!!


Communication, Customer Service and Social Media

At the moment I am your lead in customer service (with Kalia as backup in shipping).
I am answering emails as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours unless they come in on the weekend. (Which a lot do, since most us all work during the week.) I do work through the weekend, but sometimes I won’t finish answering a weekend’s worth of e-mails until the beginning of the week.
I update the Blue Moon blog every weekend. I have not been doing the same for this blog but do plan on changing that this year.

Also once a week (usually on Fridays), I send out an e-mail newsletter through Constant Contact. The newsletter goes out to all our mailing lists every week; however, because these are bulk emails, it is possible that your firewalls see them as spam and aren’t letting them through on your end. It happens.

What I do see (by looking at the analytics on the back end here) is that while there are bounce-backs, a lot of people don’t click to open and read the newsletter. And hey – I understand why. As fiber-loving, creating people, we are inundated with email newsletters all the time. But if you’re looking for information about yarn status and general news about what’s going on over here, I am reaching out with this information in several ways ~ it’s in all those places for you to see, in addition to my being here on email.

We know a lot of you are on social media in all sorts of places these days; and thank you for sharing your love of Blue Moon there! But we need to remind you that Social Media is not someplace we can or will do customer service. There are just too many places to keep track of, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Ravelry. Some large companies employ one or more people just to monitor their social media feeds! And even then, the folks who work on all that would likely refer customer service questions back to the people who are next to the yarn, or on the computers with the orders, to answer specific questions.

For customer service questions and issues (order status, color questions, yarn updates), please communicate with us directly via e-mail. In an e-mail conversation, we can address your order questions and concerns directly and personally (in a way social media threads can’t support).

If you ever e-mail us and don’t get a reply in a day or two, please check to see that our replies aren’t getting filtered out or caught in your firewalls. When in doubt, try sending your e-mail again from another address (gmail addresses almost always get through!). We are doing our best to get you the information you want right away.



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I was wondering how January was going to play out. Glad to hear you have a plan that makes sense. Love you and really appreciate all your hard work over these last few months. "All you need is love". We're rooting for you all the way.

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.

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Thank You! New 2019 Schedule for Sock Club

Thank you for all you do for our love of all things socks and knitting! Glad you've found a better schedule for our 2019 Sock Club that works best for you! I'm so glad you're going to continue with Sock Club in 2019. I'd been wondering about our 2019 Sock Club shipments since Nov.'s shipment has caused so much churn. I've just signed up again for another year of knitting more fun socks with your great STR yarn! Thank you for keeping our Sock Club going! I'm looking forward to filling up my sock drawer with more socks knit with your wonderful STR yarn!

Life happens...

You've just made my February even more wonderful! Getting my first shipment of STR for 2019 and celebrating my nephew's wedding in the same month--not to mention pitchers and catchers reporting for Mariners spring training--life doesn't get any better! What works for you works for us...and if you're happy, we're happy...and if you're happy, amazing yarn, notes, and joy awaits us!!! We are so with you, Tina!

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it works!

February is grey and usually boring here - so a 2019 club's first shipment hitting the deck then will be... magnifique!