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hello all...

After today all of the RSC 2018 will have shipped. This was supposed to all happen on Friday but we got a lot of snow yet again and Team Blue Moon had to leave while they could get out.

I am so flipping over this and I know there are other palces that are worse off but I am going to whime about it anyway.

We are turning right around and startinf shipping out the RSC 2019. I will be putting up the pdf's this week. I was going to do it this weekend but I want them closer to when the yarn goes out. Also I am learnign how to put them up myself so I do not have to rely on someone else time frame!!

When all of these have shipped out I am going to take a very long nap!!

Thank you so very much for your patience!!

oh and please do open your skein of NARNIA and look at it. There's so much color in it that you cannot see upon one quick glance. It's a bit like finding a doorway to a agicla realm in a wardrobe. You are not going to see it until you open it!

Have a great Tuesday!!



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Hi Tina,
I'm very excited to get going with this year's sock club. I for one would be much happier if the PDFs were published as soon as possible as it helps me wait for the yarn.

I know we are all different on this, but I really find seeing the PDFs increases my anticipation :-)


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Received my Narnia and it is true - you have to hold it, open it and breathe in the colors it contains! some of the shades are ones i would not pick for solid socks, but the way they move is fluid and beautiful - well worth it! Can't wait to see where our new club colors will continue to take us! thanks so much for all your hard work to make us all so happy!!!

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nov. 2018

I got my sock kit ages ago, but didn't open it until reading the blog post today. It is truly beautiful. I'm still going to work on my stranded hat before I knit another pair of socks. I also have to wind my BFL sport for the KAL with Karen. I also got my lovely LSS and had to pay $29.65 for the privilege - $19.70 in HST and $9.95 to the post office for collecting it.

Looking forward to the first kit of 2019.

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.
Sleep well, sleep well, sleep,Tina, sleep!

So great to hear!!

Can’t wait to see it in person (or to make those dipper socks but they have a long queue to wait in!!)

Also excited for what you’ve dreamt up for 2019 and for you to take a well deserved rest! I can’t promise I won’t add to your workload with ordering new yarn, but I keep trying to make myself resist (at least for my budget’s Sake!!)

Thank You, Tina

The Narnia colorway is especially lovely and I very much enjoyed the stitch markers for RSC 2018. Looking forward to all the yarny goodness and surprises for RSC 2019. Thank you and the Blue Moon Team for all your hard work.

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Tina! Thank you so much the

Thank you so much the PDFs are lovely!


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Hoping my yarn will be at the post tomorrow or Saturday.

Love the colors, love the pattern and the inspiration board, miss the dyer's notes. Did they fall victim to yarn shortages and snow days (which I am sure made dye barn life quite hectic) or are those no longer a part of the club? I've been away for two years, so I know things may have changed! :)

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Pattern and Yarn look beautiful!

I just took a wee look at the Dyer's Notes and the Pattern. The yarn and the pattern look wonderful! Although the pattern might be a challenge for me. So much is going on in it! I can't wait for the yarn to arrive so that I can see it in person. Every time I look at one of my skeins of yarn, I do see something new. It's one of the things that I like the best about knitting. Every skein and every stitch brings something new, and it is definitely like magic how we can go from a pile of wool to a one of a kind work of art that we can wear and show off to the world!
Happy knitting everyone!

first 2019 yarn

My yarn came today and I love it!
I'm going to get the swift out and wind it up and start tonight.