We are shipping our 2018 last yarn shipment.

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Slowly and surely we have started this porcess. 

At this point, like a lot of the country we also have some severe winterness to contend with.

I have a picture of the yarn drying in the barn I was going to post but was not sure about spoilers at this pont. I forgot how much I loved this colorway. One of my favorites I think.

Anyway this is where we are a tthis point and I wanted to let you know.

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe. If you are headed to Madrona this week safe travels!

Oh and any thoughts on fun and games for this year??? I asked earleir but have not heard from anyone. Maybe I'll go old school.

Okay off to stack wood and shovel snow.



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Oh aren't we lucky!

So glad things are going around to normal. It's not as if we had no yarn with which to knit.I loved the clues and youtube stuff which pitted us against you to guess the colour and we never won because our brains didn't work the same way. My favourite was an Adele song - Rolling in the Deep. We also had to come up with names for colourways. Such fun!!Try it again.

Cheers and white wine, Hazel.
We are still chopping ice. No more snow until Monday night, but it continues all through Tuesday and into the evening.

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I heard on Ravelry that you are closed today due to snowmaggedon(according to Jon).Someday, the sun will shine.

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sock kit

According to my tracking number, my yarn is in Canada. It went north to San Francisco then up to Richmond B.C.and across the country to Ontario. It may get here before my ordered BFL sport and LSS. My snow shoveller shovelled forever yesterday(100.00 worth)but the driveway looks lovely.Today, we have the first of 3 days of sun and the salt is melting all the snow on the road.Weather is weird.

2018 last shipment

I still haven’t received mine Tina.

Longing for Spring here too

I also have not received my shipment or tracking # yet . I am about a 3.5hrs drive from them and we still have 2.5ft of snow on the ground here so I am doing my best to stay patient.

when is/was yarn to US shipped?

I have no yarn and no PDF's in my file. I had this trouble last time I joined RSC

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Sock Club

I dug out a UFO and it was the yarn from Sept. 2016.
I’m knitting a different pattern but I want to try and finish some UFO’s.
I started to read the dyer’s notes and quickly remembered that the notes are one of my favorite things about RSC. Your thoughts and words just bring your yarn to life for me.
But I also need to tell you that STR yarn is just my favorite in the whole wide world.
Just saying.....
I know this past year has been an especially difficult one for your business, but you will prevail, my friend.